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Barack Obama is, once again, taking a stand against liberty and democracy

Comradeship:  Obama Adopts the Communist Party’s Position on Honduras

By —— Bio and Archives--June 30, 2009

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The Communist Party USA’s position on the recent non-coup in Honduras is markedly congruous with Barack Obama’s:

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) joins with the world in denouncing the coup d’état this morning against the legally elected president of the Republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, by the Honduran military, in which, according to a statement by the president’s wife, Mr. Zelaya was threatened and beaten before being sent into exile in Costa Rica.

  • The CPUSA denounces alarming reports of physical attacks by troops against the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in Tegucigalpa, and calls for protection of all diplomatic personal; and, if the reports of the attacks are confirmed, punishment of all the responsible parties for this gross violation of Honduran and international law. 

The CPUSA further: 

  • Demands that president Zelaya and other members of his government be returned to power immediately, and that the troops return to their barracks.
  • Demands the immediate release of all labor, community and student leaders who have reportedly been rounded up by the army, and the restoration of freedom of the press. 

  • Recognizes that the Obama administration has repudiated the coup, and insists that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton hold firm to this position, refusing diplomatic recognition and any military aid to Honduras until President Zelaya is restored to power.
  • Calls upon unions and other people’s organizations in the United States to actively support our brothers and sisters in Honduras in resisting this brutal military coup d’état.”

This should confound no one, since the Communist Party USA was publicly exhiliarated about Barack Obama as a candidate.  On January 31, 2009, Sam Webb of CPUSA gave a speech extolling the blessings of the Obama presidency and denouncing capitalism, which, according to Webb, exists to oppress blacks.  Leftists have no sense of irony. 

There was no coup in Honduras.  The government of Honduras functioned as it was constitutionally mandated to do.  Former president Manuel Zelaya attempted cling to ascendancy by circumventing the constitution.  Venezuelan tyrant, Hugo Chavez, operating as the Latin American David Axelrod, has been abetting Zelaya.  In a proceeding that could no longer happen in the United States, the Honduran Supreme Court issued an order to stop Zelaya’s efforts to go forward with his re-election referendum.  Concomitantly, the Honduran congress, unencumbered by a doltish speaker, proclaimed Zelaya’s efforts to become dictator for life unconstitutional.  The Honduran Army, acting on orders from the Supreme Court, dispatched the unharmed Zelaya to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.  Presumably, he wasn’t eligible for Uighur Island.

Obama, predictably, rebuked the constitutionally required ouster of the incipient oppressor for life. 

“Nevertheless, Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quickly issued statements saying that his removal was somehow a violation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. This was a clever ruse designed to disguise the fact that all of the major elements of constitutional power in Honduras, except for the increasingly unpopular and power-hungry president, acted on behalf of the people.” (Source

Last January, envisioning a future need to safeguard Obama’s diadem, the prescient Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced H.J. Res.  5: 

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.
Mr. SERRANO introduced the following joint resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

Passage of Res. 5 would assure that Obama won’t have to go through a similarly tumultuous crucible.

The President of the United States has disdain for democracy.  He has taken an anti-Israel mien, hectoring the lone democracy in the Middle East about capitulating to demands from terrorists.  Never mind that Israel has time and again succumbed to barbarians.  Obama sat passively while the people of Iran made a desperate entreaty for the president’s support in grasping their freedom . 

The leader of the free world has no problem cavalierly discounting the extermination of inculpable citizens, most of them young people.  Obama has broadcast that he is breathlessly awaiting a tete-a-tete with the depraved hellions. 

Other rapacious tyrants on Obama’s Face Book Friends List include Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.  Historically, Obama’s comrades have all been communists, including his Chicago mentor, Alice Palmer, a woman whom the perpetually duplicitous narcissist in chief ultimately hoodwinked for his own political gain.

Young Obamanutz are not aghast over Obama’s favorable sentiments toward communism.  They don’t recall the Soviet Union or Mao’s bloodbaths.  Socialism, communism, Marxism; none of these dogmas daunt them, due to years of being marinated in Ayers- based education

Jeffrey Folks writes about his time in Yugoslavia in the 1980s:

“Anyone who has lived inside the demoralized, unproductive, gray prison of a communist state, as I did in the mid-1980s knows to what depths of impoverishment the egalitarian fantasies of socialism inevitably lead.  They lead to decades of frustrated poverty and lifetimes of untreated illness culminating in early death.  I remember the columns of death notices for men and women in their forties and fifties that appeared in the local newspaper.  Gradually I learned to associate those death notices with the lack of fresh foodstuffs, the travesty of state health care, and the pervasive demoralization of an enslaved population drowning itself in cheap alcohol and cigarettes.”

The government of Honduras performed as it should, which is more than we can anticipate from ours during Obama’s hegemony.  Barack Obama is, once again, taking a stand against liberty and democracy.

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