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Ayer’ed Out:  How Bill Ayers is Influencing Your Kids

By —— Bio and Archives--March 30, 2009

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“There’s something about a good bomb . . . night after night, day after day, each majestic scene I witnessed was so terrible and unexpected that no city would ever again stand innocently fixed in my mind.” 


So said William Ayers, yet another of Barack Obama’s miscreant friends.  Despite the campaign’s ludicrous talking points about Obama being a mere child of eight when Ayers was planting bombs, there is no question that the relationship between Barack Obama is of long standing.  Doing yeoman’s work, Stanley Kurtz has researched the Ayers/Obama connection and found that the unrepentant domestic terrorist’s tentacles run far and deep.  According to Kurtz, Obama and Ayers have a “genuine political connection.”

Bill Ayers is the spoiled brat son of Thomas Ayers, former CEO of Commonwealth Edison and trustee of the Tribune Company and former chairman of the board of Northwestern University.  Thus, his son with minimal gifts, had easy access to academia.

Ayers admits to a great fascination with explosives.  If not for his father’s wealth and connections, one has to wonder if young Bill, whose conduct disorder was never properly diagnosed; would have gotten away with so much havoc.  Ayers grew up in the affluent Illinois suburb of Glen Ellyn, attended Lake Forest Academy and the University of Michigan. (Chicago Tribune

To escape the torment of being born to wealth and privilege, Ayers joined the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) a radical group looking for an excuse to destroy things and kill people.  The unpopular war in Viet Nam served the radicals well as did the civil rights movement. 

In 1970, Ayers joined the Weathermen,  a radical group that helped LSD guru Timothy Leary break out of prison, and stockpiled dynamite, which the supposedly brilliant Ayers stored at his apartment.  Predictably, some of the dynamite exploded, killing Ayers’ then girlfriend. 

When all was said and done, Ayers and the Weathermen were credited with thirty bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructure of the US.  Hard to understand what all the fuss over the Obama and Ayers friendship was about.

Super patriot Ayers boasts about his accomplishments:  participating in the 1970 bombing of NYPD police headquarters;  bombing the Capitol building in 1971 and bombing the Pentagon in 1972.  Ayers would write:  “We’d already bombed the Capitol, and we’d cased the White House.  The Pentagon was leg two of the trifecta.” 

Terrorist Ayers would have done considerably more damage had he not been so incompetent.  In his 2001 book, Fugitive Days Ayers writes that he is not “ruling out entirely” using violence in the future.  On September 11, 2001, Ayers told The New York Times that he didn’t regret setting the bombs; he felt they hadn’t done enough.

The early 1980s ushered in a new era in psychology even further removed from reality.  The theory of “humanism” in psychology liberated us from outdated notions of morality and Christianity.  We were told not to pass judgment on behavior.  A child’s behavior could not be “wrong” or “right”, it could only be “inappropriate” or “appropriate.”  A competing theory, B.F. Skinner’s behavioral psychology taught that human behavior can be explained in terms of stimulus, response and reinforcement, not unlike lab rats pressing bars for cheese.

About this time, the burned out radicals of the 1960’s were finally getting out of school only to return to ensconce themselves in the make believe world of academia.  This is where Bill Ayers resurfaces yet again.  He is far from a minor figure in “education”.  Among the left wing radicals who run our schools, Ayers is a demigod.  As recently as 2008, Ayers was elected VP for curriculum of the American Education Research Association; the largest national organization of education professors and researchers.  Thus it would appear that he has not exactly been shunned by his peers following the revelations about his violent past.  If your kids’ minds are being poisoned with America hatred and anti Semitism, you can be confident Ayers’ tentacles have reached your school.

From 1995 to 1999, Ayers led an educational foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), Ayers remained on the board until 2001. In 1995,  Barack Obama, with zero executive experience, was brought on board to dole out over $100 million dollars to various left wing organizations.  The stated agenda of the CAC was to “improve Chicago public schools”.  Not surprisingly, with Ayers and Obama at the helm, CAC’s own in house evaluations show no evidence of educational improvement following CAC’s intervention. 
Ayers co-chaired the “collaborative” which shaped educational policy.  Any suggestion that Ayers and Obama had just a passing acquaintance is preposterous. 

CAC’s educational “reform” program was meant to substitute radical activism for academics.  As Stanley Kurtz describes it:  “The CAC’s agenda followed from Mr. Ayers’ educational philosophy, which called for infusing students and their parents with a radical commitment, and which downplayed academic achievement tests in favor of activism.” 

As David Horowitz points out, the Ayers method is alive and well today in our colleges and universities:  they are offering course credit for activism.

Kurtz also raises the question of how Barack Obama, right out of law school with no executive experience managed to land a position at the top of a new foundation?  Despite the campaign’s protestations to the contrary, no one would have been appointed CAC chairman without the approval of Bill Ayers.  According to Kurtz, in addition to the six documented board meetings Ayers and Obama attended together, there would have had to have been at least a half dozen more and Kurtz believes it is “highly likely” that it goes way beyond that.  The pair served on a number of small committees charged with hammering out bylaws that created the foundation, which would have to involve a “fair amount” of contact. 

Funding from Annenberg went to a variety of left wing organizations, a veritable “alphabet soup” of groups; most of which share ideology with Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Stanley Kurtz raises yet another question:  why is it that Barack Obama never mentions the only actual experience he ever had:  his time at Annenberg?

Bill Ayers is a leading advocate of social justice teaching Even young evangelicals, that is the children of the religious right,  have been deluded into believing in “social justice”;  18 to 29 year old evangelicals voted for Obama, in spite of his record on abortion.  Many of these young people claimed that it was the pursuit of social justice that put them in the Obama camp.  Social justice is just more aged hippie jargon; it has no real meaning other than to disrupt the current social order.  So effective was this propagandism that 32% of 18 to 29 year old evangelicals voted for Obama; twice the number who voted for John Kerry in 2004. David Horowitz defines social justice as shorthand for opposition to the American traditions of individual justice and free markets.  So pervasive is the Ayers social justice model that teachers will weave radical ideology into even core subjects, for example, using an Iraq body count to teach math .  Students have no frame of reference to see how absurd this is.  Schools today emphasize America’s past mistakes and injustices rather than achievements. 

The goal of social justice teaching is to convince students that they are victims of an “unjust, oppressive and racist America.  “A few years of this kind of “education” and the kids are primed for a takeover by community organizers who will mobilize them to vote for the far left. 

The plan is working.  In 2008, seven out of every ten voters between 18 and 29 favored expanding the role of the government and believe that the government should be doing more to solve our problems.

Future teachers are fully indoctrinated into radical leftist ideology.  Teaching materials are provided by special interest groups with distinctly left wing agendas.  School districts invite these groups to conduct “professional development” training, at tax payer expense.

Phyllis Schlafly sums it up:  “When a teacher engages in this type of advocacy in lieu of teaching literature, math, history or science, the teacher is engaging in political indoctrination.” 

Bill Ayers’ textbooks are currently in use in 1500 schools; they are among the most widely used of all texts .  Ayers is opposed to achievement tests in favor of activism.  Ayers is very influential in public education;  the US Department of Education lists 15 high schools whose mission statements declare that their curricula centers on “social justice”. 

Columbia, alma mater of Barack Obama and William Ayers has become a madrassa by way of its Middle Eastern studies department.  As is the case with numerous similar departments in other universities, the Middle Eastern studies department is an anti Israel, pro Hamas and Hezbollah propaganda ministry. 

As David Horowitz told Sean Hannity:  The current goal of public education is not to provide students with academic knowledge, it is to organize an anti capitalist revolt (David Horowitz.  Interview with Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity Show.  9 March 2009).

Excerpted from Obamanutz:  A Cult Leader Takes the White House, by Joy Tiz, MS, JD due out summer, 2009.


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