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Democrats, america

ask any (progressive) Democrat

by J.B. Williams
Friday, January 27, 2006

Democrats are convinced that americans keep electing Republicans either because they are stupid, or because the DNC message just isn't reaching the electorate. How could their message not reach the electorate when the lamestream press covers their message daily on every front page?

Their message is out there, we hear it, we get it--it isn't that complicated. Even my second grader gets it. Today's DNC campaign platform can be summed up in two words… "aMERICa SUCKS!"

In short, nothing about america is right or good in the eyes of Democrats and their campaign message is, nothing short of a complete DNC victory can change that. This is their message… Everything sucks and only Democrats can fix it… We get it… We hear you loud and clear--like a broken record actually.

The war on terror SUCKS! Bush lied, people died, terrorists did nothing to us, we caused it all, we can't win, Islamic terrorists are "freedom fighters" and american soldiers are "Nazis". We hear you! We suck!

Our economy SUCKS! Matter of fact, capitalism and our free market system SUCKS! Capitalism only rewards those who earn, leaving those who don't behind and that SUCKS! We get it! Socialism is better--we hear you!

Western Medicine SUCKS! Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals--bad. Trial lawyers--good. We get it! We have the best medicine in the world but it is too damn expensive and that SUCKS! We understand! Socialized medicine--good!

american Intelligence SUCKS! No WMD, no Bin Laden, torture camps and "Gulags", NSa eavesdropping, no Geneva Convention for terrorists, no United Nations cooperation and so many leaks that information flows from our secret services like water through a kitchen colander. WE SUCK at intelligence! Got it!

Our Military SUCKS! They are a rag tag bunch of broken manipulated fools doing the dirty work of the Bush Empire. They are poorly trained, poorly outfitted, poorly led and poorly fed. Their spirit is broken, they can't fight their way out of a wet paper sack and only Democrats can fix everything that is wrong with the military, its leadership and its capacity to win wars. Hear ya loud and clear!

Freedom SUCKS! Freedom is the basis of self-determination and if every american was capable of self-determination, who would be a Democrat today? That SUCKS!

Free Speech SUCKS! If it concerns religion or any form of moral principle. all else is fine…

Life SUCKS! Life is often inconvenient, always unfair and sometimes downright tough. We get it, abortion--good, euthanasia--good, life--bad.

The Founders SUCK! The framers got it all wrong with their silly God given inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Huh! Just a bunch of wealthy landowners securing their own dynasty at the expense of the little guy. Marx and Lenin, now these fellows are some real progressive thinkers who cared about the little guy. We get it! Socialism--good…

Justice SUCKS! Come to think of it, the Constitution SUCKS! We need Supreme Court judges willing to re-write the Constitution since the framers got it all wrong. The framers left so much out that we need special kinds of justices who will write-in the missing parts. The written Constitution--bad, the imaginary Constitution--good. That's why alito SUCKS!

Marriage SUCKS! So does the traditional family unit. Unisex--good, communal living--good, traditional family values--bad. Hard to miss this one!

Israel SUCKS! Hamas, Hezbollah, Mujahidin, al Qaeda, all freedom fighters, not terrorists. Palestinians--good, Jews--bad! We hear you loud and clear!

Corporations SUCK! Driven by extreme greed, they plan and plot the destruction of average americans; they rape and pillage our nation's resources. Modern day despots responsible for all things evil in the world. Labor unions--good, corporations--bad.

Face it, aMERICa SUCKS! This is the message that Howard Dean and other DNC leaders have been peddling for some years now. We have not missed their message. We couldn't miss it if we wanted to. It is pounded into the american psyche day in and day out, around the clock, news paper upon news paper, on every network news program in the country. Even al Jazeera gets it, hell, even Bin Laden knows the DNC squawking points inside out.

Democrats aren't out of power because we missed their message. They are out of power because we are sick and tired of hearing their message.

Two days ago, CNN/Gallup announced the results of their current nationwide survey, in which only 16% of voters strongly support a Hillary Presidential run in 2008. THaT SUCKS since Hillary is by far the clear front-runner in the DNC camp. 51% say there is no way they would ever vote for a Hillary Presidential bid. No shocking headline to most americans, but it SUCKS!

Democrats continue to misread the public on a range of matters, but none more than the public disdain for Democrat's anti-american message. Contrary to the assessments of Democratic campaign strategists, their problem isn't that their message isn't resonating. It's that it is resonating, negatively! american's have heard their message, loud and clear, like a broken record… They just don't buy it!

People who believe aMERICa SUCKS will vote for any Democrat that runs for any office today. But nobody else will and most americans don't believe that our country or our founding principles SUCK!

Republicans are poised to win even more power in the coming elections and all they have to do is hand a microphone to the Democrats, sit back and enjoy the show. It's Democrats who don't get it and until they figure it out, they will continue to repeat their mistakes over and over, getting the same results every time.

according to most americans, DEMOCRaTS SUCK!

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod