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International Solidarity Movement, Israel, Terrorists

ISM photographed with guns and al aksa terrorist:
Will the world do something now?

By Lee Kaplan

Thursday, September 14, 2006

If the interdiction of the planned destruction of 20 airliners simultaneously by terrorists

was not enough of a wakeup call for the free world and its security services, the contents of this article should be. I've been writing for three years about the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and its activities as a front group for Palestinian terrorists. The ISM sends young people from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists and to logistically aid them.

Now, Stop the ISM has obtained photographs of ISM leaders and organizers holding aK- 47 assault rifles, some of the women among them disguised as Jews living in the West Bank, and in the company of an al aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist. These photos of ISM activists show conclusively the truth behind this subversive organization that tries to tell people it is a "peace group" while it constantly promotes revolution and war.

One of our volunteers in the United Kingdom for Stop the ISM managed to infiltrate the ISM late last June, only this time not in his home country as we usually do, but in the Holy Land where the ISM operates in direct support of terrorists. Our volunteer (who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid retaliatory attacks) is more sophisticated than the usual volunteers in Stop the ISM, since he has had prior experience going undercover for the police in the UK. The photos and intelligence he brought back are proving invaluable to intelligence agencies watching this pernicious and subversive group and have been in official hands for over a month prior to this publication. an even more disturbing note is the fact that neither US Homeland Security nor even the Israeli security agencies have been responsible enough to date to regard the ISM as a serious threat. The availability to these intelligence agencies of the photos you are about to see have demonstrated how bureaucratic inaction endangers all of us; some of these ISM people in the photos managed to escape through incompetence. Nevertheless, arrests have been made, and more will be.

In april 2003, Israel's Ministry of Foreign affairs reported that "ISM members take an active part in illegal and violent actions against IDF soldiers. at times, their activity in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip is under the auspices of Palestinian terrorist organizations." The ISM always tries to maintain a false veneer as a "peace group," while only working to advance the goals of the PLO and Hamas terrorists and to promote the end of Israel. However, ISM founders adam Shapiro and his wife, Huwaida arraf, and Norcal ISM's leader Paul LaRudee, a man who Stop the ISM recently got deported from Israel as a security threat, began revealing their true colors recently by going to Lebanon to act as "human shields" for the Hizballah.

Their recent ISM activities, combined with the photos in this article provided by our Stop the ISM volunteer, should unmask the ISM once and for all to college administrators; it is a terrorist protection group and has no place organizing and recruiting on US college campuses and colleges in Europe. Up to now, the ISM has been permitted to use our colleges and universities to find recruits to blatantly interfere with anti-terrorist operations of the Israeli army, just like the people we will reveal in our photos. For example, every Friday, the ISM organizes riots in the West Bank that serve only to delay whatever shred of a peace process might exist of the Road Map. as taxpayers we all continue to pay for an unending "peace process" with a Palestinian government that does not see this process as moving toward peace, but as a subterfuge for more war against Israel, the ISM being just another tool in the terrorist arsenal.

The ISM could not have lasted this long or made as much trouble it makes without the incompetence and laziness of american and Israeli security forces. ISM members openly boast about having been arrested for vandalizing and destroying Israeli security fences and equipment. as another example, in March 2003, fugitive Islamic Jihad terrorist, Shadi Sukiya, was arrested in a house in Jenin rented by the ISM, yet Israel's Interior Ministry failed to take any remedial action against the ISM within its borders, allowing the ISM's international communists and anarchists whose specific goals are to destroy the Jewish state access to Israel's borders. Two suicide bombers met with the ISM in Gaza before blowing up a bar, Mike's Place, in Tel aviv and killing three people and wounding over fifty.

