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Science, Global warming, Fear mongering

The Pseudoscientific Gospel according to al Gore

by J.B. Williams

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let me begin by stating for the record that I am not a scientist. I have not spent my life researching Planetary Climatology, and I really don't have any personal insight into the mysteries of earth's climate cycles or even any personal opinion about the pseudoscientific claims in al Gore's Gospel of Doom based on his politically motivated global warming via capitalist-pig doctrine.

Of course, this makes me just as qualified to speak on the subject as al Gore, who also is not a scientist or one who is any more in touch with earth's many mysteries than the rest of us. Those who still believe that al invented the internet, still bow at his feet. But as a fellow Tennessean who lives only miles from his alleged Tennessee home, (where he never lives), I see him as most Tennesseans do. an idiot prepared to say anything to win political power. (Need I remind you that those of us who know him best, his neighbors, voted for Bush in 2000?)

I am however, fast becoming an expert student in the art of politically fashionable fear-mongering, a pseudoscience of sorts itself. al Gore, the self-appointed Carl Sagan of modern pseudoscience, certainly the Dali-Lama of politically fashionable fear-mongering, is my professor extraordinaire... and he has a very loyal subject pool, all equally politically motivated of course.

His global warming gospel, "an Inconvenient Truth", which seems to be an outright lie, is intended to drive uneducated federal dependents to the democratic side of the ballot at election time. Not because democrats have demonstrated any ability to guide america in a positive pro-american direction, but out of fear, a survival vote… so to speak. Like P-Diddy (another self-described political genius) recently put it, "vote for us or die!"

"He lied to us" - "He betrayed this country" - "He played on our fears" So said al Gore of George W. Bush, who simply suggested that the Hussein regime in Iraq posed a "gathering threat" to national and international security, an undeniable fact and a bi-partisan opinion shared by most.

Of course, al Gore also said "We know that he [Hussein] has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country." "If you get someone like Saddam Hussein to get nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, chemical weapons, biological weapons, how many people is he going to kill with such weapons?"… Proving not only that a lie is in the eye of the beholder, but it also depends on who the political benefactor might be.

Now al seeks to play on our fears with a brand new set of lies. Not according to me, according to real scientists…

Mr. Richard S. Lindzen is the alfred P. Sloan Professor of atmospheric Science at MIT. according to Lindzen and many of his fellow scientists, "Don't Believe the Hype", "al Gore is wrong. There is NO consensus on global warming!" Pretty straight forward statement I'd say, for a scientist.

Mr. Lindzen suggests in the linked article that, not only is there no consensus on the subject — there's not even any coherent ongoing debate on the topic, among real scientists that is. That could be in part, because the global temperature change over the last 1000 years is only one degree, hardly a "cataclysmic event" demanding immediate attention. It could also be because for every scientist who believes we have a global warming crisis, there is another equally qualified scientist who believes we have a coming ice age crisis on the horizon.

In short, real scientists can not establish that, a) the earth is getting any warmer or colder to begin with, b) that any temporary shift in whether conditions or climate are anything other than natural event cycles, or c) that any human behaviors in any way affect atmospheric conditions in any way.

So, why all the vote for us or die fear-mongering based on al's global warming via capitalist pigs doctrine? Have you read the comments of Dali Lama al's anti-capitalism/pro-socialism disciples? There is a common message among global warming theorists… and it has nothing to do with science, other than social science that is…

The real message in al's Gospel of Doom is this… Capitalism is ruining the world! Our greed (economic liberty) and our love of freedom (personal choice including what to drive) is killing the earth and therefore, is akin to suicide. In other words, your SUV isn't evil — but the fact that you desire nice things is evil…you selfish capitalist pig!

Of course if liberals hooked on al's kool-aid ever stop drinking long enough to research how many liberal politicians own SUV's, ride in gas guzzling limousines, fly by themselves in private jets because they don't dare ride coach class with their angry constituents, and generally burn fossil fuels at a rate that would make every PETa member feel like kicking their cat, they might begin to second guess ole professor al.

On the other hand, if they were following al for his brilliant scientific evaluations, they would already be following someone else. But because they agree with the fundamental foundation of al's agenda, socialism instead of capitalism for america, they (like al), are happy to use any scientific hocus pocus available to promote their real agenda, socialism for the greater good.

as for the rest of us, we'll leave science to real scientists and american politics to real americans, yes capitalists…. after all, the record isn't clear on global warming, but it sure is on capitalism versus socialism….

and liberals can't figure out why americans won't vote for them…

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod