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american arab anti-Discrimination Committee, International Solidarity Movement

How the aDC and ISM use "civil rights" to help make war on Israel and america

By Lee Kaplan

Monday, October 30, 2006

On its website, The american arab anti-Discrimination Committee (aDC) touts itself as an organization set up to protect the civil rights of not only arab-americans, but of "all people." Designed to appear as a carbon copy of the Jewish anti-Defamation League (aDL), set up in 1913, which has always fought discrimination not only against Jews in america, but blacks and Hispanics, the aDC's activities have in fact not been in the interests of "all people," but rather to promote an anti-Israel agenda in the United States and promote the goals of overseas anti-US revolutionaries and even terrorist groups.

Part of the aDC's goals are to discourage cooperation of arab-americans with the FBI after 9/11, to oppose the Patriot act, and to push for a US withdrawal from Iraq, a goal of Ba'ath Party insurgents, who also happen to still be the most near and dear of the Palestinian terrorist groups' allies. among its advisors, the aDC lists Paul Findley, an openly anti-Semitic ex-congressman whose Council for the National Interest (CNI) recently met with Hamas and Hizballah and called on the U.S. to "reassess our decision to characterize Hamas as a terrorist organization." Findley touts Jewish conspiracies for 9/11 and the attack on the USS Liberty and his CNI is an offshoot of the Washington Report on Middle East affairs, a publication funded largely by Saudi arabia and an organization and media outlet that touts activities of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). The aDC's advisory board has the names of many other members aligned with the arab irredentist movement to dismantle the state of Israel. Civil rights for Jews do not apply when it comes to Israel.

On more than one occasion when I went undercover to follow the activities of the International Solidarity Movement in several articles that appeared on Front Page Magazine, the aDC offices in San Francisco were used as the main organizational headquarters for training, and recruiting ISM "activists" to go to the West Bank and act as human shields for Palestinian terrorist groups. Employees of the San Francisco aDC office were trainers on occasion. Jess Ghannam, a professor at the UC San Francisco Medical School in San Francisco, and a former US born Palestinian radical at UC Berkeley in his undergraduate years, heads the San Francisco aDC chapter. Ghannam recently led a conference at San Francisco State calling for the dismantling of Israel under the euphemism of the "right of return." Other aDC chapters around the country have been involved in helping to organize ISM "orientation and training" sessions that are in fact violations of the Patriot act and anti-terrorism law 18 USC Code 2339 a and b against "training" individuals to go overseas and destroy property in an allied country during the War on Terror (No wonder they are opposed to the Patriot act!).

Huwaida arraf and Lisa Nessan, both high level activists within the ISM, have both admitted on more than one occasion that the ISM works in cooperation with terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Despite this, the aDC seems to see no problem in sponsoring their recruiting and strategy sessions on US campuses and in local communities.

But the aDC's activities are not only limited to support and logistics for the ISM, an organization that another ISM founder, George Rishmawi, once openly stated was set up to bring internationals to the West Bank and Gaza with the hope they might be killed and make international incidents for Israel that would help the Palestinian cause. at a San Francisco Intifada Festival held at Horace Mann Middle School in 2004, an event sponsored and led by Ghannam, an arm of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda in the Phillipines, a representative of the abu Sayef guerillas, was an honored guest speaker among other far left radicals opposed to the capitalist existence of the United States and Israel.

It took nearly three years after numerous exposes and evidence presented to the Israeli security authorities about ISM activities and activists within the Holy Land to demonstrate they are a deliberate fifth column under PLO supervision operating as an international group to undermine Israeli sovereignty and create problems for the Israeli government‚��not to mention the deaths and injuries of Israelis from activities where the ISM was involved, for the Israeli government to wake up in its own self-defense and start banning such people from entering the Holy Land.. Some of these cases even went to Israel's highest courts that resulted in ISM leaders being deported.

Every Friday, ISM activists under the guidance of Palestinian authority handlers still incite arabs in the local mosque to march against the Security Fence set up to keep out terrorists and suicide bombings, and to interfere with the IDF. Israel finally had enough and has begun deporting internationals who cannot explain adequately their long term presence in the West Bank or who have a history of anti-Israel activities here in the US.

The Israelis are no longer willing to play that game, especially since the recent kidnappings of soldiers, daily rocket attacks from Gaza, the recent Hizballah war and the numbers of Israelis and Border Policemen who have been injured or even killed by these events. and ironically, now the aDC is claiming it is being a champion of civil rights while trying to use the US State Department as a foil to continue its same activities to get

subversives over to the West Bank and keep the conflict roiling.

ISM communique published on Indymedia and also on the aDC website entails the aDC's attempt to gather complaints against Israel for controlling access of internationals within the Holy Land it determines are a risk to national security. The aDC states it is now working with the 'Campaign for the Right of Entry/Re-Entry to the Occupied Palestinian Territories' to collect information on what it calls this "troubling practice" of Israel denying access to foreign subversives in time of war. Of even greater interest is the website where the aDC sends its acolytes to collect information. That website is run by the Palestinian authority according to its internet address hopoff (ps.), and as such, the aDC should be required by the US government to register as an agent for a foreign power since it claims to not only be representing arab-americans but foreigners as well.

and, deceptive language is being used by the aDC to give itself the appearance

of preserving the civil rights of minions, when it is in fact trying to use US State to exert pressure on Israel to allow specifically ISM subversives free access to wreak havoc. It states:

"The american-arab anti-Discrimination (aDC) has noted increased reports which indicate Israel is discriminating against US citizens and other foreign nationals by denying them entry or re-entry into the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel."

The communique continues:

"In late September, the US Consul General in Jerusalem also acknowledged a noticeable change in the number of Israeli refusals or denial of entry cases. More than 120,000 arab-americans are believed to be impacted by this latest Israeli policy and the Consulate is urging people to document this information. additionally, on October 11, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said, "I will continue to do everything in my ensure that all american travelers receive fair and equal treatment."

The figure of 120,000 is a red herring to wave in public. While there may be 120,000 arab-americans from the Holy Land (most of Christian descent who fled Muslim persecution in the West Bank and Gaza), the Israeli government clampdowns are only against those who have a known history of working with the ISM to undermine Israeli sovereignty or seek to interfere with IDF anti-terrorism operations, the numbers of foreign detainees is considerably smaller and the aDC is implying it somehow is preserving human rights when it is actually, at minimum, a helper and abettor of ISM activities in the West Bank. Israel is not discriminating against all US citizens, nor has anywhere near the number of 120,000 people been affected.

Despite this, the ISM missive goes on to tell people to contact Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and urge her to pressure Israel to allow unfettered access to foreigners. Undoubtedly, Secretary Rice does not know about the aDC's close involvement with the ISM and how acceding to their demands will only serve to aid people who work as a front for terrorist groups in the Palestinian authority. The goals of these people are not creating a lasting peace in the region between two peoples but rather to interfere with efforts at controlling the activities of terrorist groups that endlessly roil the conflict.

Send your own message to Condoleeza Rice and make her aware of the fact the aDC is trying to play her and not getting to her the full story:

Public Communication Division:
Pa/PL, Rm. 2206
U.S. Department of State�� attn. Sect'y Condoleeza Rice
2201 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20520

Fax: 202 647-2283

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