Exaggerated and embellished-in-ObamaCare’s-favor poll in order to bolster the case for their government-run healthcare mandate

Congress Uses Sham Poll to Force Total Control ObamaCare

By —— Bio and Archives--October 28, 2009

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Liberal and leftist Congressional leaders have recently used what strongly appears to be an exaggerated and embellished-in-ObamaCare’s-favor poll in order to bolster the case for their government-run healthcare mandate—no it is neither a public “option” nor Nancy Pelosi’s consumer “option” but, it is no option at all. 


By design, ObamaCare would destroy private insurance in a very short time period.  And although the plan would not go into effect until 2013, We-the-People would be forced to begin paying for it as soon as Obama signs the bill.  This allows Obama & Co even more room to maneuver towards stealing even more of our money. 

ObamaCare is an increasingly Machiavellian plan geared toward the control of the bodies, minds and ultimately votes of the American electorate.  Leftist Congressional Reps and Senators are making the network and cable TV rounds quoting a recent spurious in not counterfeit Washington Post poll that reports that 57% of those polled favor the intentionally falsely-named public option. 

Note:  Virtually ALL of the other polling companies (including Rasmussen and even the left-leaning Gallup poll) show an ever-increasing number of the American people are against ObamaCare.  The severe—if not deliberately manufactured—problem with the Wa/Po poll is that it was heavily weighted with Democrats.  In fact, the numbers of those polled were 33% Democrat while only 20% Republican; a full 13% point spread geared to artificially bolster ObamaCare.  Leftist Democrats (aka Marxists or Maoists) and the Democrat-supporting media seem to love faking polls for their desired results—and then quoting said bogus results in order to manipulate the final results.  It’s part of a fun game for them!

Sadly, this fake polling is nothing new.  The fakery is used by the Left to attempt to influence both elections and their desired anti-human ‘causes’.  It is meant to provide additional ammunition—albeit counterfeit ammunition—for the leftist Democrat-run Congress to tell the American people that their bondage to the ruling elite is “inevitable” and that their fellow citizens want said slavery.  In other words, they are telling us “You may as well accept your fate of enslavement.  Your days as a free people with your US Constitution are now over!” The problem, of course, is that this message is an unabashed and unadulterated lie; that is if we choose to fight it. 

Washington Post has—again—relegated itself to no more than a lap dog for the boy-dictator

On the other hand, Rasmussen reported on 26 October that 51% of Americans are opposed to government-run ObamaCare and 40% of those are strongly opposed to it.  The numbers against ObamaCare are steadily on the rise.  Then, a recent USA Today/Gallup poll showed that 25% said they would support ObamaCare, 33% said they opposed it and 39% said that it will depend on what the final proposal looks like.  And the pro-Obama-virtually-all-of-the-time network CNN didn’t skew their results any more than a 49-49% ‘tie’.  But, like the New York Times, the Washington Post has—again—relegated itself to no more than a lap dog for the boy-dictator.

If the members of Congress continue to inflate their own importance and place themselves on pedestals of their own making while continuing to ignore the true desires of We-the-People, it may soon be time for the American people to revolt in a decidedly non-peaceful manner.  In fact, the time for those who would oppress and subjugate us is now running very short indeed.  I’m certainly not ready to be a thrall to those we elected to serve us.  In truth, I’ll never be ready.  Will you?

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”—Thomas Jefferson

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