Terrorists' constitutional rights

Bill S-7

By —— Bio and Archives--April 30, 2013

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The federal government’s Bill S-7 is causing some concern about suspected terrorists being denied their constitutional right to be considered innocent until proved guilty.


No need to be concerned, this so called right was and is a a fallacy.  People who have spent months, even years, in prison awaiting trial could hardly be deemed innocent. If an accused person is not considered a danger to the public or likely to abscond he/she should be released on their own recognisance. (bribing the court to be released, also known as bail, should be abolished).  If considered dangerous or likely to abscond a suspect should be held in a detention centre (not prison)  until his/her trial. Regardless of the crime they are charged with, accused persons are really suspects until proved guilty or innocent.

William Bedford


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CFP “Poet in Residence” William Bedford was born in Dublin, Ireland, but has lived in Toronto for most of his life.  His poems and articles have been published in many Canadian journals and in some American publications.

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