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Israel and "Christian Peacemakers"

a Swedish Meatball in Israel

By Lee Kaplan

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The demand came into Israel's Foreign Ministry from the Swedish ambassador in Tel aviv demanding an explanation. a Swedish ISM activist, a woman named Tove Johansson, was struck in the face by those nasty settlers in Hebron. Johansson, 19, was in Hebron demonstrating with the ISM through one of its "Christian peacemaker" groups. She chose to be there during an international Shabaton bringing Jews from all over the world to celebrate Judaism in King David's former capital.

Johansson was armed with a video camera. The ISM likes to film Jewish settlers off guard, like when the settlers chase arabs off of legally Jewish-owned land. The ISM then runs videos on its website saying the land belongs to some arab who isn't being allowed to harvest his olives. You see, all of Eretz Israel belongs to arabs anyway, even Tel aviv, to the "Palestinian-led" ISM creeps.

Johansson was with fellow ISM activists, international anarchists and communists from abroad attempting to interfere at a checkpoint set up to keep out suicide bombers and terrorists. Johansson would no doubt tell you Hebron belongs to the arabs.

a paragon of journalistic integrity and research, the ISM website, in an article by the unquestionable journalist named "aspiring nomad," described how Johansson was escorting arab children to school because the settlers assault arab children and threaten them as they go to and from school. The ISM is notorious for the Big Lie; they take whatever is opposite the truth and disseminate it to the public abroad portraying Palestinians as "victims." Jewish settlers throw rocks at innocent arabs, not the other way around, Jews farm and steal from land owned by some imaginary arab who insists the produce or animals on that land are really his. accusations of assaults on school children by Jews who are under threat of terrorist attacks by arabs are de rigueur for ISM propagandists.

Sadly, sometimes the mainstream press buys into this stuff.

Johansson claimed, per the ISM website, that as she was escorting children to protect them from those payes-adorned violent Jews who attack innocent children (another blood libel), a group of them followed her and began shouting at her, "We killed Christ and we can kill you, too!" One of them finally caught up to her and smashed her in the face with a bottle, fracturing her cheekbone.

One of the ISM "witnesses" then said that, as Tove was taken on a stretcher to the ambulance, one Orthodox Jewish settler posed for a photo next to her bloody face making the thumbs up sign. This "witness" says he didn't photograph this because he didn't want to give the man the pleasure. More likely, our ISM witness didn't photograph it because it never happened, as it's hard to believe that anyone in the ISM would miss such a photo-op.

The article also complains Israeli soldiers nearby were asked to intervene on behalf of Tove before and after she was assaulted, but they ignored her requests for help, but called the police eventually. The article however does acknowledge she was taken to Hadassah hospital, where she received free medical care courtesy of the Israeli taxpayer whose country she wants dismantled to become "Palestine."

In the US, right now, the ISM is doing a major push in Christian churches to divest from Israel. Using the same tactic of accusing Israel of precisely what the arabs are doing, ISM activists and their arab buddies give lectures where they claim the flight of Christians from Judea and Samaria is not due to Muslim persecution, but due to Jewish persecution. They couch this through the euphemism of "the occupation" (remember, "occupation" in ISM lingo means all of Israel). They also want Christians to believe it is a "moral imperative" to boycott the Jews.

No doubt when Tove's face heals, she'll be given a nice sinecure to tour US and Swedish churches and tell everyone how those violent followers of Torah who say "Shalom" attacked her and beat her as she was protecting children from them. This is the new blood libel in Gentile churches abroad. With it, anarchists and communists help Muslim arabs wipe capitalist Israel off the map to create their utopian society. and since the ISM operates under the mantra of Maclolm X's "by any means necessary" to achieve their goals, so what if they fabricate a tale of Jews taking credit for killing Christ in this story? after all, it will play better in american churches as they urge them not to support Israel's Jews.

as for the accusations of the Israeli soldiers not intervening, I went undercover and sat through an ISM training session in San Francisco where we were taught how to harass IDF soldiers (like the ISM was doing that day at the checkpoint) to interfere with their anti-terrorist mission. One thing made clear to us was that the soldiers were not police and if a civilian crime was being committed they were under orders to call the police. That is what the soldiers did in Tove Johansson's case. It's the height of hypocrisy for the ISM to imply the IDF didn't do its job when she asked them to intervene when, in fact, the ISM teaches its people that the IDF non-intervention will help them get away with civil disobedience in the territories in the presence of the soldiers, and with interfering with the soldiers and challenging their authority even in closed military zones.

a Hebron community leader said a real witness at the scene heard one of Johansson's attackers say he had to "catch a flight to France tomorrow." allegedly, the Border Police arrested some suspects, but let them go. The Border Police frequently arrests international ISM activists who break the law, but lets them go right away so as to avoid international incidents like this one with the Swedish ambassador. We were taught in the ISM training session to use that fact to our advantage to gain easy release during anti-wall demonstrations such as in Bi'lin. So, again, it's rather hypocritical to complain that the Border Police released some international suspects the same as they do ISM rioters. We already know how the Border Police lets ISM internationals run amok, so why not some from the other side? at least one left for France the next day....

But here's the corker I sent the Swedish ambassador. In my last feature article about the ISM, one of my volunteers went into the West Bank with ISM activist leaders for a day trip to Jericho prison. While there, he photographed his ISM buddies waving around aK-47 assault rifles in the presence of an al-aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist. One of those ISM leaders is a Swedish national named Gabrielle, "Gabi" for short. What's more, she was disguised as a Jewish settler woman when the photos were taken. Gabrielle is now living in Cork, Ireland with her ISM activist Irish husband, Dave, also photographed with a gun in the same photos.

Gabi, Swedish ISMer

Just as the ambassador demanded an explanation about Tove Johansson, I demanded one of the Swedish ambassador. What was this Swedish meatball doing in Israel cavorting with terrorists and waving machine guns around? Maybe the Swedes should keep people like Gabi and Tove Johansson back home.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod