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Gore & Strong shadowship:

Somebody should turn the lights on

By Judi McLeod

Friday, March 23, 2007

Behind every good man, as the saying goes, there is a good woman.

Behind global warming guru Al Gore is global warming guru mastermind Maurice Strong.

Most folk knows that Gore and wife, Tipper live in a Tennessee mansion where nobody's home but the lights are always on. But few are aware that the shadow cast by the former vice president is the shadow of United Nations mover and shaker Chairman Mo strong. Indeed, Gore's signature song could easily be Me and My Shadow.

According to Strong, "He (Gore) won the election and lost the presidency". (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) 2004),

The latest ambition of this deadly duo is to ban the incandescent light bulb worldwide on the basis that the invention of Thomas Edison uses too much energy or generates too much heat for Mother Earth to tolerate.

Reports of fire hazards posed by the use of energy efficient light bulbs if not used correctly don't seem to be stopping CFL bulbs from becoming the latest rage. Nor are any hunts underway to check on which companies are getting the contracts to replace the lights generations have come to depend on.

Problem is Gore and his shadow don't intend to stop with banning the incandescent light bulb.

Rep. Joe Barton, (R-Texas) who says if Gore's desires are implemented, there would be no new businesses, cars or even people allowed in the United States, is right on the money.

Gore's shadow Strong is a self-professed depopulationist. Strong believes there are too many people on the planet and that the too many are overly dependent on air conditioning, red meat and the Freon of refrigerators.

Writing Strong off as just another crackpot would be a dangerous pastime. With full access to corridors of power in the United Nations, the Canadian-born New Ager described by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reporter Ann-Marie McDonald as "a cross between Rasputin and Machiavelli" is one of the recognized architects of the Kyoto Protocol.

A go-to guy with a proven track record of changing your world, Strong has quietly worked the international scene for decades.

In the CBC's The Life and Times of Maurice Strong, the storyline is about a 14-year-old school dropout who gets to the top at breakneck speed. Strong, who worked as a deckhand on ocean going ships lands on his feet as a UN desk clerk, at the tender age of 17. "Within a few months he meets David Rockefeller, whose father John made the UN (Manhattan headquarters) possible."

McDonald, who says Strong "doesn't know how to use a computer", calls him "the Michelangelo of networking," and "an internationally traveling salesman with bits of paper in his pockets"…but a man who "refuses to be pigeon holed".

Difficult to pigeon hole someone whose finger is in so many pies.

The untouchable "Father Earth" is chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) the world's first trader in greenhouse credits.

But Barton was wrong about cars not being allowed in the United States. The Chery, manufactured in the Peoples' Republic of China, will, if anti-American Strong has his way, begin flooding the American market by this year.

How Gore and Strong can make Mother Earth their personal goldmine has got to be one contemporary history's biggest mysteries.

The world doesn't need less incandescent light bulbs, it needs probing floodlights.

When it comes to Al Gore and Maurice Strong, somebody should turn the lights on.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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