The current leader of the free world is not in touch with reality.

Barry Soetoro:  Profiles in Chaos

By —— Bio and Archives--February 22, 2009

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“It was in this context that I came across the picture in Life Magazine of the black man who had tried to peel off his skin . . . I know that seeing that article was violent for me, an ambush attack.”


Barack Obama describes his racial awakening at age nine and the impact of the disturbing image of a black man driven to self mutilation to escape his blackness (Michael Jackson was just a kid at the time).  Powerful images.

Also entirely false.  Life never published any such photos. 

Later Obama would talk about his great struggle with racial issues at Punahou School in Hawaii.  Former classmates don’t dispute that there were racial discussions at Punahou.  But according to Sharon Churcher of the UK Daily Mail Online  Barry Obama was not a part of those discussions.

The character in Obama’s alleged autobiography known as “Ray” in real life is Keith Kakugawa also disputes Obama’s self portrayal as an “angry black man”.  According to Churcher, the two had lots of long, “soulful” discussions but never about race.  What Keith does remember was Barry’s intense longing for his parents.

Obama recalls being “tortured” by fellow students at Punahau.  But school friends recall it a bit differently and remember Obama as a “spoiled high achiever” according to Churcher.

Traditionally works of fiction are identified as such.  In his preface to the 2004 edition of Dreams From My Father  Obama says he cannot honestly say that the voice in the book is not his or that he would tell the story much differently today than I did ten years ago (Pg.  4).

Chicago Tribune reporters Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker interviewed more than forty of Obama’s former classmates, teachers, friends and neighbors and came to the startling conclusion that “several of his oft recited stories may not have happened the way he has recounted them.” 
While the mainstream media loves to rhapsodize about Barack Obama’s Remarkable Journey™ what deserves more attention is the psychology of the man who is now the most powerful person in the world.  Actually it would have been more useful had the mainstream press been willing to give some serious thought to Obama’s mental health before November 4, 2008.

The press is thoroughly enchanted with the Obama biracial, multicultural extravaganza of a life story so it is no surprise that the actual facts are far from the romantic fairy tale the media has confabulated.  Instead when we examine Obama’s childhood and adolescence we find abandonment, chaos, alcoholism and abuse along with an excruciating quest for identity that has not been resolved.

The chaos started long before Obama was born.  His maternal grandfather was so disappointed at the birth of a daughter rather than the son he longed for, he actually named the baby girl after himself.  One can only imagine what elementary school is like for a little girl named “Stanley”.  She eventually became known by her middle name, Ann.  What is the effect on a child knowing you were a disappointment to your father right out of the womb?

Ann married Barack Obama’s father, the focus of his “autobiography”.  Barack senior abandoned the family before the child was two years old.  According to Churcher, Barack senior was not exactly father of the year.  He is described as a “drunk and a bigot” who was a cruel man, prone to drunken rages.  Time reporter Amanda Ripley says Ann filed for divorce from Barack senior in 1964 citing “grievous mental suffering” as the grounds.  That may have been the standard grounds for divorce in those days. But Barack senior’s third wife, Ruth claimed he beat her brutally in drunken rages.  Churcher describes Barack senior as an abusive bigamist and womanizer.  Obama blames “racism” on both sides for the demise of his parents’ marriage.

Most of us will admit to doing less than sensible things when we were young and in love.  But young Ann Dunham took it a bit further than sending a few really dopey Hallmark cards.  Ann met Indonesian Lolo Soetoro and married him when Barry was about six years old.  Starting a new life with a new husband is one thing but dragging a young child to a Third World country is quite another.

Jakarta, Indonesia in the 1960’s was a harsh place for a child.  Not much of an infrastructure and staggering inflation which was creating shortages.  Indonesia was a violent place in the era following hostilities with the Dutch.  Not exactly the white picket fence kind of place.

Life was hard for little Barry Soetoro in Indonesia.  According to Sharnberg and Barker, Barry was “teased mercilessly” by the other kids.  Obama now claims he became fluent in Indonesian within six months but his teacher recalls it differently and claims he “struggled greatly” according to Sharnberg and Barker. 

Ann eventually left Lolo Soetoro and Obama went to live with his grandparents when he was ten.  After that he would see his mother only sporadically as she pursued her own interests.  The Dunhams were the closest thing to a stable family young Barry would have.  The only reliable breadwinner in the family, Madeline Dunham managed to work her way from secretary to bank vice president which was quite an achievement in her day.  Her hard work and discipline enabled Stanley to devote himself to being a slacker.  It has been said that Stanley was fond of telling tall tales himself.

Another one of Barry’s splendid adult role models was communist, poet, alcoholic, sexual deviant and fomenter of racial hatred, Frank Marshall Davis.  Cleverly disguised as “Frank” in Dreams, we learn that young Barry was treated to Davis’ counsel on numerous occasions.  Dear Grandpa Stanley, blessed with an inordinate amount of free time thanks to his wife’s hard work, enjoyed whiling away the hours with Davis, drinking and smoking pot. 

Davis was an open supporter of the Soviet Union and his influence on Obama is hard to miss.  The poet also admitted to writing a pornographic novel under the pseudonym of Bob Greene in which the protagonist seduces a 13 year old girl.  Davis claimed he had changed names and identities but the novel was based on actual experiences.  To clarify the depth of Marshall’s perversion:  he actually believed sex with a 13 year old child would be in the child’s best interests.  He graciously spared her the sting of rejection and made certain her earliest sexual experiences would be with the maestro himself, according to Toby Harnden in the Telegraph.  Davis also proudly proclaimed himself bisexual,  a voyeur and exhibitionist who wished he’d had two penises.

Davis was an important mentor to Obama and shared his special version of how to improve race relations:  “never trust white people”.  Davis died in 1987 but was eventually replaced by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

When children experience overwhelming trauma, they protect themselves as best they can with a variety of defense mechanisms.  There is no question that life for little Barry Soetoro was traumatic, full of chaos and abandonment as well as genuine fear.  The adults in his life betrayed him and taught him hate and mistrust.  Otto Kernberg, in his research on narcissism states it evolves as a defense against a cold and unsympathetic parent.  The child withdraws part of himself from the unavailable parent and turns it back towards himself creating a grandiose sense of self.  Healthy emotional development was just not possible in young Barry’s environment.  In Toxic Parents, Dr. Susan Forward describes the “Golden Child” who compensates for feelings of inadequacy by seeking external awards and accolades rather than his own inner confidence.  Golden Children are commonly found in alcoholic families.

It takes a bit of narcissism to wake up in the morning and think:  “Hey, I really ought to be leader of the free world”.  Coming to such a conclusion in the fourth grade is, to say the least, ambitious.  Having some narcissistic traits does not a narcissist make.  However, according to the 
Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, grandiosity is the most important single trait in narcissism.

Could they mean something along the lines of creating the “Office of the President Elect” and grand speeches in Germany?  Obama’s Messianic image of himself?  This is disturbingly common among cult leaders including David Koresh who had “messiah” printed on his business cards. 

Narcissists are also thin skinned and unable to tolerate any form of criticism.  Obama has been quick to lash out at private citizens, including Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and his administration makes no secret of their wish to shut down talk radio, the one reliable outlet for criticism of the government.

Obama’s grandiosity is striking.  It’s in his body language and posturing.  It’s in his derisive comments about “bitter clingers”.  In office, Obama has demonstrated early on his sense of entitlement and his belief that he is above the law.

Narcissists can be dangerous.  They lack the capacity for empathy.  Bill Clinton is a narcissist who learned to mimic normal emotions and convince people he felt their pain.  In the words of Peggy Noonan, Clinton is a “great actor”.  A narcissist needs a constant source of narcissistic supply.  They need the constant attention and accolades.  Cutting off the narcissistic supply feels life threatening to the narcissist.  Many wife abusers are narcissists who fly into rages when they perceive a threat that would cut off their supply.  This is why so many women are abused and killed when they make the decision to end the relationship. 

Barry Soetoro suffered through a traumatic childhood.  He didn’t get the stable, nurturing, loving parents he needed.  But lots of people overcome childhood trauma and live healthy happy lives.  What we need to be concerned about is Obama’s lack of insight into his own issues.  In Dreams, he falls into the typical pattern of idealizing his absent parents rather than confronting the reality of who they were and how they treated him.  At no point does Obama acknowledge that his childhood caused him any problems instead he projects his rage onto white people.  Every bad break, including his parents’ divorce was caused by “racism”.

This is not a man in touch with external reality.  The rage is certainly justified, he was gypped out of a normal, stable childhood.  We can all feel angry and sad for what little Barry Soetoro endured.  But we cannot ignore how much distance Obama has from reality.  He could have called Dreams from My Father a work of fiction.  But that would require that he knew it was fiction.

The truth about No Drama Obama is that his early life was perpetual drama which did plenty of damage.  What is most disturbing is his failure to deal with it.  People do recover from early trauma and abuse but only if they acknowledge it and allow themselves to experience the feelings that they had to block when they were too little to manage them.  Eventually the experiences have to be integrated into the adult personality and not infrequently abuse survivors benefit from professional support.

The current leader of the free world is not in touch with reality.  The toady press gleefully accepts his fabrications and denials.  And mental health professionals have shown a remarkable lack of curiosity about the mental health of the President of the United States.


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