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The assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Jesse James then and now: No hero except to Hollywood

By Lee Kaplan

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Leave it to the leftist mentality in Hollywood to glorify anything that contributes to the breakdown of american society as a good thing. If you think it's all harmless entertainment, think again.

Hollywood is making preparations to release a new film with heartthrob Brad Pitt called

"The assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." Pitt, of course, will play the notorious Missouri outlaw. Pitt will play Jesse James as the hero, the victim of a jealous Bob Ford who killed the notorious train and bank robber. In fairness to Hollywood though, american folklore for some strange reason is replete with hero worship for murderers and cutthroats who declare their activities as part of "social justice." Would anyone imagine there would be demonstrations on the streets of San Francisco like I've seen recently in support of Hizballah that murdered 241 american service personnel and many american civilians? Or that college students in this countrywould sport Hamas headbands at graduation ceremonies as was done at UC Irvine? Even subtracting for arab students sent to our universities by the Saudis and PLO to foment such support for the terrorists, murderers and sundry creeps of the world, and to portray them somehow as "freedom fighters" or fighters for the "oppressed," there are plenty of anarchist and communist wannabes allied with them who are from our own shores.

The real Jesse James and his brother Frank were no heroes. They murdered their ways across the Midwestern and Southern US. Despite this, Frank James actually enjoyed a comfortable retirement and even made a nice living off his murders by selling tickets at 50 cents a pop to tourists who wanted to see him at the James' family farm. One of Frank's victims was a bank teller who he murdered for no other reason than that the poor guy didn't have any money in his till and the safe wasn't opened yet by management. When the Missouri champion of the oppressed strode into the bank, drunk as a skunk, along with his brother Jesse, he promptly did his own little terrorist act and shot the strapping young man dead. When caught many years later, Frank James was pardoned by the governor because of his folk hero status and out of sympathy for the killing of his fellow-murderer-brother. Terrorism chic even existed in the Old West.

So if you wonder why there are so many creeps in the International Solidarity Movement or its allied anarchist-communist groups found all over our campuses, at our churches and doing media work on behalf of terrorists and murderers, you may now have at least a partial explanation. Misinformation and a failure to get a true perspective of the creeps in society that elevatethem to hero or cult status is a powerful fertilizer that cultivates them and helps them grow.

a case in point is another "Jesse James," at least that's the name he uses (ISM types and anarchist-communists like to use assumed names or operate on a first-name only basis because it makes them feel like revolutionaries and more subversive). This other Jesse James is an anarchist-communist and is a real doozy.

according to his bio on his website he has "been involved in supporting revolutionary conflict since the late 80s by "providing material support to the Nicaraguan resistance."What this contemporary Jesse James fails to mention is that the "resistance" he was supporting was in fact the pro-democracy Contra rebels operating out of Honduras, something that flies right in the face of his so called "Socialist/Marxist" ideology. Stop the ISM has uncovered that this Jesse James' support for the Contras went so deep that at one point he was in close contact with american rancher turned Contra supporter Richard Hull of the Contras Southern front in Costa Rica. Hull's Costa Rican ranch served as the Contras Southern base of operations and is rumored to have been the Contras' cocaine layover point for loads traveling northward to the US via Honduras & Guatamala. James also mentions in his "bio" (if you could call it that) that he supplied arms to the Mexican underground. again what he "forgets" to mention is that this so-called "Mexican underground" was not the leftist EZLN guerillas, but was actually a Southern California Mexican street gang. This is a far cry from the "revolutionary" activity he claims to have perpetrated. He also claims to have assisted "illegal" immigrants in crossing the US/Mexico border, and to have provided night vision units to the KLa (Kosovo Liberation army) in Kosovo".

Charming, isn't it? But this Jesse James leaves out more than a few interesting facts:

as it turns out, our new Jesse James' true intentions for traveling to Kosovo were in fact to join the KLa in fighting the Serbian army in Pristina. The night vision delivery was a front for his own personal mercenary operation. By today's legal standards, this was done in clear violation of 18 USC Code 2339 a and b that states that an american citizen may not travel to a foreign country and engage in logistical aid with a foreign terrorist movement (of course, as usual, the FBI does nothing anyway). James does not mention his true intentions in his bio probably because when he arrived in Tirane, the albanian regional commander (who was to take James to the KLa forward operating base in Bajram Curri) had in fact left the country. James was left humiliated in Tirane for 2 days and was then forced to return back to the US without having actually delivered the night vision equipment he claims to have supplied the KLa. all this under the nose of Italian NaTO troops returning back to Bari, Italy on the adriatica cruise liner.

Of course, the KLa, funded by Saudi arabia, would cut the heads off of Serbian prisoners of war and after their victory turned albania into a mafia state whose best export is now the human sex slave trade. Our new Jesse James denies having been involved in the KLa's illegal activities, however, one can only wonder. It is rumored that he at one point did time in a US Federal prison, however, I was unable to confirm that.

One also has to wonder if "illegal immigrants" this Jesse James is assisting to cross the US/Mexico border nowadays are members of al Qaeda, since his support of South american communist movements has always been de rigueur for anyone who wants to carry a true revolutionary identity, no matter how many murders result from it.

This "revolutionary" even comes with a resume. It seems he trained with "Morey the Merc," a revolutionary fighter in of all places, the former Burma, now Myanmar. Our

sources revealed that James did in fact train with Morey at the now defunct Special assault School in Pearle, Mississippi (although the two did not get along). The so-called "survival school" was in fact a mercenary breeding ground for mercenaries from all over the world, incredibly within US borders. The training center was eventually shut down for having trained mercenaries that ended up becoming bodyguards for the Mexican drug cartel in Guadalajara, Mexico. Morey the Merc (really from Japan) was another great champion of "social justice," a communist insurgent who left a trail of dead bodies across Burma as he tried to create the next Vietnam. The reputation of Morey's reign of terror even made its way to a 1987 issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine (where Morey is shown sniping Burmese soldiers with an M16) -- nice, isn't it?

Jesse James the anarchist-communist also has the mandatory photo of another communist murderer on his website: Che Guevara.

and of course this Jesse James cites his reasons for his actions are that "Regardless of race or religion, Jesse James believes in fighting for the oppressed and aiding the underdog." That is except for Jews in Israel. Those he assists are no doubt the sundry terrorist movements that also spout the same baloney. He assists Palestinian terrorists now in Israel, you know, a true necessity for any anarchist-communist worth his salt these days because as abe Greenhouse, a major leader-organizer for the ISM once said at Duke University, "the West Bank is the training ground for the US anarchist Movement."


and just as insane, it seems this Jesse trained in southern California in "counterinsurgency tactics" at some secret unnamed training ground in Orange County. While it cannot yet be confirmed it is also believed that the "unnamed State Militia" that James served in was, in fact, the now disbanded, California militia. It doesn't surprise me a bit given the FBI's incompetence at prosecuting subversives in our own country under existing anti-terrorism laws. The FBI's incompetence is only exceeded by that of Israel's Interior Ministry that simply can't bring itself to kick out the ISM and these anarchist communist creeps for good and declare the ISM an illegal terrorist-supporting organization.

The new Jesse James says he now "serves as an advisor & Trainer in 'Low Intensity active Resistance.' Low Intensity active Resistance is a balance between the two extremes of armed Conflict and Passive Resistance using non-lethal warfare."

Sure he does. Maybe Hollywood will ask Brad Pitt to play him.

What this guy really means is he makes war under another name against Israel and america. While there is no evidence as of yet that Jesse James has, in fact, joined forces with the ISM, we are watching very closely.

Maybe in one hundred years this namesake for the Missouri outlaw will have a film made about him glorifying his exploits too with an outcome on how he helped destroy the democracies of Israel and america in service of the arab Muslim Caliphate. Maybe Hamas and Hizballah will set him up on a farm after "the revolution" so he can sell tickets too about his exploits. I can see some Hollywood scriptwriter envisioning the synopsis right now.

Meanwhile, we're going to be seeing more and more of these creeps as long as the mystique of heroism remains for murderers and cutthroats.

Hollywood, are you listening?

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod