If you enjoy these "Democrats shooting themselves in the foot" type stories, then permit me to point you toward the Anwan brothers, who worked for many Democratic members of Congress over a twelve-year period

Clearing the Air Around Seth Rich

By —— Bio and Archives--May 31, 2017

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If the idea, or argument, or reality has become that if you wish to disobey the law, if you wish to be above the law, then you must seek political office—then only those with the worst motives will end up with the most power over us. And for any rational, decent, moral human being that is an unbearable situation.—Stefan Molyneux “The Truth About Seth Rich

This article will not present any new material regarding the murder of Seth Rich. What it will do is present some of the more important information pertaining to the case in a way that hopefully untangles some of the threads surrounding the issue, and present them in a clear, concise, and easily grasped format.


First of all, we need to acknowledge that the whole “Trump colluding with the Russians” nonsense is merely smoke ‘n’ mirrors razzle-dazzle bulls—t. So, off the bat we toss out the Democrat’s Russian red herring (pun noted).

Which leaves us with what? It leaves us with the fact that the Democratic Party suffered four serious individual leaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. They were, in no particular order”

Those are the leaks—who were the leakers? According to George Webb, who has done extensive research into this matter, there are at present three main persons of interest:

  • Eric Braverman (former CEO of the “Clinton Foundation”)
  • Shawn Lucas
  • Seth Rich

George Webb recently told Doug Hagmann of the “Hagmann & Hagmann Report” that Eric Braverman is the only one of the three people listed above who had access to all of the Democratic leak sources. That in itself doesn’t prove a thing, just saying….

Shawn Lucas died on August 2, 2016, of an ill-advised (i.e. overdose) combination of Fentanyl (synthetic opioid), cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant), and mitragynine (AKA kratom—a stimulant/sedative). Reportedly, friends have said that he was not known to take drugs.

Seth Rich was murdered in Washington DC on July 10, 2016. The police called it a botched robbery attempt, despite the fact that “his wallet, cellphone, keys, watch and necklace were all left on him.” Why in the world would the police call it attempted robbery when Rich was not robbed of anything? Are the police in DC psychic or something? I can only surmise that after having been shot twice in the back, calling Rich’s death a suicide would have been a stretch even for the DCPD.

The above four leak sources and the three “persons of interest” I named do not, of course, have a d—n thing to do with Russia. They do, however, lead directly to Julian Assange and “Wikileaks.” But according to George Webb (who has been “in the loop” with this sort of stuff for many years) Assange and “Wikileaks” should not be considered the end-game in all this.

I met Julian Assange in Australia in 1984 when he was a kid. He is a piece of the puzzle, but he is not the whole puzzle. This thing is bigger than Julian Assange, and I’ll just leave it at that.George Webb

So that’s it, that is really my main purpose in writing this article—to state clearly the four main sources of the Democratic leaks and the three main candidates (at present) for being the leakers. There is no Russian connection, and all of the “persons of interest” were Democratic operatives.

The fact that the Democrats and their various media propaganda venues are frantically, even hysterically, denying any connection between Seth Rich and the leaks leads me to conclude that he was indeed at least one of the leakers—I’d bet the farm on it.

If you enjoy these “Democrats shooting themselves in the foot” type stories, then permit me to point you toward the Anwan brothers who worked for many Democratic members of Congress over a twelve-year period. It’s a story that has international intrigue, treasonous activity, skullduggery, Democratic culpability and gullibility…you’ll love it.


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