Encroachment of the HSS Mandate upon religious liberty

Coming Together and Going on the Offensive!

By —— Bio and Archives--September 23, 2013

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I have taken a self-imposed sabbatical from posting columns over the past couple of weeks because I have been living in conflict.  I know God is in control (in spite of what the faceless, gutless and narcissist Illuminati believe), but with the numerous attacks we face from the Illuminati, it can be challenging to see a break in the ominous storm clouds above.  Thank God for those who offer an opportunity to come together and go on the offensive.


Over the past two weekends, the Kansas City metro has been a gathering place for people of faith and patriots to gather to address the assaults being waged upon us by those within our government, and their puppeteers, domestic and foreign. 

The Covenant America (CA) Celebration was held on September 13th and 14th, and the Religious Liberty Summit was held on September 21st.  Sandwiched between these events was the annual Wyandotte County Pregnancy Clinic fundraising dinner.  These events have offered a clearing in the storm clouds above, if we have the courage of our convictions to act!   

Due to family commitments, I was unable to attend the Covenant America Celebration, but I have spoken to attendees of the event.  I also made the trek to D. C. for 8-28 in 2010, so I am aware of the overall focus of the CA event.  While those of us who live our faiths and champion our Constitution and Bill of Rights outnumber those within government and society who seek our republic’s demise, we do not speak with one voice, as they do.  We need to unite our considerable skills and passions to educate and motivate like-minded people into acting to rescue ourselves from the theft of our God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms.

The focus of the Religious Liberty Summit (RLS) paralleled the focus of the Covenant American Celebration, coming together and taking action to preserve our God-given and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.  The RLS was the brainchild of Kansas City attorney, Joshua McCaig, and was sponsored by the National Lawyers Association and Sioux Chief Manufacturing.

The lineup of speakers included an array of leading life and liberty attorneys from several states.  While heavily weighted with attorneys and individuals who are Catholic, including priests and sisters, devoted to all life issues, from conception to natural death, the summit included speakers, attorneys and attendees of other faiths.  Although the HSS Mandate appears to attack the Catholic faith’s position on contraception and abortifacients, no faith has a corner on protecting life.  In fact, the only way to defeat those intent upon imposing their agenda of legislated death upon us is for us, who are committed to the sanctity of life and saving our republic, to come together.  The theme was based upon unity and action, or, more importantly, unity in action.         

The encroachment of the HSS Mandate upon religious liberty was the galvanizing force behind this event, but all attendees realize this is only one attack against a naïve, distracted, even lazy citizenry that laments what is happening, but is loathe to take a stand for themselves and their progeny.  Also, of considerable concern, are the attacks by the IRS upon TEA Party and other conservative organizations, in an attempt to intimidate and threaten these organizations that oppose the actions of our government that threaten our rights and freedoms.  It was agreed that education is needed to rally the troops in the war being waged against us.  Ultimately, only when citizens realize that if they aren’t included within the decision-making process, they are also a target of the puppeteers, can we hope to enlist the support of all who need to re-embrace our God-given rights and liberties that are protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.                   
Circling back to Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Gail McWilliams speak at the annual Wyandotte County Clinic (WPC) fundraising dinner.  WPC offers an alternative to women of all ages, races, and creeds from the desperate ‘choice’ of abortion.  WPC has a mobile unit that offers experienced counselors, pregnancy tests and other services, in addition to a sonogram machine, so that a woman in crisis can see the life within her, both inside and outside of the walls of the clinic.

Ms. McWilliams’ and her family’s story is compelling.  Having had vision challenges during and following the birth of her first child, when confronted by her doctor that giving birth to her and her husband’s second child would render her sightless, she resolutely chose life.  She and her husband have five children, and yes, Ms. McWilliams lacks physical sight. 

Even though Ms. McWilliams cannot see what we see, she is blessed with a special vision of how we are to conduct ourselves.  None of us is immune to the challenges in life; this is part of being a human being, but we can control how we respond to the challenges we face.  The McWilliams family has rallied around her and each other, and Ms. McWilliams has become a successful author, speaker and radio show host.

The challenge for us, who enjoy the gift of sight, is to use our gift in learning about the attacks against us from within our government so that we can come together in repelling these attacks.  Those who seek our demise currently enjoy a sizable advantage on paper, but this does not mean that they are guaranteed the victory they seek. 

Don’t you believe God favors freedom, especially religious freedom?

We have one advantage that eclipses anything the puppeteers can deploy.  Don’t you believe God favors freedom, especially religious freedom?  If so, why would we abandon our efforts to secure what is rightfully ours?  With divine intervention and unity in action, we possess the resources needed to defeat the satanic agenda of the puppeteers.  Our first action is to invite God into our battle, and defer to His love and mercy in leading us against our Progressive foes.  With God, anything good is possible; without Him, all we need to do is research history to realize what our future will be. 

Rather than dreading the actions we must take, relish the opportunity to reprise the roles of our founding fathers, and ‘Let’s go get ‘em!’


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