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Old automotive pages from 2007 and Before

Subaru Forester a Clear Cut Choice

My favorite Subaru is back, with a new set of clothes and fresh make-up for the 2009 model year. But are the changes enough to keep the Forester in the hunt for consumers’ small SUV dollars?

Toyota Sequoia – Surprisingly Capable and Civilized Brute

Talk about a vehicle with an appropriate name!

Toyota’s Sequoia is an immense motor vehicle, a “full sized SUV” that seems about the mass of an Airbus A380, it’s large enough to haul a family of eight and a lot of their stuff. It also makes a heckuva statement on the road. 

Saturn’s Looking for a Few Astra-Nuts

The Saturn Astra, according to a radio commercial in my neck of the woods, is the top selling car in Europe.

Really? It’s certainly not a “disAstra”, but the bestselling car of any sold in all of Europe? I don’t get it.

Mercedes Takes Drivers Around the Benz

Take some world class cars from one of Germany’s top marques, add a day on a road course race track learning and honing your driving skills, and what do you have?

Springtime for GM in Foothills Country

With the grass finally rizzing in my area, it’s safe for companies that make outdoors-oriented stuff to show off some of their latest wares without worrying excessively about getting snowed out.

Audi A3 – Little Wagon, Ho!

A3: it’s small, it’s a wagon and, as usually happens when I live with an Audi for a spell, it tore at my heartstrings to give it back.