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apartheid Wall, Israel, US-Mexico border

Bringing ISM "Wall Protests" to american shores

The West Bank is training for the US Mexican border

By Lee Kaplan

Sunday, November 12, 2006

anyone who has followed the protest activities of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) on US campuses over the last four years is familiar with this shadowy organization's "apartheid Wall" campaign. Palestine Solidarity, what the ISM calls itself in the US, has at every one of its yearly conferences recruited ISM volunteers go to the West Bank and riot or destroy construction on the Security Fence built by Israel to keep out suicide bombers.

at the same time, on most major american college campuses, elaborate "apartheid Wall displays" have been set up to sell the notion of an apartheid barrier to be destroyed by "direct action," and as justification for Palestinian attacks on Israel by trying to draw false analogies with South africa under apartheid.

at the 2004 Duke University national conference for the ISM, abe Greenhouse, one of the ISM's more active leaders and organizers, told attendees at a seminar he gave on anarchism that ISM activities in the West Bank are the training ground for the american anarchist Movement to bring similar activities here to the US. Greenhouse is also known for his "anarchist statement" of smashing a pie in the face of Israeli diplomat and political leader Natan Sharansky during a visit to Rutgers University in 2003.

The recent riots in Oaxaca, Mexico, were led by american anarchists who traveled down to that Mexican town to conduct "direct actions," a fancy name for riots and political disobedience and to align tactics with Mexican anarchists. These are the same people who can be found on american college campuses leading demonstrations against Israel's Security Fence. Bradley allen, an anarchist in Santa Cruz, California, who uses the alias Bradley Stuart, traveled down to Oaxaca under his alias to participate with other anarchists in the organized rioting and confrontation with police. allen runs a San Francisco Bay area Indymedia collective.

The event originally began as a protest by local schoolteachers over working conditions, but by the time american anarchist subversives got involved, the Mexican government had a full scale riot on its hands. The "journalist" Bradley Will, who mainstream media reported was killed by Mexican police, was not a real journalist, but a contributor to Indymedia, an anarchist internet news portal and website set up worldwide to promote anarchist and Palestinian revolutionary goals. Will was an anarchist himself.

The anarchist movement rejects any kind of governmental hierarchy and goes by the theory of changing society from the bottom up. Fiercely anti-capitalist, the Movement also attracts anarchist communists and anyone who wants "revolution." Since the Palestinian movement can date much if its links back to Soviet world revolution against the West during the Cold War, american anarchists find mutual support because Jews are perceived to be the rich status quo capitalists of the world by anti-capitalist and communist anarchists, while at the same time they are also an enemy of the arabs due to Israel, another capitalist country like the US.

To understand the network being built by american anarchists allied with Palestinian and Muslim revolutionaries and subversives in the US, one must also understand what Indymedia exactly is, and the people behind it.

Indymedia is an anarchist/communist inspired alternative media website set up by the anarchist Movement in the US after the riots against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999. Indymedia websites or "collectives" are in almost every city worldwide where anarchist cells congregate and can be set up easily with only the programming available. Some of these Indymedia sites are collectives run by several anarchist volunteers while others can be as few as one person. Meanwhile, a newswire keeps all these Indymedia sites interlinked with unverifiable news stories and endless commentary, most of which is anti-US, anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, but most of all anti-capitalist. International aNSWER and the International Socialist Organization rely heavily on Indymedia to promote their activities as do Palestinian and Muslim anti-Israel groups. Commentary is virulently anti-Semitic and there is no real editorial control or fact checking. another web portal, serves as the intergroup communications web for an anarchist presence to eventually overthrow the capitalist West.

Bradley allen as the headman at, the Indymedia site for Santa Cruz and San Francisco, will not allow people to work in the Indymedia collective unless they are "anti-capitalist" and he personally deletes any commentary that contradicts his own political views. In short, Indymedia serves as an internet Pravda for american anarchists who preach revolution. Since most mainstream media, what Indymedia activists call ‘corporate media," usually will not run articles that cannot be verified, Indymedia serves to promote the conceptual "revolution" sought by US anarchists and capitalists in web news format. Some Indymedias are among the most trafficked websites on the Internet.

all of this ties together in a long term plan to make revolution in the United States through subversion and riots just as Israel experiences in terrorist attacks and riots as are found in the West Bank. Now, these anarchist groups are taking their first steps to in fact bring the american anarchist direct action tactics used and practiced in Israel to american shores.

ISM-New York recently changed its name to the ad-hoc Coalition for Peace in the Middle East. The reason for this is that Israel has begun clamping down on ISM activists, especially after some of them were linked to terrorist attacks and weapons possession in the West Bank. ISM leaders were openly admitting their cooperative work with terrorist organizations such as Hamas as well. The name change was to spruce up an image but was also to suggest a new ecumenical group when it is composed of the same subversives, particularly since the ISM is now planning to bring its anarchist activities to america.

an email announcement made by the ad-Hoc Coalition to the Middle East was broadcast not only on Indymedia, but in internal ISM activist lists, calling for a meeting, this Saturday, November 11th, at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City. The announcement says:

From Palestine to Mexico
Stop Israeli and US aggression

The announcement continues a diatribe that "President Bush signed into law a House bill to build 700 miles of double-layer border ‘wall' between the US and Mexico," then uses the exact same rhetoric used against Israel's Security Fence: "This multi-billion dollar US wall will further separate border communities, break apart families, and increase the number of deaths on the border as immigrant workers are pushed deeper into the desert." It continues with a diatribe against Israel's own 400 mile Security Fence tying the two together, but then moves on to attack private businesses:

"Elbit Systems limited, an Israeli company building and profiting from the Wall in occupied Palestine, has been awarded a contract along with Boeing (previous Palestine Solidarity/ISM conferences have targeted Boeing for doing business with Israel), to build the US wall. Elbit will import Israeli military technology, tested on Palestinians, for use against poor immigrants here." It goes on to say, "members of DRUM (another international anarchist group) will share their first hand accounts of the walls of Palestine and arizona from recent visits. Learn how to fight the racist travel bans, for dignity and against militarized borders; link the struggle for immigrant rights in the US to the struggle for freedom in Palestine! Bring signs and flags. after the event, we will take it to the streets to bring the Wall to New York!" The purpose of these meetings is to sew internal strife and riots within our borders and even worldwide to bring down the US government.

Since the ISM, even on its own website, a major part of this movement, says it is "Palestinian-led," one has to ask why Mahmoud abbas and his Palestinian authority do not tell his supporters in the US to not arrange events against the US/Mexico fence over here. One reason could be these people are aligned with Hamas, however, abbas' Fatah Party, even when in control of the Palestinian authority, never told the ISM to stop roiling the conflict to dismantle all of Israel or to express support for the insurgents in Iraq who are killing US soldiers. Our State Department sees fit only to pressure Israel to make life-threatening concessions, while the "Palestinian-led" ISM on US campuses works feverishly to undermine US foreign policy for a peaceful solution. Now, the first signs of coordinated anarchist activity in the US within the ISM along with arab revolutionary groups will start bringing to our border with Mexico the same problems Israel is experiencing on the West Bank. Through use of internet communications and our college campuses as logistical and recruiting centers (not to mention funds provided for free by student activity money for campus anarchist clubs), a home-grown revolution is in the making. Even more troubling is why our government is allowing this to happen under our noses. Homeland Security should take note.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod