Common Core must be defunded, and never allowed to destroy students’ educational opportunities

Common Core Conspiracy!

By —— Bio and Archives--June 4, 2013

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In discussing the many negatives and lies embedded within the Common Core curriculum with family, friends and acquaintances, it has become apparent that most people are fixated upon various, obvious aspects of Common Core.  Most people are missing the bigger picture!


As with U. N Agenda 21/sustainability, ObamaCare and every action taken by the existing regime, along with many of the actions taken by previous regimes, both Democrat and Republican, there is much more to Common Core than meets the eye.  Educational professionals within the private and parochial educational systems and the parents who send their children to private and parochial educational systems, along with homeschoolers and their children, need to wake up to the fact they are targets of a Common Core conspiracy.

The evil elites who have devised Common Core, U. N. Agenda 21/sustainability, ObamaCare, and other insidious attacks upon our rights and freedoms harbor a special hatred of our constitutional republic and religious faiths, especially Catholicism, Christianity and Judaism.  These evil elites hate the constraints imposed upon government by our constitution, and the morality, ethics and principles upon which our constitution was founded, protecting the citizens of the U. S. from an overreaching, tyrannical government.  The elites must always be in control, and, as such, God and our constitution are the enemies of these self-appointed elites.  It is time for us to ‘educate’ the targets of Common Core that they are in the elites’ crosshairs!

So, if you were a member of the evil elite, how would you go about eliminating God from the educational system and society?  Over the years, we have seen how prayer has become verboten within the classroom and in sports, and the Ten Commandments have been banished from many buildings and edifices throughout society.  For the evil elites, this isn’t enough, so they have had to devise nefarious methods to continue their assault against our constitutional rights and freedoms, and U. S. citizens’ faiths, especially with the younger generations.

How about devising a top-down thuggery within the educational system that not only facilitates the indoctrination of students into the same, deranged mentality that promotes U. N. Agenda 21/sustainability, but also leads to the elimination of those pesky private and parochial schools and home-schooling by ‘perceived’ religious zealots?

By standardizing testing across ALL spectrums within the states’ K-12 educational systems, at some point, parents are going to realize they are expending thousands of dollars for a curriculum that is virtually the same as that provided within the public school system so that students are prepared for the standardized testing.  As this reality is grasped, many, if not most parents will discontinue paying the extra costs for private and/or parochial education.  With the exodus from private and parochial emptying the classrooms, even those who are willing to pay the additional costs for their child’s education will find their school is closed, for lack of enough students.  Additionally, homeschoolers will become frustrated when they are forced to alter their teaching curriculum to prepare their children for the ‘state’ mandated testing pushed down by the Federal government.  Over time, private, parochial and homeschooled students will begin to be herded into the public school system.

Once all K-12 students have been surreptitiously forced into the public school system (does this sound familiar to ObamaCare?), God and innovation will no longer be included in the K-12 system within any state deranged enough to fund and impose the Common Core curriculum.  This will severely weaken the foundation of our educational system, and society as a whole, as traditional morals, ethics, principles and educational innovations within the classroom are further removed from our educational system. 

Once private, parochial, and homeschooling systems have vanished, the next ‘logical benefit’ for the collectivist Left with the imposition of Common Core is the elimination of any competing forms of education to the public K-12 education system.  As the public school system swells, the need for more public school teachers will swell as well.  Consider how this will greatly impact the growth of the teachers’ unions.  This will lead to the funneling of a ‘gusher’ of political campaign contributions to the Democrat Party, along with a larger pool of volunteers to support Democrat candidates running for office.  Can you hear the increased calls for raising taxes for K-12 public education?  It will be akin to the incessant PBS groveling for money.  Also, for those teachers who view teaching as nothing more than a paycheck, not a professional career to help mold children into critical thinkers and the best persons they can be, the unions will squelch any efforts to grade teachers by how their students perform, or fail to perform. 

As with anything political, all one needs to do is to follow the money to see who will benefit from the imposition of the unwanted, and surreptitiously and illegally imposed Common Core curriculum.  By overloading the system with multiple assaults, narcissistic elites are better able to ram their perdition upon a distracted citizenry.

Common Core is to the educational system what ObamaCare is becoming to our healthcare system and the resulting options.  Of course, the puppeteer-controlled media are positioned to provide the cover needed to ram this excrement curriculum upon our students and society. 

If you live within a state in which members of the state legislature are serious about ensuring that students have options for education, and are protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, you need to band together with other, like-minded parents and teachers to save our students from the evil elite.  Public education teachers who cherish their profession and respect their students need to band together with private and parochial teachers and the parents of private and parochial students, along with homeschoolers, to demand that their state legislature defunds Common Core in its entirety.  Legislators need to grow a spine and refuse to be bullied by the teachers’ unions within the state, and the woefully uniformed chambers of commerce and businesses that support the ominous Common Core curriculum.  Local elitists have infiltrated many chambers of commerce.  Many of these local elites have bitten into the Common Core apple, sentencing students to ever worsening educational standards as the indoctrination of our students is ramped up. 

Equally important is for concerned parents, teachers and politicians to refuse to be intimidated by media bullying.  Bullying is a hot topic within children’s lives and society as a whole.  A lot of elites and union leaders have a lot invested in ramming the damning Common Core curriculum through a corrupt system, and they will do anything to get their way.  If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, guardian, caring teacher, or someone who genuinely cares about a child’s education, Common Core must be defunded, and never allowed to destroy students’ educational opportunities.  May God intervene in helping us to repel this latest attack by elites who seek the elimination of God in our children’s lives and society as a whole, and the theft of our rights and freedoms through the ultimate destruction of our constitutional republic!


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