Here at home, american security agencies have been just as remiss, looking the other way as the ISM blatantly violates 18 USC Code 2339a of federal anti-terrorism statutes against training subversives to go overseas to aid terrorist groups and by failing to enforce felony passport laws that are continually being violated by ISM activists that permit the ISM to function across international boundaries, and Rico Statutes. Emiliano

was sent to the West Bank with money given him by New York ISM as a "grant." That means a conspiratorial subversive group is paying to send subversives to riot in an allied country in this War on Terror. When I attempted to call the San Francisco office of the FBI three times to alert them about information in this article, I was disconnected twice and the third time given a voice recorder for the duty agent. Nobody called back.

Our volunteer arrived at Ben Gurion airport in Tel aviv two months ago where he was immediately recruited by an ISM activist named Emiliano, who was there from the United States. a young man like our volunteer, Emiliano approached our man on arrival at the airport and asked where he was going.. When our volunteer replied, "Jerusalem," Emiliano joined him on a bus and struck up a conversation with him, recommending a youth hostel in the Israeli capital near the Damascus Gate. Destination: The Faisal Youth Hostel in East Jerusalem.

Faisal Youth Hostel interior (Copyrighted photo).

The Faisal Youth Hostel is a location that ISM activist Joseph Smith, alias Joseph Carr,

has called "ISM headquarters" in Jerusalem. Carr was involved in the death of Rachel Corrie, the anarchist student from Evergreen, Washington, who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer when she blocked the demolition of a weapons smuggling tunnel in Gaza. Smith/Carr tours US colleges and recruits for the ISM under the nose of the FBI in supporting terrorism and revolution. Two of his acolytes with the ISM from St. Louis, Missouri, Magan Wiles and Jennifer Presson, are about to be arrested as this article breaks also as a result of our investigations. Wiles

Magan Wiles (left), Joseph Smith a.k.a. Joe Carr (middle), Mark Chmiel (right)

and Presson were both recruited in a Social Justice Studies class by a professor at St. Louis University named Mark Chmiel. Chmiel encourages his students to go to the West Bank as part of the ISM where they can act as human shields for Palestinian terrorists and interfere with the Israeli army. He even encourages his students as part of his courses to conduct what he calls "insertions" to aid Palestinian irredentists. His doing so is clearly a violation of US anti-terrorism laws but the FBI does nothing to stop him, despite his previous arrest record. Could it be the FBI and the administration at St. Louis University don't even know about Chmiel?

On the same note here at home, the FBI knowingly fails to act in the United States when the ISM breaks US anti-terrorism laws by fundraising for organizations linked to terrorism and even commits passport violations by teaching its members to create false identities to elude the Israeli border control; many ISM activists deported from Israel have simply changed their identity to get back into the country illegally and try to wreak havoc. Yearly conferences are held on american campuses to recruit and train new ISM members. are college administrators too busy looking the other way at the real activity of this organization because thet to get donations of arab oil money? Imagine if the FBI were equally remiss during the Cold War and allowed the Soviets to recruit and train in our colleges back then and you get the picture.

The ISM's motto is "by any means necessary" in working against Israel and america. Changing identities and countries of origin on passports are normal procedures for the most hardcore ISM "activists." This is something taught at training sessions even at american universities despite US passport laws making such actions a felony, such as

18 USC 1542. The Diplomatic Security Service in the US, responsible for enforcing laws against such violations, does nothing about it. One thing that becomes apparent after this infiltration by Stop the ISM's volunteer is that the ISM is so cocky it recruits even within Israel's borders. One seriously has to ask if the ISM can go in and out of Israel so easily, under the noses of Israeli security, what about al Qaeda and Hamas?

Meanwhile, back to the The Faisal Youth Hostel. It is managed by the main lead trainer for many ISM "volunteers" who come from anarchist and communist groups all over Europe and america, many of whom are recruited at our american universities. The manager's name is Hisham Jam Joun. Jam Joun is a "former" PFLP terrorist who was wounded in Lebanon fighting the Israelis over a decade ago. While Israel's Interior Ministry is responsible for closing down such a place, including another youth hostel next door frequented by the ISM called the Hebron Youth Hostel, it is simply too bureaucratically inefficient to do so.

another view inside the Faisal Youth Hostel. The boy at left was an ISM volunteer from argentina recruited inside Israel by the ISM. The man at right is "Mohammed" who works in the hostel. The woman is just a tourist. (Copyrighted photo).

Once at the Faisal Youth Hostel, our volunteer was greeted and brought upstairs immediately to meet some friendly faces, leaders of the ISM in the West Bank. These people included a woman named Gabi and Dave, both from Ireland. Gabi is Swedish with an Irish passport and her husband Dave is an Irish national. ISM activists use Irish passports frequently to infiltrate into Israel, sometimes even under assumed names. Patrick O'Connor, an Irishman and an ISM- New York leader and organizer, has also used a US passport with the name Patrick Connors. Brian Malovany, an acolyte of Paul LaRudee's, is a US citizen and ISM trainer who uses an Irish passport obtained by using his grandmother's ancestry.

also properly introduced to our infiltrator at the hostel were Camille, a Danish volunteer, and alan, from Scotland. all were affiliated with the ISM and have passed back and forth from the West Bank to Israel's interior at will while working to advance the goals of Hamas instead of peace.

ISMers relaxing in a Jerusalem bar. The individual (far left) with his face cut off was from Italy. Next, to the right is Emiliano from the USa and then an unknown ISM activist from Sweden, both having been in the West Bank for at least three months. all boasted of taking part in weekly riots in Bi'lin in the West Bank orchestrated in the mosques every Friday by ISM anarchist activists and their Palestinian handlers. Emiliano traveled to the West Bank on a "grant" from ISM-New York. The man standing is not with the ISM (Copyrighted photo).

although the above photo was taken later, from left to right, alan, the ISMer from Scotland (in baseball cap), an unknown arab man, Camille, the ISMer from Denmark, David, an ISM leader from Ireland and his girlfriend and ISM pack leader, Gabi, a Swede who resides in Cork, Ireland. It should be noted here the women are disguised an Orthodox Jewish women, even though neither is Jewish. Later joined by Emiliano, they encouraged our infiltrator to join the ISM at the Faisal Youth Hostel. Behind alan wrapped in white cloth is an arms cache containing deadly ak-47 assault rifles (Copyrighted photo).

according to our infiltrator, these people were in no way supportive of Israel's existence as part of a peace settlement. He says he played along with their efforts to recruit him, what they said the ISM is all about, and what their plans were with the organization. He says he played the part of an amazed tourist who was presented with a great opportunity to learn "what was going on and to lend my support."

alan (photo above, left) is from Scotland and entered Israel through Jordan, a tactic the ISM is using more frequently since border checks used at Ben Gurion airport in Tel aviv tend to be strict. Only recently did the Israeli border control begin noting in their computers if someone, for example, had already been turned away earlier at the Jordanian entrance to Israel at the allenby Bridge. Previously, if someone turned up later at the Eilat entrance to Israel, they might have been able to get in. Gabi (same photo, above, far right) is from Sweden and was clearly in charge of the group our infiltrator attended. although she is Swedish, she was in Israel on an Irish passport traveling with her friend, another ISM leader, David, also from Ireland (photo, above, left of Gabi). Camille (above photo, center) was from Denmark and Miliano (pictured in the bar photo above, left of center) made clear he was an american of Mexican descent.

Two other americans joined this entourage. One was a black american named Jonathon M. K. amayo from the Los angeles area in California and his girlfriend, a white girl also from Los angeles. amayo is very distinguishable by a huge head of dreadlocks. His girlfriend also sports dreadlocks, although she is white. amayo should be of interest in US intelligence circles as there is nothing about him on the Internet, yet here he was working with the ISM in the West Bank. according to our volunteer, he too was active in organizing and leading the other ISM activists in the group.

On his second day at the Faisal Youth Hostel, our infiltrator was invited to accompany the ISM members to the Jericho Prison in the West Bank. The Jericho Prison was involved in a recent military incursion conducted by the Israeli army to arrest the murderers of Israel's tourism minister, Rab'aam Zevi, who was murdered by members of the PFLP. Israel had an agreement allowing the Palestinian authority to imprison the killers, however, with the Hamas election win, the Pa administration made it clear it would not keep the killers jailed. Israeli troops in a combat operation took the killers into custody for incarceration in Israel. a special side note here is the fact that Neta Golan, one of the founders of the ISM, actually went to the battle scene and interfered with the Israeli soldiers. Golan, an Israeli anarchist, was arrested probably for the 20th time by Israeli security forces on that occasion, yet she is never prosecuted or jailed long term for similar activities. She resides most of the time in Ramallah among PLO terrorists. This is just another example of the incompetence of Israeli's Interior Ministry in protecting the soldiers, border policemen and ultimately the civilian population of Israel.

Jericho Prison in the West Bank. (Copyrighted photo).

according to our volunteer's report, he was greeted warmly at the prison entrance by a guard and some other arabs who took him and his ISM pals on a tour of the prison.

above, is Stop the ISM's volunteer whose face is hidden for security reasons. To his left is a Palestinian authority policeman or guard at the prison. To the right is a man who has identified himself as being in the al aksa Martyrs Brigade, a designated terrorist group per the US State Department. Since a known terrorist is obviously giving tours of a Palestinian government "prison" in the West Bank, the obvious links between the Pa government and terrorists are obvious. (Copyrighted photo.)

Our volunteer was escorted around the prison after by a man who stated he was a member of the al aksa Martyrs Brigade, a designated terrorist group per the US State Department. During the visit, this man also showed our volunteer a bullet wound on his left wrist that had also penetrated his leg, the result of an earlier gun battle with IDF forces.

The ISM activists all sat down in a cell and were also greeted by a uniformed Pa policeman. Gabi, who speaks some arabic, translated and carried on a conversation. David and Camille are to her left. Two unknown arabs are seated at right (Copyrighted photo)

according to our volunteer, "Knowing the situation I was in I wanted a picture of me with them, so I asked for a picture next to a Palestinian policeman who was present. I sat next to him and then next thing I knew is that there were between four to six aK-47 assault rifles in the room being passed about for us to have photographs with. The guns were on the bed under the white cover behind alan."

Our volunteer was encouraged to join the other ISM activists as they all posed with the aK-47 machine guns next to the al aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist.

In this photo, David (far left above) and Camille (far right) both sport aK-47's as a Palestinian police official looks on laughing. Our volunteer (seated, center) was asked to pose with them (Copyrighted photo).

Dave, the ISM organizer from Ireland, who also was shown in the previous photo holding an aK-47 rifle, was photographed just this past Friday august 25th (above, back center) at a riot staged in Bi'lin that was posted on the ISM's official website. Jennifer Presson, an ISMer from St. Louis traveling under the alias "anna," is also pictured here interfering with an Israeli Border Policeman. The ISM cannot deny these are members of their group because they have said so on their own website. Emiliano also participated in this violent demonstration.

Lest the ISM try dissembling and claiming the individuals with guns and other ISMers in these photos are not with the ISM, its own website features Dave from Ireland and Julie Presson (alias anna) in the above photo and even mentions them as being "wounded" by rubber bullets fired by Israeli Border Police during the weekly Bi'lin village riot last august 25th. Magan Wiles was also "wounded" at the riot. Besides the photo plainly showing Dave and "anna," the ISM's web page describes in detail all of their wounds and arrests:

Under Injuries and arrests

  • Dave from Ireland suffered beatings and a rubber bullet wound to the back.
  • anna from US suffered injuries on her hand as well as 2 rubber bullets, one in the back and hip.
  • Magan from US suffered harsh beatings with the baton, including one to her head, resulting in a concussion.

