United States of America will be radically transformed beyond all recognition

Change?  You Have No Idea.

By —— Bio and Archives--October 11, 2008

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If Obama is elected President the United States of America will be radically transformed beyond all recognition.  Obama, with a Democratic Congress rubber-stamping his agenda, will so quickly and radically steer the country to the extreme left that we’ll all have whip-lash.


In my last article I discussed the racial bigot, reverend “God Damn America” Wright, and homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers—both guilty of traitorous behavior and speech.  Both of them close friends of Obama.  (Yes, I know that Obama acts like Wright’s racist anti-American rhetoric is a huge surprise to him, and he claims to barely know Ayers.  I don’t believe Obama—simple as that).

Like some devious fifth column infiltrator, Obama has left little in the way of a paper trail, but let me briefly discuss a few more of Obama’s associates.  You would do well to look up more information on each of these individuals.

Frank Davis—Obama’s uncle; Communist Party member, and self-proclaimed child molester.

Dr. Khalid al-Mansour—Allegedly, helped get Obama into Harvard; wrote such books as “The Destruction of Western Civilization as Seen Through Islam,” and “The Challenges of Spreading Islam in America.”

Obonga (Ray) Obama—Obama’s half-brother and an Islamic radical.

Raila Amollo Odinga—Obama’s cousin, radical Muslim, and current Prime Minister of Kenya.  Some of Odinga’s Islamic supporters burned down a Christian church –with fifty Christians locked inside it.  Obama’s support for Odinga is well documented.

Saul Alinsky—Obama and his wife often quote him. In his book, “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky wrote “Lest we forget [to acknowledge] the very first radical: ...the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he…won his own kingdom—Lucifer.” 


Given his questionable background and associations with radicals and extremists of various kinds, Obama would not qualify for a U.S. security clearance.  But he can run for President.

Is there something in the water?  What are people thinking, or more to the point, why are they not thinking?

A sheriff in Florida is under investigation for using Obama’s full name—Barrack Hussein Obama.  You can’t talk about Obama’s Islamic heritage and connections; you can’t talk about his ties to black racists; you can’t speak his full name.  All this before Obama’s elected President.

Change?  You have no idea.


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