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Rebuilding Homes alliance, International Solidarity Movement, Israel

The ISM recruiter

By Lee Kaplan

Monday, September 11, 2006

One of the most active individuals in the International Solidarity Movement ISM is Joseph Carr from Kansas City, Missouri. Carr is the personification of the ISM motto "by any means necessary." Carr's real name is Joseph Smith. He changed his name to Carr, his mother's last name, so he could commit passport violations and reenter Israel to work on his revolution. He has been funded and given a sinecure by the Quakers in the Christian Peacemakers Teams, affiliates of the ISM.

Carr lies without compunction. He in fact lied about events surrounding Rachel Corrie's death and even doctored photos of the event that Reuters had to subsequently apologize for using in the press.

Let's see how much of a true "peace activist" Joseph Carr really is:

On his own website here is a rap song he composed:

Found at

Global intifada:

We'll have a lot of intifadas from our fathers and daughters
We won't totter when they shot us like the martyrs that taught us
So don't bother to tighten the noose or lose (sic)collar
The tighter it gets the fighter spit gets harder

a Revolutionary Pedagogy:-

I was filled with respect my instructors with guns
Never slept as they kept the tanks on the run
as we crept to the houses that were shot-at for fun
I faced fear as the rest of my test had begun

I got a new last name changed to pass
Got my ass back to Philistine fast
For another look at struggle with the knuckles of brass
and to stand with the masses being beaten and gassed

and it appeared so clear that my role is here
Spreading fever fervor in the emperor's ear
I hold dear, the lessons I was blessed to adhere
In the intifada Honda I was taught to steer

I'll be back in the US for awhile, my almamat er
To apply some of the lessons I learned about resistance,
insurgency, and struggle
I am anticipating my final upcoming final exam

Boom Boom:-

and Palestinians depend on continuing resisting
Oppressors are oppressors Buddhist Jewish or Christian
So all you Israelis fussin, its time for justice
End the occupation or stay off of the busses

Cause sidewalk signs never stopped a war
Nor free the ghetto or native land restored
It's a fact nonviolence is a practical tactic
When compacted with militancy can be effective

Love in revolution:-

I met you in Palestine, I met you in Iraq
I met you in Seattle battling with the cops
I met you in a tree-sit and at food not bombs
I met you and I had to get you into my arms

The above lyrics are the real face of the ISM. One has to wonder why a peace group like Christian Peacemaker Teams would employ such an individual.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod