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Remember Presidents Clinton?
Don't Laugh – It Can Happen Again!

By J.B. Williams

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Bill was just half of the 1990s White House duo. Many argued that Hillary was actually the driving force behind the Clinton co-Presidency, even though Bill was the charismatic face and voice of the administration. Hillary-Care failed under Bill, but some in America still think that socialized medicine is the answer to our health care challenges. Nobody believes this more than Hillary, and she has many who agree.

So when considering the '08 presidential candidacy of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, the California Senator from Arkansas residing in New York, remember that it isn't just Hillary running for the White House. In Hillary's world, it takes a commune to raise a child, and both she and Bill to run the White House!

Also remember that despite Monica, impeachment, perjury, disbarment, failed national security and a looming economic recession, "culture of corruption" democrats all over this land would love to have Bill back in the Oral Office and they just might support Madam Hillary in order to return him to his rightful throne.

In this light, it would be fair to assume that a Hillary Presidency might look much like Bill's, since in both cases, it's a team effort. Bill was fast to speak up in support of the Hillary run, even though he was starring at his shoes the entire time he fawned over such an obviously absurd idea.

His words were as always, very carefully selected and encouraging. But his body language spoke volumes of his inner-most doubts concerning her real talents and qualifications as commander-in-chief. After-all, she can't even keep her husband at home. How would she deal with international figures even more despotic than Bill?

And what about her unexpected rival Usama "Hussein" Obama momma? Hillary was clearly not ready to announce her candidacy. She was smoked out by rival Obama who was fast stealing her thunder, not to mention her friends. She's rattled! Shouldn't the next leader of the Democratic Party be giving the Democratic response to Bush's State of the Union speech instead of some freshmen nobody?

The young handsome Illinois Senator from Jakarta is already wooing away Hillary's most ardent fans in the press corps, as well as her biggest campaign benefactors in Hollyweird? As much as the press and Hollywood love Presidents Clinton, it seems they might be even more enamored with the prospects of a Muslim boy from Jakarta in the White House.

Camp Hillary wasted no time launching a full-scale character assassination investigation into her new rival's personal background, which netted certain real data that could indeed sink the Obama campaign ship before it can reach the primaries harbor.

Madam Hillary is the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in '08. But what has she ever done to earn such favored status on a national level, other than put up with Bill?

She was an unsuccessful junior lawyer in a crooked law firm. She was the mother of one and the wife of the world's best known philandering husband. She failed at implementing her single First Lady agenda of socialized medicine and failed to even notice what a lying cheater her husband was, even after everyone else in the world knew it. She stood by her man, after making fun of Tammy Wynettes' famous "Stand By Your Man", making a complete fool of herself and she still sleeps beside him even now.

What has she ever done to earn such impassioned national support? What has her life's story ever done to promote women's equality? A former First Lady from Arkansas won an open New York senate seat with HUGE cash from Hollywood, thanks to husband Bill cheating but profitable coat tail.

That wasn't so hard to do or figure out. John Corzine bought his senate seat in New Jersey for much less and did with his own hard earned money. Why would Bill's soccer-moms even consider rallying behind his foolish hate-filled wife, unless it was to once again stand by their man Bill?

For reasons unknown, Hillary is the most popular political female in America today. But she is also the most hated female in America, and these folks can tell you why. Many will vote for Bill through Hillary, but many others will vote for Anyone-but-Hillary, including some who still like Bill.

They could be the next Presidents of the United States. Not because Hillary has done anything to earn it. Not because she represents the majority of Americans views on the issues. She doesn't. Not because she is best qualified for the position or even the most attractive and charismatic figure in the race.

They could be the next Presidents simply due to divisions in their opponent's camp across the aisle. Bill won twice with less than a popular majority and Hillary can win the same way. They need only keep the house across the aisle divided to do it. The press will help and so will Hollywood. Terrorists and third world dictators will help too. The UN will help as will global socialists like Soros, who can't wait to burst America's bubble of supremacy.

A betting man would put his money on the Presidents Clinton winning in '08. It can happen and if the American people don't wake up and smell the stench coming from the Democratic side of the aisle soon, it will happen!

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod