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academic freedom has been stolen from Canadians by Islamists

Islamist Violence and Threats Stalk Canadian Universities

By Neil Karia,

Friday, December 29, 2006

University and college campuses across Canada and the West were once free-thinking establishments where young minds could develop critical analysis skills without fear of reprisal. Today, these former bastions of knowledge have become infected by relentless propaganda and threats unleashed by radical Islamist elements, who attack and threaten women and non Muslims, while claiming to be the victims of racism and ‘Islamophobia'.

The rot in Canada began long ago. In 1989, a Lebanese Muslim, Gamil Gharbi, killed fourteen women at a college campus in Montreal, screaming epithets against feminism. This man changed his name to Mark Lepine, adopting the surname of his mother who had been beaten and abused by her Muslim husband. Clearly, young Gamil derived his hatred against women and feminists from his father, who by all accounts was a devout Muslim.

Perhaps fearing Islamist retaliation, media and feminist groups avoided highlighting the Muslim nature of the crime, choosing instead to blame general ‘male oppression'. The issue of universities and college life being adversely affected by Islamist beliefs was swept under the carpet.

I experienced firsthand the extent of this Islamist takeover. Recently, I attended at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto an event supported by the Hindu Conference of Canada. This group is the largest mainstream Hindu political and media advocacy group in Canada, with a massive mailing list worldwide. The HCC was invited by the Ryerson Hindu Student association, Jewish student group Hillel, and the Indian Student association to speak of the genocide against Kashmiri Hindus by Pakistani Islamists.

I watched as the Ryerson Student Union President, Muhammad Jabbar (of Pakistani background), accused the HCC spokesman of presenting one-sided and biased information. When informed that much of the presentation was taken from BBC sources, he accused the BBC and other Western media of being ‘anti Muslim' and began ranting about Kashmir and Palestine as ‘occupied territory'.

Shortly thereafter, the Ryerson newspaper ‘Eyeopener' reported that Pakistani Student association executives had received threats by email about the event. apparently, radical Islamists within the group threatened the PSa leaders for not opposing the ‘biased' event. Ryerson security was contacted by terrified PSa executives.

These events are not isolated: they are the culmination of an organized campaign by Muslim students to dominate campus life in all aspects. In Ryerson, student elections for Student Union positions resulted in a de facto Islamic regime on campus: Jabbar admits freely that the Muslim Student association put forth an enormous effort to get himself and other Muslims elected.

The Ryerson paper reported in November that the President of the Catholic Student association discovered that the so-called ‘multi faith room' was permanently booked by Muslim students. The halls and classrooms at Ryerson are often decorated with posters denouncing Israel, Islamic icons, and ‘anti- racism' campaigns invoking ‘Islamophobia' (as though that were the only form of racism in existence). Jonathon Vandersluis, President of Hillel Jewish group, suggests that Muslims are abusing their power to focus attention only on their issues.

The blame belongs primarily to Liberal policies on immigration and granting of student visas. In the US, the largest foreign student contingent for the last four years hail from democratic India, which is renowned for bright professionals with superb academic capabilities. This is in line with american goals of promoting ties with the world's largest democracy, as well as meeting the needs of US corporations which employ vast numbers of Indian executives and technical staff. By contrast, enrollment from Islamic nations has been falling since 9/11.

In Canada, Islamic funding and scholarship grants have focused on turning Canadian academia into propaganda arms for the Muslim agenda. Canadian students from Islamic nations spend enormous effort in dominating politically on campus, with the result that upward mobility is the result not of intellectual ability but rather organized intimidation tactics. Muslim ‘students' always seem to find time for Hezbollah rallies and other pro-terrorist demonstrations, leaving one to wonder how they get any time for academic pursuits.

Clearly academic freedom has been stolen from Canadians by Islamists, with the support and connivance of Liberal immigration officials. Canadians may want to consider correlating foreign student intake with the needs of the marketplace and Canadian businesses, rather than catering to the shrill demands of radical Islamists bent on occupation.

Neil Karia is a software specialist in Toronto, Canada

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