Why are leaders in the black community reticent about stepping forward and boldly demanding that Obama serve US citizens first, and forget the play-acting for tens of millions of invaders?

As US Citizens Suffer, The One Rushes to Aid Illegals!

By —— Bio and Archives--March 15, 2014

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It is no secret that African-American CITIZENS continue to suffer the dismal effects of the Obama economy even as meager signs of recovery crop up elsewhere in the nation.


Unemployment and poverty among African-American citizens are at unprecedented levels.

However, while African-American citizens struggle to survive, Barack Obama remains focused on growing the Democrat Party by acting outside the US Constitution to aid and abet illegal aliens, foreign invaders who have ignored US borders and immigration laws.

As reported , Obama’s disregard for the rule of law and active scorn for the plight of American citizens of color is becoming more and more a part of the Obama legacy:

President Barack Obama has launched an internal review on how he can provide additional leniency to illegal aliens inside the United States of America, the White House announced on Thursday evening.

Obama “has asked Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to do an inventory of the Department’s current practices to see how it can conduct enforcement more humanely within the confines of the law,” the White House said in a Thursday press release.

Obama’s announcement that he would seek to grant more executive amnesty to illegal aliens came after he met with three Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) members on Thursday—CHC chairman Rep. Ruben Hinojosa and Reps. Luis Gutierrez and Xavier Becerra. Hispanic lawmakers have complained vociferously of late about the number of deportations executed by the Obama administration.

“The president emphasized his deep concern about the pain too many families feel from the separation that comes from our broken immigration system,” the White House said in its readout from the meeting.

A Senate GOP aide told Breitbart News that these concerns are overblown because about two-thirds of what the amnesty advocacy community is considering deportations are actually removals of people caught as they were trying to cross the border. Johnson recently admitted as such in a congressional hearing.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—the law enforcement agency that handles deportations from the nation’s interior—reports that 98 percent of 2013 deportations were of convicted criminals, people who just crossed the border, or people who illegally re-entered the U.S. after being deported before.”

Once again, this president is working to undermine the rule of law with false scenarios and insincere compassion.

Haunting Question: Why are leaders in the black community reticent about stepping forward and boldly demanding that Obama serve US citizens first, and forget the play- acting for tens of millions of invaders who have no right to even be here?


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John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. For years, John lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, the very liberal sanctuary city which protects, rather than prosecutes, certain favored criminals.  John escaped the Bay Area in May and now lives in Pine Grove California where conservative values are still in vogue.

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