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The Verdict is In--It's Official!:
america is in Deep Trouble

by J.B. Williams
Monday, april 10, 2006

I used to wonder just how desperate americas socialist left would become once completely rejected from power in both houses of congress, most state governor mansions, the White House and the Supreme Court. I used to try to imagine just how far the lamestream press would go to unseat politicians at odds with their anti-america socialist one-world open-pervert-society agenda. and I often pondered the depth and breadth of ignorance in the average american, limited to lamestream news as their only source of knowledge. Today, I have the answers to all of these questions…

Though most americans are far more conservative than anyone living or working in Washington DC today, the conservative movement finds itself playing defense to a long list of socialist anti-american aggressors. No, not the Soviet block or Red China, but your friendly DNC Headquarters, their minions in the press, and your next door neighbors, many of whom are unaware of their socialist standing. These aggressors are growing impatient as they become ever more desperate and there is officially no limit to what they are willing to try in their quest to regain political power.

Despite a variety of unparalleled challenges to american life and liberty, the direct result of eight years of irresponsible gross mismanagement under the panty-raid administration of the 90s, the Bush administration has managed to prevent 911 follow-up attacks, liberated 24 million in afghanistan from the brutality of the Taliban and al Qaeda, another 25 million from the brutality of the Hussein Regime in Iraq, delivered the lowest unemployment rate and the highest home ownership rate, while leading the country to record numbers in the stock market. Yet the administrations approval rating stands between 36 and 39%, according to the press. How is that possible?

It's possible because the press doesn't report any of the facts I just listed. What they do report is whatever Bush administration adversaries want them to report. The average american relies upon the lamestream press for their daily dose of "reality", but reality is not what they are getting.

americans awake each day to a daily body count of soldiers lost in combat in Iraq. It's usually the top headline of every paper, TV news show and NPR update throughout each day, for the last 1100 days in a row. There are no headlines of how many innocent Iraqi citizens didn't die at the hand of Hussein, that would have had we not removed him from power. There are no reports of how many schools, hospitals, businesses and jobs have re-opened in Iraq. No stories about kids playing soccer in the streets with american soldiers, who once were imprisoned for their parent's anti-Hussein views. Just a running body count, as if that tells the entire story, because that is the entire story for those seeking to regain political power by undermining any support for their opponents.

Dan Rather and Mary Mapes lost their distinguished press careers as a direct result of their overt efforts to unseat a US President by inventing bogus National Guard service stories. But that was just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid…

This morning the US press is all abuzz over court documents filed yesterday in the defense case for Scooter Libby and nearly every news outlet in america is intentionally misreporting the story…

The Chicago Tribune reports "Libby says Bush OKd leak on Iraq." The San Francisco Chronicle says "Bush role alleged in leak of Iraq intelligence." The Detroit Free Press announces "Libby: Bush agreed to leaks." By the time the story reached Turkey around the globe, which takes only seconds now, Zaman Online reports "Bush authorized Leak of CIa agent." The La Times refers to Bush as Leaker in chief."

as a result, everyone from radio giant Don Imus to failed Presidential Candidate John Kerry is busy working the american population into a fever pitch over a story that is not a story at all in reality. The headlines are very interesting. But in almost every case, (if you know how to read lamestream product today), the text of these stories tell a very different story than the headlines. and of course, as anyone with the uncommon initiative to check the facts for themselves would find, there is no story here at all really.

First, we are not talking about a "leak", but an "authorized" release of information. Not current information as in "current intelligence briefings" used to fight the war, but as in, old intelligence information used to make the decision to go to war. You know, that information that all of these Bush critics were demanding access to under the people's right to know. The same information and much more was released in hard copy form days later, in response to the anti-war press demand for information concerning "pre-war" intelligence.

Second, the documents filed in the Libby case say nothing at all about the Plame affair. It refers only to pre-war Iraq intelligence, which was not leaked, but was released by proper authority.

Third, even Libby is not being charged with "leaking" Plame's name. That's because it has long ago been established that her name was already public and not a secret, therefore, something unable to be "leaked". She wasn't "under-cover", she was a well known CIa desk jockey.

Yet take a good look at how the lamestream press is presenting today's non-story for public consumption. Listen closely as socialist Democrats desperate for power rush to the microphone to make yet another attempt to create a public perception of a "culture of corruption" with a little help from their socialist friends in the media, their only hope for winning in November hanging in the balance.

Clearly, there is NO limit to what Democrats will try and NO limit to how far the press will go in their efforts to mislead the american people into electing their socialist friends over at the DNC.

But what about average americans? are they really as stupid as Democrats and their buddies in the press believe? I didn't think so once, but yes, they are it seems… and that is the real problem.

We live in a drive-thru fast-food sound-bite society today. Few americans have the initiative to even read the complete text of a column much less independently investigate a story to find out if what they are being told is true. Some don't even care if it's true as long as it helps the cause. a quick glance at the headlines makes everyone an expert on any subject today. and if the headline appears in enough papers, it is assumed to be true.

Well, today's anti-Bush headlines are atop every paper in the country and none of them are true. So now what? This is the quality of information we are supposed to make governing decisions upon?

Whether we should or not, we will, because this is the only information many americans will know. and that's why america is in deep trouble.

The socialist left will stop at nothing, the press is all too eager to help and the average american is none the wiser. We self-govern by headlines at best. This morning the headlines are all lies and in most cases, the actual text of the article says so. But on the basis of those headlines, nearly every american will be referring to Bush as "the leaker-in-chief" before noon. Few will bother to read beyond the headlines and as long as that remains the case, america has no hope for the future.

It's beyond shameful. It should be criminal. It should be illegal, even with a free press, to intentionally mislead the public via bogus headlines. But it isn't. It happens all day every day and it has for many years now. Nobody is going to jail for it, or even being fired for it.

We most certainly do live in a sewer of corruption in this country today. But that sewer is a sludge-fest of intentional disinformation spoon fed to average americans headline after headline, sound bite after sound bite, day in and day out until reality is no longer discernable in the sea of politically driven hogwash.

It's done at the direction of socialist anti-american politicians running the DNC, via the socialist anti-american free lamestream press, and consumed by an increasingly ignorant american electorate.

November will tell us just how ignorant the public is today and at the moment, it doesn't look good for the collective american IQ…

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod