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Economic boytcott of Israel

Whoring the US Presidency for Hamas: Carter's book

By Lee Kaplan

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The PLO, its Saudi and other Gulf state backers have been mounting a vigorous campaign on american college campuses, in churches and even some trade unions to advocate not for a two state solution in the Middle East, but for the dismantling of the Jewish state to be replaced by "Palestine." The aim is to falsely present Israel as an "apartheid racist state" to americans who know no better. Recent reports that Jimmy Carter's new book "Peace not apartheid" has reached 4th on the national best seller's list show that anti-Israel arab interests have found the perfect new mouthpiece for this standard propaganda that has actually been waning at other american forums as americans grow weary of arab intransigence in the peace process.

�Early on in their campaign, Palestinian irredentists learned that calling for blood to destroy Israel, while it served as an effective media campaign in the controlled press of the arab world, just did not play in Peoria when trying to persuade americans, especially Christian and Jewish ones, to abandon a fondness for Israel. american opinion polls still show 70% of americans still favor Israel over the totalitarian regimes of the arab world. To change this, Palestinian propagandists on US campuses and in churches continue to recite a litany of misinformation against Israel through their divestment campaign and boycotts of Jews in Israel and america in order to persuade americans that the Palestinian people are "oppressed" and needing "social justice" rather than seeking the annihilation of Jews and a Jewish nation in the Middle East. By making upcoming younger generations unaware of history believe Israel is a rogue state practicing apartheid, stealing land, committing genocide and other atrocities against innocent arabs who only want a Palestinian state (including all of Israel), a industry has popped up of Palestinian activism providing sinecures for activists paid for by petrodollars.

Despite four active years of doing such a campaign of misinformation, the average american still does not believe that Israel is comparable to South africa at the height of apartheid, as well they should not.� The divestment plan at american colleges is an utter failure, and churches such as the Presbyterian synod have recently reversed boycott programs.

But the boycott continues and still has an effect on Israel's population nevertheless. Thirty per cent of Israel's population, children and the elderly, go to bed hungry at night because of the economic boycott promoted so vigorously by the arab League under Saudi influence and financing.

The question for most americans� is whether it is the five million arabs who call themselves Palestinians and who openly chose the terrorists and murderers of Hamas to represent them, or the Jewish, Christian and loyal Muslim population of Israel that has tried to give the Palestinian arabs their own state, that is the guilty party. The only apartheid being� practiced in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is the insistence by Palestinians that their state� must be free of Jews. and, indeed, Hamas fits in as part of the equation since Hamas insists there shall be no more Israel or Jews in an "arab-Muslim" dominated Palestine.

But how can the anti-Israel bloc maintain credibility while calling for methods to starve out the Jews from the Middle East and ultimately lead to the downfall of the Jewish state

while claiming to promote "peace and social justice"?� The answer is simple: buy someone in the US government with high political notoriety, say an ex-President.

Enter Jimmy Carter. In an interview on CNN about his book with Wolf Blitzer, Carter boldly stated with a smile on his face that there is no Israel. "Its all Palestine," he said to a slightly taken aback Wolf Blitzer. From that point on, Carter began reciting by rote

Palestinian propaganda and lies that also make up the anti-Israel campaigns on american college campuses and in some churches for the last four years: Israel represents "apartheid," Carter said, meanwhile ignoring the 400 or more missiles fired into southern Israel immediately after Israel deported her Jewish population out of Gaza to make peace.

arab petrodollars go a long way in fighting for the "arab nation" and jihad. Past US presidents have in most cases never been the best friends of Israel, but when it came to

the Jewish state's existence, none of them urged the Jewish state be dismantled as an end result of any peace settlement, the position adhered to openly by Hamas in all its statements and even its charter.

Carter acknowledged that arab-Israelis have the same rights as Jews in democratic Israel, something he had to do so as not to look like a complete grinning buffoon on CNN, but then he claimed the Palestinians' lives in the Palestinian authority amounted to apartheid

and linked this to Israel's very existence. He failed to note that the only real apartheid in the Palestinian authority is practiced by even "moderate" Palestinians insisting Jews cannot live in a Palestinian state in the West Bank or Gaza as part of a two state solution.

But Carter did a good job whoring it up for the Hamas, the present representatives for Palestinians and the organization most funded by Saudi and other Gulf Sheiks. Earlier he praised the Hamas elections.

The reasons why become� clearer if one looks at who is funneling money to Carter and his Carter Center Foundation. Prince alaweed Bin Talal, the main financier of Hamas since 1988 is one of Carter's major contributors, donating millions to his foundation, but also an estimated $400 million dollars to Hamas since 1988. Bin Talal is the Sheik that another american political leader, Rudy Giuliani had the integrity to hand back a $10 million check after the 9/11 World Trade center bombing . Bin Talal had tried to pin the World Trade Center attack on Israel for "slaughtering the Palestinian people" even after Israel� tried to give them a state.

Other major contributors to the Carter Center include a Who's Who List of arab Gulf- state Israel-haters and funding sources for terrorist groups: The Kingdom of Saudi arabia; the al Saud Fund; The Saudi Fund for Development; The Government of the United� arab Emirates� ( and its Zayed Center, later closed down because of reports of its virulent anti-Semitism exposed by a Harvard divinity student); The Saudi Fund for Development; and OPEC, the oil cartel made up of Gulf Sheikdoms, among other Jew-haters such as Venezuela and Caesar Chavez.

Rounding out Carter's major donors at home were the Ford Foundation (that only seems to fund programs against the Jewish state), the US State Department and the US agency for International Development that keeps on buying machine guns for the Palestinians to that are supposed to be used to stop other Palestinian terrorists but are used only to kill Israelis. USaID even looks the other way when NGO's refuse to sign waivers for US foreign aid that it not be used for terrorism funding.

So it's not hard to see why Carter whored his notoriety as a former president for all these groups that are in fact working to aid Hamas in its goals: the ultimate destruction of Israel.

Carter, while interviewed by Blitzer, recited by rote the common lies told on the campuses and in the churches of america: "There are roads in the West Bank that only Jews are permitted to ride on," is one of the standard lines.�� That was supposed to suggest an example that apartheid exists between Jews and arabs in the Palestinian authority and that Jews are responsible.

�The fact is bypass roads were set up because arabs murder Jews on the highways by sniper fire and rocks. But of even more importance,� those same bypass roads can be driven on by Palestinians who pass a simple security background check.� Did Carter ignore this fact because his arab advisors no doubt told him to do so? Or did he simply not know?

More likely Carter never wrote this book, or did any research for it. He allowed others to compile the same tired propaganda heard on american campuses and in churches and put the name of a previous US president behind the lies this time to lend them credibility. Carter even went on in the Blitzer interview to claim that Israel offered arafat nothing at Taba, when in fact Israel's offer jeopardized its very own chances of� survival in a desperate bid for peace.

It is highly unlikely Carter wrote this book at all. His reminisces of bouncing arafat's baby daughter on his knee when he and Roslyn met arafat and Suha one afternoon were no doubt dictated to the real author, but the publicity value of this new dissemination of the Big Lie technique across america has been enormous for the Palestinian movement from all of this.� The same younger college-aged generation that wasn't around to be cognizant of when Carter was president and gave the US 20% interest rates, massive inflation and left american hostages in Iran that precipitated today's Iranian crisis only see an "ex-President" who supports the dismantling of Israel in line with the Hamas doctrine. Little do they know that that is what his foundation's fund donors want.

That the man is merely whoring the office of the President to arab oil money is beside the point in examining Carter's book:� Maybe now, enough people will be fooled into believing the Palestinians really are the oppressed people threatened in the Middle East by that tiny contingent of Holocaust survivors who finally created a homeland.� It is the responsibility of the older generation to speak our younger generations in america to understand who the real Jimmy Carter is: a man who whored the name of the US presidency for a buck to support the goals of terrorists in Hamas, and he did so on behalf of wealthy contributors with petrodollars from the arab totalitarian world.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod