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Al Gore, man-made Global Warming, CO2

Save the Environment--from school dunce Al Gore

By Judi McLeod

Thursday, August 9, 2007

If Al Gore were in Professor Tim Ball's classroom, he wouldn't be bringing his Report Card home.

Gore's Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth will return to class when youngsters return to school next month.

"They are showing his film in schools when I would give it an "F" even as a Grade X assignment," says climatologist Ball.

Gore needs a lot of work on the subject of man-made Global Warming, but his biggest boo-boo comes from his well-publicized definition of C02.

Al Gore "Gore says C02 is the most important greenhouse gas. This is wrong for two reasons," says Dr. Ball. "First, C02 is nowhere near the most important greenhouse gas from a climate perspective. C02 is less than 4% of the greenhouses gases. Water vapor is 95% of the greenhouse gases by volume.

"Second, C02 is not a pollutant as Gore infers. It is, in fact essential to life on the planet. Without it there are no plants, therefore no oxygen and no life. At 385 ppm current levels the plants are undernourished. The geologic evidence shows an average level of 1000 ppm over 600 million years. Research shows plants function most efficiently at 1000-2000 ppm. Commercial greenhouses use the information and are pumping C02 to these levels and achieve four times the yield with educed water use. At 200 ppm, the plants suffer seriously and at 150 ppm, they begin to die. So if Gore achieves his goal of reducing C02 he will destroy the planet. This point alone is egregious enough to reject the entire movie and Gore's message."

That's the error of Algore's ways on the C02 debate. On the subject of Ice Core Record, he gets a fat zero.

According to Professor Ball, he uses the ice core record in a grossly distorted way, "but especially because he fails to note what almost all agree on and that is temperatures change before the C02, not as assumed in the climate models.

"He points at melting glaciers as proof of warming, particularly Kilimanjaro. Antarctica and Greenland show increases in volume not decreases. Why? Because glaciers are as much about precipitation as they are of temperature. We only monitor 10% of the world's glaciers and half are advancing and half retreating.

"Kilimanjaro is retreating because of a drought in the area. This is aggravated by dust blown from nearby cleared areas making the ice dirty and thus more prone to absorbing sunlight, Weather stations around the mountains show no evidence of warming."

When it comes to using our four-legged friends to make global warming points, Gore copied Greenpeace at Exam time.

"Polar bears are not endangered," says Ball. "In fact they have shown significant increase in numbers. Gore uses polar bears because they are part of the anthropomorphizing of animals with big eyes and cute, cuddly young."

In the animal world, the errant student has it all wrong.

"That's because he has the number of extinctions completely wrong. It's estimated we have only identified about 35% of the plants and animals. Far more are found every year than go extinct,"

For the record, Gore's predictions of sea level rise are in total disagreement with his favourite authority, the IPCC.

"While he projects increasing rates of temperature increase, the IPCC reports have lowered their estimate in each successive report. The latest are so low that even the media noticed."

Sadly, there are even more glaring errors in Gore's global warming lessons.

Global warming alarmist propaganda has reached S.E. Hendriksen all the way in "my little settlement of Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromfjord, Bluei 8, a former U.S. Airbase), who wrote to Canada Free Press (CFP) that he'd like to see the Ilulissat Glacier scrapped as a political object to justify man-made global warming caused by C02.

"If Danish King Christian X had invited American President Abraham Lincoln to Ilulissat to see the glacier in 1864, he would have been seeing what all other guests at the invitation of Danish politicians had seen--a glacier running backwards since 1738," Hendriksen wrote CFP.

"But I'm an ordinary man, weather observer at the Danish Meteorological Institute, DMI. No one would listen to what I have to say about global climate change."

Meanwhile, Gore flunked global warming class, but with his new slicked-back hairdo, looked cool at the prom.

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