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Be careful who you choose as the Republican nominee

By —— Bio and Archives--December 4, 2011

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I salute you, Herman Cain!  I salute you for your courageous stand against a relentless media that singled you out for deletion in your quest forward to become our next president.


The attacks were indeed specifically targeted at you to bring about the end to your campaign as any person with a brain could see, through media manipulation of what was supposed to be a clean, balanced electoral process.

I wonder now, will we see any more of this nonsense in the media about these ridiculous women and their claims of sexual harassment? No. More than likely, we’ll continue to see the media fawn over Newt Gingrich, now that he’s the selected, preferable winner to take the nomination.

Gingrich arrogantly declared himself to be the winner as all of the dirty slander against Cain in the media, unfolded. If Gingrich, or any of the candidates running, or the media respected the process and had faith in the people’s choice to pick who they thought was fitting to hold the nomination, such comments would not fly.

Are the voters tired of the arrogant, smug demeanor exhibited by the established politicians from Washington?

The latest Iowa poll shows Newt Gingrich at the top, surprisingly Ron Paul sneaked in second, with Mitt Romney in third. Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann were tied for fourth with 8%.

Cain, who enjoyed top poll numbers, started trailing due to unfounded sexual allegations that also threatened to cause a rift in his marriage and family life.  The media had done their dirty job.

I will say that polls fluctuate and each candidate has the chance to move up or down in the polls. But they all should be afforded the chance to make their mark before the voters have their say come election day.  If the media was fair about the election process, it would give ALL the candidates fair time in presenting their ideas to the public. If it were fair, ALL candidates, including Herman Cain, would be on the ballot!

The media swears that support that Cain incurred while in the race will go to Newt Gingrich.

As if they can read my mind or yours?!  HA!

Newt Gingrich is a Washington insider and FAR from the candidate Herman Cain, the businessman, was.  How is it the media automatically assumes I will flock to the Gingrich camp?

Gingrich has displayed arrogance.  Herman Cain was humble but tenacious and bold to fight back attacks in the media from unscrupulous women.  Both men differ in many ways.

Cain has suspended his campaign.  Regardless of if he will be on the ballot or not, legitimately, he was a candidate in the race for the GOP nomination who endured as long as he could and deserves to know that what he has presented before the American public was heard loud and clear, and that we stand behind him.

I will not float to any other candidate just because Herman Cain has decided to suspend his campaign.  Cain is still active articulating his message; he is not a quitter by any means. He was forced out by the establishment. And so, now, are we to pick from among the candidates left who embody the establishment to the letter?

The people DO have a voice. We can make a difference, by doing things differently. If things stay the same, and we continue like sheep to do things the way they have always been done… holding our noses and voting for the lesser evil, things won’t change.

This voter is seriously considering Herman Cain as a write-in during the primary elections.


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