The most effective way to deal with the national debt has always been the same, reducing the size of the gargantuan federal government

Our National Debt is Our National Disgrace

By Jeff Crouere

Our National Debt is Our National DisgraceIn mid-February, our national debt reached $22 trillion, a new record for our country. Since President Trump took office in January of 2017, our debt has increased over $2 trillion. During the administration of President Obama, it increased from $10.6 trillion to $19.9 trillion. Thus, the national debt has more than doubled in 10 years and it is still increasing nearly $1 trillion per year.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the national debt for this fiscal year will be $897 billion and will top $1 trillion again in 2022. At that point, their forecast calls for the national debt to exceed $1 trillion annually for another seven years as the costs for Medicare and Social Security skyrocket with more Americans from the massive Baby Boomer generation retiring.

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Trump “fake news” media becomes major 2020 election issue

By David Singer

Trump fake news media becomes major 2020 election issuePresident Trump’s confrontational relationship with what he terms the “fake news” media is set to take centre stage in the 2020 election campaign following the commencement of defamation proceedings by Nicholas Sandmann against the Washington Post claiming $250 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

Threatened further actions against other leading media outlets based on the same circumstances will see a real lawyers picnic keeping the courts very busy whilst the media coverage promises comprehensive and sensational reporting.

The complaint filed by Sandmann’s attorneys sets out the following allegations:

Selling Mass Delusion..Again

By Ray DiLorenzo

A lie told often enough becomes the truth, Lenin“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Lenin

Our nation has been under assault, morally, spiritually, fiscally, politically, educationally, and culturally for several generations. We have been fed deceit, ignorance and delusion for decades. The political party that tore the nation apart 150 years ago, fighting to preserve slavery is now determined to enslave the entire country in a system of total dependence under the guise of ‘social justice’. All we have to do is give these purveyors of lies a little bit of our liberty. They call it Democratic Socialism.

The Riddle of Climate Change

By Linda Goudsmit

The Riddle of Climate ChangeThe Riddle: What climate does climate change change?

The Answer: The political climate of course.

Let me explain. Pollution and climate change are two separate issues. Environmental pollution is a man-made problem that humans can and should remedy. Taking responsibility for our behavior is a necessary part of civilized life and eliminating environmental horrors like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is something we all need to support. So far so good.

Socialist Democratic Capitalist Pigs Living High On The Hog

By Judi McLeod

Socialist Democratic Capitalist Pigs Living High On The HogBefore Socialist Democratic hypocrites go out on the attack against whom they regard as ‘capitalist pigs’, they become capitalist pigs themselves. 

All Socialist Democrats define ‘capitalist pigs’ as right of centre millionaires and billionaires, claiming there is no such thing as a well-heeled Socialist Democrat Capitalist Pig.

Parents sue to fight Anti-White, Anti-Male, Anti-Christian, Communist Indoctrination in California

By Matthew Vadum

Parents sue to fight Anti-White, Anti-Male, Anti-Christian, Communist Indoctrination in CaliforniaParents in Santa Barbara, California, are suing a leftist hate group called Just Communities and the local school board there to end the group’s taxpayer-funded so-called implicit bias training that has a powerful anti-white, anti-male, and anti-Christian slant.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, was brought by Fair Education Santa Barbara, a nonprofit formed by parents of children enrolled in the Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD).

Bring it On, Mr. Mueller, Bring It On!  Most Already Know Who’s Duping Who

By Judi McLeod

Bring it On, Mr. Mueller, Bring It On! Most Already Know Who’s Duping WhoBecause the Robert Mueller Special Counsel hit a brick wall, coming up empty on the more than two year old Russian Collusion story, they will hand the investigation over to power-crazed Democrats to keep the baseless story rolling up to the 2020 election and even beyond.

The mainstream and social media will, of course, play the final report of the failed Mueller Investigation down, hoping to be able to continue to dupe the unwitting masses.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The Democrats’ Frankenstein

By Rick Hayes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The Democrats FrankensteinWith the exception of a few subcategories, there are basically three components that constitute today’s Democratic Party.  There’s the new breed who call themselves Democrat Socialists who truly believe in socialism, old school Democrats that act as if they believe in the Democrat Socialist agenda in order to stay in vogue and leftist ideologues that want to do whatever they can to undermine and destroy the founding principles of The United States.

This Land Not YOUR Land, Bernie Sanders And Never Will Be

By Judi McLeod

This Land Not YOUR Land, Bernie Sanders And Never Will BeThis Land Is Not Your Land, Bernie Sanders and neither is the 2020 presidency.

In 1988, “His Worship”, a shirtless Bernie Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, Vermont, joined 10 other Vermonters in a beer-burp rendition of ‘This Land is Your Land’ in Yaroslavl, Soviet Union.

According to Senator Lindsay Graham, Sanders “Went to the Soviet Union On His Honeymoon And I Don’t Think He Ever Came Back”. (Washington Examiner , Oct. 28, 2015)

Jussie Smollett’s Sisters Worked for Barack Obama

By Judi McLeod

Jussie Smollett’s Sisters Worked for Barack ObamaJussie Smollett’s sisters, actresses and activists, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and Jazz Smollett-Warwell, worked as leading campaign surrogates for former President Barack Obama, and less than a year ago, videos of Jussie dancing with Michelle Obama went viral.

Jussie Smollett’s “hate crime” story that he was attacked by two men who shouted racial and homophobic slurs at him along with the phrase “This is MAGA country”, on Jan. 29, seems to be falling apart.  (CNN, Feb. 18, 2019)

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