(Emiliano was also listed among ISM injured in Bilin at a more recent demo, though not on the ISM website).

In this photo, Gabi laughs it up as the other ISM volunteer who works at the Faisal Youth Hostel, alan, also smiles with his machine gun. To the far right is the al aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist overseeing the festivities. "Peace activists" don't pose with machine guns in the company of terrorists, but the ISM does. The above photo was shot at the Jericho Prison in the West Bank (Copyrighted photo).

according to Stop the ISM's volunteer, "The ISM are sending young people from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists. In my view that makes the ISM and its leadership a supporter of terrorism and an enemy in this war on terror and if other people cannot see that too, then what hope have we of winning this war against extremists of all kinds who support each others warped and murderous ideologies around the world? President Bush said �either you are with us or with the terrorists.' What better proof is there than what can be seen in these photos?"

Drinks and socializing with terrorists went on for a while as Gabi continued to translate. Does anyone believe these ISM "peace activists" were encouraging the terrorists to lay down their arms and sing "Kumbaya"? (Copyrighted photo)

"after posing with the machine guns and terrorists, we were given a tour of the prison to see what it was like. I spied on one wall a photo of Osama bin Laden, where one might see a pinup picture of a movie star in the West," our volunteer reported.

Bin Laden and other postings glamorizing jihad adorned the walls (Copyrighted photos).

above, Paul's personal tour of a terrorist hangout continued, being led by the al aksa terrorist. From left to right, rear views of Gabi, alan, Dave, an unknown arab, Camille, and the al aksa terrorist tour guide. (Copyrighted photo).

Touring the cells (above) (Copyrighted photo).

Our volunteer continued during his debriefing, "We than left the prison and went into Jericho and then got a taxi and bus back to the Faisal Youth Hostel. On the way to the prison in the taxi I had to take everyone's passports to show the Israeli border guards at the checkpoint for leaving Israel. I noticed Gabi's passport was a photocopy." ISM activists are instructed to photocopy their passports because if detained by police they can try to escape in the confusion generated during "direct action" demonstrations. Sadly, the Israeli Interior Ministry is even too lazy to insist that original passports must be presented to police to allow these people to operate within its borders. Magan Wiles was arrested at the Bi'lin riot and released despite the fact she did not even have a photocopied passport on her.

Speaking about Gabi, our volunteer explained, "Out of all of the ISM cell members that I had found myself with, she was the one most standoffish with me and she was the one always in control." He continued, "When I got back to the Hostel I got washed up and changed and went with alan, Milliano, the Italian guy and the Swedish guy to watch the England game against Portugal as photographed in the bar scene."

above, we see Gabi no longer disguised as a "Jewish settler woman." The man in the center of the tractor with black and white keffiyah scarf is from ISM-New York, from Brooklyn. He later showed up with another ISM leader believed to be Rebecca Murray.

"after the game we went back to the Hostel. I was showing a few people my photos of the day and I showed the Swedish guy some, who then told a red-haired woman who had just arrived about the photos. apparently this woman was a bigger fish in the ISM, because they went out of the room and I know they where talking about us and our photos to Hisham Jam Joun. I went and took the memory chip out of my camera just in case they tried forcing me to give them my pictures." He continued, "They then sat us down and told us we had to delete the pictures."

He continued, "alan and Dave deleted theirs in front of them and I just sat there with my arms folded thinking to myself that there is absolutely no way they are making me delete my photos, I am not an ISM member and there is no way I would delete them. I know they were out the back talking about this, but I just carried on as if nothing and commented to Dave that there is no way they are making me delete my photos."

Unfortunately, the only photo we have of the redheaded ISM leader is in the photo above. To the right is her image from her side/ rear at a West Bank demonstration. However, Israeli intelligence should be able to find her. She is believed to be Rebecca Murray who once extolled the virtues of suicide bombers. She insisted our infiltrator delete all his photos, but he departed before she could force him to do so.

