The whole "global warming" myth is a scam, a fraud, and most significantly, a crime

Climategate Criminals, and Getting Our Money Back

By —— Bio and Archives--November 27, 2009

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image“They are not merely bad scientists — they are crooks. And crooks who have perpetrated their crimes at the expense of British and U.S. taxpayers.

I am angry, and so should you be.” —Lord Christopher Monckton November 23, 2009

In a recent article, Lord Monckton pointed out that, far from suffering from global warming, the planet has experienced “rapid and significant cooling” over the past nine years.

That bears repeating.  Over the past nine years the world has experienced “rapid and significant cooling.”  There has been no global warming—it is a Big Lie.

The whole “global warming” myth is a scam, a fraud, and most significantly, a crime.

We need to start throwing some of the people responsible for this outrage into jail.  And we need to start suing to get our money back, and stop this swindle by corrupt politicians, Marxist ideologues, and their dupes.

I say “Marxist ideologues” because behind the veneer of Progressivism, Communitarianism, Statism, Global Collectivism, et al., is an agenda that is rooted in Marxist/Communism.

When the Cold War ended, the old bugaboo of Communism didn’t just go away—it hid for awhile, and then reemerged in new clothes.  People wearing those “new clothes” are now running the U.S. government, and “we the people” are increasingly waking up to that fact.

In the “boiled frog” scenario, a frog in a pot of water is cooked to death if the temperature is slowly increased by small increments, but jumps out of the pot, if the temperature is abruptly increased.

America was being “boiled alive” quite nicely, thank you, until the Obama Administration came along and cranked up the heat.  Now the “frog’s” awake—and wants to get the heck out of the pot.  Our lives depend on it.

These wolves in sheep’s clothing are hell-bent on “social justice,” “sustainable development,” and “redistributing wealth.”  They are dedicated to wiping out America’s middle-class, destroying America as a world power, and installing a repressive planetary regime that will quash individual liberty, and freedom of expression.

One of the chief ways that they are going about doing this, is through crippling America’s production capacity, by making it exorbitantly expensive, illegal, or impossible, to produce food and goods. 

Agenda 21, Carbon Credits, Global Warming Scam

The Cap and Trade bill is designed to put the finishing touches on a process already well underway, via the UN’s Agenda 21, and laws enacted because of the “global warming” scam.

Corporation shareholders should be insisting that their CEOs instigate lawsuits to recover funds paid for “carbon credits” and other expensive nonsense. 

Taxpayers should be instigating class-action lawsuits to reclaim the money that has been misspent in various bogus “global warming” agendas.

And yes, people who were instrumental in propagating the “global warming” fraud, should be sent to jail.

The “global warming” lie, is the largest rip-off in history.  It is nothing less than the criminal attempt (largely successful) to defraud the public, and bilk us out of billions, possibly trillions, of dollars.

The LSM (Lame Stream Media) is doing their best to sweep Climategate under the rug—hoping that by ignoring it, it’ll just go away.  “We the people” must insure that it is put on the front burner, and stays there.

Let’s get out of the pot, and put them in it.

Laus Deo.


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