Sharpton Reclaim the Dream Rally versus Glenn Beck Restore Honor Rally

A Tale Of Two Rallies

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2010

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Cory tells me the Lincoln Memorial was packed a couple hours before the start of “Restoring Honor”

10:30am — Thirty minutes before his “Reclaim the Dream” rally start, Al Sharpton has some catching up to do

10:45am — CNN zoomed in to avoid showing the fact there was now only two people in front of the stage and they appear to be reporters.

10:50am — I guess CNN caught wind of my tweets because they did a quick pan. Looks like a couple hundred…?

10:58am“Rock… freak!” GQ in the house.

11:13am — They’ve let people on the field. Can you see the ground anywhere at the Beck rally?

11:20am — A crowd pan! Two Obama mentions so far. Sharpton hasn’t arrived yet.

11:25am — Donna Payne, LGBT activist. As conservatives are called intolerant, how did blacks vote on California’s Prop. 8?

11:29am — Still trying to resolve the “bottleneck”. Good luck moving everyone to the right.

11:39am — Thus far I’ve learned that the conservatives at the Beck rally plan on repealing the Civil Rights Act, reviving the Jim Crow laws, and Glenn Beck needs to discover the words of Jesus.

11:48am — “Let Dr. King hear us today!” … while Dr. Alveda King is onstage at Restoring Honor.

11:54am — Why are we still talking about mass transit seating arrangements?

11:56am — SEIU in the house! Something about SEIU thugs with Jersey accents is unnerving.

12:00pm — Oh God, they’re 60′s chanting: “The people united will never be divided”…

12:04pm — We’re on the “last plantation in America”.

12:06pm — Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton disses Beck, talks about the past, D.C. statehood, and someone killed her mic. That was cold.

12:10pm — I had no idea Ed Schultz grew up a poor black child. Ed says he went to school with the bruthas and has “been on the bus with them ever since.”

12:14pm — I’m heading out for a smoke. Feel like I’m having rough sex.

12:18pm — Sad that CNN could only provide one cam and an operator who can’t do timely pans of the audience.

12:20pm — A long shot! They ARE reading my Tweets. Should I direct?

12:28pm — La Raza in the house!

12:31pm — A rapping preacher.

12:33pm — Cory called and Al Sharpton isn’t doing any interviews but he did get some soundbites from NAACP president Benjamin Jealous.

12:35pm — The first “teabagger” reference of the day.

12:44pm — Not only is Ben Jealous the whitest black man in America but he’s the only one who felt the need to take the mic off the podium. Jealous mocks Beck rally for telling people not to bring signs or guns but there was a weapons check at Sharpton’s rally.

12:48pm — DC Mayor Adrian Fenty got booed. Tough room.

12:53pm — Angry woman. Getting ex-wife flashbacks… :-(

1:01pm — The first “bamboozle” of the day!

1:05pm — Lefty talker Tom Joyner

1:08pm — Arne Duncan is one tall dude, talking about church burnings and an evil Alabama governor. He didn’t mention Wallace was a Dem, but why would the Sec Ed expect blacks to know about history?

1:13pm — The woman about to introduce Sharpton has one irritating voice. Another ex-wife flashback. I may cry soon…

1:19pm — Al just broke into “No justice, no peace. What do we want, when do we want it… when do we want it… when do we want it… when do we want it…”

“Dis is our day and we ain’t givin’ it away!”


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