Our volunteer continued, "The next day the Italian guy who worked at the Hostel was going to take me into Hebron as he had to go there due to a bad back. I was going to go there with him so went to look round the Temple Mount and take my pictures before going. I then bumped into an Israeli-arab Christian who invited me to stay with him and his family in the north of the country for a few days and said he would show me around. This was an excellent opportunity so I took him up on his offer. I went straight back to the hostel, had a shower, packed my bag, paid my bill and then left. I was glad to be shed of such people."

The revelations of this article should serve as a wakeup call to the Interior Ministry in Israel and the Department of Homeland Security here in the United States. It is a testament to the freedoms practiced by both these countries to allow a broad latitude for the exercise of freedom of speech, however, that freedom is being twisted beyond the recognition of the original intentions of the american founding fathers and other democratic societies. It leaves a loophole for violent subversives to use our universities to make revolution against us "on the cheap." During the height of the Vietnam War there were members of the SDS who went to Cuba claiming to be peace activists as well, and while there they underwent weapons training with aK-47's. In all likelihood the same thing is going on with the ISM in the West Bank. Our volunteer told me the guns were brought out of the cache by the Palestinian arabs present and that none of the ISM "peace activists" objected to them; to the contrary, they were laughing and anxious to hold them. Do the hardcore ISM activists in the West Bank undergo weapons training by the PLO and Hamas? One email sent to our volunteer by Dave from the West Bank contained an ominous sentence in it: "Palestinians are growing tired of nonviolent resistance." Non-violent resistance? Israel has experienced over 25,000 terrorist attacks on its civilians since year 2000. Does that mean the ISM is gearing up to aid the PLO and Hamas with guns for the next Intifada? Does anyone really want to find out?

Due to the bureaucratic delays of Israel's intelligence services, Gabi and Camille

managed to get out of Israel before being apprehended despite information

to prevent that. Gabi is no doubt recruiting other ISM activists back home in Cork, Ireland, and Camille is doing the same in Denmark. They simply slipped through the fingers of Israeli security despite these photos and left the country. However, thanks to our volunteer and Stop the ISM's team efforts, Dave from Ireland and alan from Scotland are both under arrest and in custody with Israeli security services right now due to information we obtained for this article. Is somebody finally listening?

an even greater issue is the reluctance to act against the ISM and its activities both inside the USa and abroad by Homeland Security. Huwaida arraf, an ISM founder was recorded at two national conferences on two occasions admitting the ISM works with terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and Hamas. She even wrote to the Washington Post admitting as much. Paul LaRudee was deported after it was determined he changed his name to defraud Israeli border authorities to meet and work with groups that even he says might be affiliated with Hamas, he just "doesn't ask these things." Mark Chmiel at Saint Louis University makes it a point to indoctrinate his students to make "insertions" into the West Bank to stir up trouble in blatant violations of anti-terrorism statutes.

These people need to be indicted by law enforcement to stop cold their activities. The american taxpayer sends his sons and daughters in our military to fight terrorists who in turn receive money raised by different chapters of the ISM in the United States--through tax free donations to keep a conflict roiling that we all are paying to try and end, but the FBI does nothing. and the Israeli Interior Ministry is no better; to avoid international incidents they let foreigners into Israel �s borders to work their logistical aid for the terrorist organizations.

The Faisal Youth Hostel must be closed down. So must the Hebron Youth Hostel and Hisahm Jam Joun arrested or kept out of Jerusalem. The ISM activists should be arrested by Israel and jailed, plain and simple, not deported, not for weeks, but for months, if not years. ISM leaders and subversives in the US should be arrested by the FBI and prosecuted. and everyone who reads this article should send it to his or her congressman and provide a copy to every college administrator in his or her state that the ISM might contact to stage yet another "conference." Our survivability in the War on Terror may ultimately depend on this. Will the world finally wake up to this fifth column?

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod