This shooting was done by a lone-wolf, who coincidently is now dead. Move along! There’s nothing to see here! Speaking of hear - did you hear about Harvey Weinstein?

A Man Hears What He Wants to Hear…

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2017

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And, many of you might continue along with, “…and disregards the rest.” Which, as most of us now know, is from Paul Simon’s song ‘The Boxer’ from their ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ album. Hopefully Mr. Simon won’t mind, but “troubled waters” is also an excellent description of life in The United States of America today.

I recently read an article by Rush Limbaugh entitled, “We’re Paralyzed By Stupidity” and, might I humbly add, apathy can also be seen as one of our major paralyzing problems.  But, jokingly, who really gives an RA!


Well, let me tell you who does, our elected officials aka: our politicians. They are counting on you not giving an RA! They are counting on your limited attention span. They also know that you will believe almost anything you see, hear, or read from the authorities and their complicit mainstream media.

Does anyone else see how they, meaning the aforementioned authorities like the FBI, needed anything to stop the 24/7 conversations about their bumbled, oft time contradictory handling, of the Las Vegas Terrorist Attack, so they gave us the old - Look over there, a squirrel!  and, this particular squirrel’s name is Harvey Weinstein.

The timing of their replacement 24/7 news cycle of Harvey the Squirrel has been nothing more than a distraction. Everyone knew for years, both inside and outside Hollywood, that Harvey Weinstein was/is a suspected rapist; just as everyone knows that Bill Clinton was/is a suspected rapist;.  Interestingly, I read an article the other day about rape allegations and, to give context to the article, it included an image of the two of them, both smiling that same arrogant rapist smile; as the thought came to me that there could not be two more qualified men-in-power-rapists to put in a picture for that article, with the possible exception of Kim Jung-un, that is.

Las Vegas’ Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo could be seen actually crying during a recent press conference; and to many this might be seen as a display of empathy, as he went teary-eyed for the victims. But, to the more discerning eye, he was crying because he has been thrust into this untenable position between relaying the events based on the actual evidence and the false narrative he is being told to repeat by the FBI, all in an attempt to cover up what really happened on the night of October 1st. Most of the information he is presenting as fact doesn’t actually make sense to anyone (who might still be paying attention, that is); but, more importantly, his explanations aren’t making sense to his own LVMPD investigators assigned to the case.  Sheriff Lombardo has a reputation of being an honest, responsible public official, and like any man of integrity, he is beside himself with the conflicting emotions of being forced to explain the FBI’s alternate reality on the world’s stage, where they are basically telling him that his evidence be damned!

To better understand the Feds complete circle of influence, first we have Special Agent Aaron Rouse, who heads up ‘The Las Vegas Terrorist Attack’ investigation for the FBI; but, certainly, we will never find a file folder with those words written on the tab anywhere near an FBI office. Agent Rouse reports directly to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife is a dear friend of Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, who just happens to be best buds with Hillary and Bill Clinton. And, McCabe has been charged with keeping the lid on (I meant running) the entire investigation from the secure distance of his office in Washington, DC.  He, and his best buds, only goal is to stay-on-track with their crazy Paddock, the lone-wolf-single-shooter theory, long enough for at least one of their gun control bills in congress to gain enough popular support to be passed, possibly even enough support for a Presidential override.

Yes! Their lone-gunman-theory is all about gun control, which, as you know, has little to do with actual guns and everything to do with regulated control. Their latest ‘never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste’ is really about everyone who legally owns guns, anyone who can now be looked upon as a potential Stephen Paddock just waiting for their meds to kick in and crack up, and who will eventually go up on some rooftop overlooking a crowd, and, and… and the government must protect us from the likes of all such crazy-gun-owning people. Their Second Amendment be damned! By the way, if you or anyone you know believes that criminals will obey any of their gun control laws, then you (hypothetically, that is) might be included in that special kind of stupidity that Rush’s earlier article was referring to.

Meanwhile, the tag-team of Rouse and McCabe had been forced into an almost full time job of ignoring and/or destroying most of the on-scene-evidence which kept coming in from literally thousands of witnesses, many of whom would prove that this was a multiple shooter terrorist attack. Thankfully, Harvey the Squirrel, came to the rescue just in the nick of time, because as an example, now no one knows or even cares what happened to the hotel guard, Jesus Campo. He was the one, who you might recall, was shot at some point in time, before or after crazy Paddock began shooting. Can’t you just image if he was getting ready to tell Sean Hannity from Fox News that it was a middle-Eastern man who shot him. And, to make sure there was no chance of that happening, POOF! Just like that, Campo was gone! 

But, seriously, there has been much irrefutable evidence from eye witnesses who, like all good citizens, turned in their cellphones to the authorities, only to find that upon their return - everything - including all pictures or video evidence that might contradict the official narrative, was erased. There is also proof-positive evidence from many independent sources including a forensic acoustic analysis which confirm in great detail the existence of the harmonics of gun fire from at least one additional shooter at approximately half the distance (200-225 yards) from Paddock on the 32nd floor at about 400 yards.

And then, along came witness Rocky Palermo who was reportedly shot in the pelvis by another gunman at ground level at the concert.  The Palermo family might want to advise their son not to walk the streets of Washington, DC at night, which as Seth Rich found out, can be very dangerous.  Or, they might also advise him not to drive his car alone at night, especially if he has one of those new fan-dangled-cars with the computer controls which could possibly be driven remotely from say, a drone, as Michael Hastings also found out, but unfortunately too late.

By the way, it is important that you understand that the LVMPD heroic first responders and front-line investigators have little control over the Feds attempt to persist in their alternate reality of a lone gunman. The local law enforcement officers are trying to do their job to the best of their ability, as they find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. There is a substantial amount of forensic evidence that there were multiple shooters - one closer - and now at least one on the ground.  But, none of these leads are being pursued by over a hundred FBI agents who reportedly are working the Las Vegas case. The American people demand answers. Fifty-eight innocent people were killed and hundreds shot, and if citizen journalists like myself do not keep this story alive, it too will simply disappear. 

And again, we will never hear any of this from the left-wing radical ideologues in the mainstream media, who care nothing about facts, truth, evidence. Nothing - because journalism in America is dead. The MSM are as complicit in this crime-cover-up as if their fingers were on multiple triggers as were all the Las Vegas shooters themselves. 

Multiple shooters you say? Erase all that from your foolish minds, ears and video evidence. This shooting was done by a lone-wolf, who coincidently is now dead. Move along! There’s nothing to see here! Speaking of hear - did you hear about Harvey Weinstein?


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