Obama camp whines about anti-Obama rhetoric, New York Times’ intrepid investigation of Sarah Palin’s dresses

Bad Moon Arising

By —— Bio and Archives--October 24, 2008

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“I see the bad moon arising.  I see trouble on the way.”
The above lyric by Creedence Clearwater Revival pretty well sums up my feelings about post-election America.  Enjoy the calm before the storm, while you can.


The Obama camp whines about anti-Obama rhetoric at McCain/Palin rallies; meanwhile, left-wing thugs are using physical force to threaten McCain supporters.

A female McCain supporter was beaten with a wooden stick torn from the McCain placard she was holding in N.Y.C. 

Obama supporters tried to physically block Sarah Palin’s motorcade, and disrupted a John McCain rally.

Someone shot a bullet through a window on McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” train while it was in New Mexico. 

The left-wing elite may consider these incidents of marginal interest, as compared to, say the New York Times’ intrepid investigation of Sarah Palin’s dresses, but I think these incidents are important.

They’re important, because they indicate the type of surly rage that a McCain/Palin victory might unleash. 

There is a deep national divide between those who think that patriotism is measured by how much tax you can endure, and those who feel that patriotism is measured by your love of a free and democratic United States of America.

If the ACORN stooges, liberal elites, and their MSM lackeys, lose the election; then do not expect them to “go quiet into that good night.”  There may be civil unrest, riots, bombings – a la Bill “there’s something about a good bomb” Ayers.

California may secede from the Union. 

Frankly, that would not cause me any undue anguish:  Bye-bye, Barbara Boxer.  Night-night, Nancy Pelosi.  Toodeloo, Tinseltown.  Sayonara, San Francisco.  Auf wiedersehen, adios, adieu, ciao, see ya, goodbye.  No need to write. 

And what if Obama wins?


Well, our two largest states, Texas and Alaska, may elect to go their own way.  They may decide that they would rather form free and democratic republics; in lieu of getting assimilated into the Union of Socialist States of Amerika – the USSA.  Oops, there goes most of the USSA’s oil reserves.   

The Texan/Alaskan symbol will no doubt be a pair of mukluks with spurs.

An Obama victory may also result in a U.S. Military coup d’etat—like we’re some friggin’ “banana republic,” for God’s sake.  But hey, when you’re sworn to defend your country, and you see your country sliding down the tubes – what’re you supposed to do?  Salute while it sinks? 

Those are some worse case scenarios I’ve been discussing.  What about some positive outcomes?

The McCain/Palin ticket may win, and proceed to sweep the temple of Congress clean of moneychangers and thieves – irrespective of party affiliation.  They are certainly capable of doing it – look what Sarah did in Alaska.

There’ll be a steady, experienced hand at the tiller of the Ship of State.  The U.S. will settle down from its economic tumult, and set off on a different, better track.  National wounds will heal, political rifts mend, and the MSM’s collective head will pop out of its butt, and it will start to actually report news instead of spewing propaganda. 

Alternately, the Obama/Biden ticket may win, and it turn out that Obama has matured and grown as a result of his long foray among the American electorate.  He’ll have become sensible and wise about his vision for America.  Instead of pushing his original economic and cultural agenda; he’ll tone it down to a much more moderate version – one that won’t nudge an already precariously situated economy over the edge.

Which of those two scenarios do I think the more likely to materialize? 

I’m voting for McCain.  If things get rough after the elections, I give McCain the better chance of steering the Ship of State through to a safe harborage.  And if things go smoothly after the elections, then I believe that McCain and Palin will kick # and take names, and get America on track.  Not back on the same track, and not on the wrong track, but on a new and better track to the future.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my eye on the moon.



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