Current Oval Office occupant will easily eclipse Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever.

Cult Leaders Make Lousy Presidents

By —— Bio and Archives--February 16, 2009

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Just a few weeks into his presidency and all indicators are that the current Oval Office occupant will easily eclipse Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever.  Nobel Prize to follow.  Space limitations don’t allow for a thorough listing of all Obama blunders so we will just look at a few.  There is the Revolving Door Cabinet of Chicago thugs and Clinton retreads.

We have the Turbo Timmy Geithner embarrassment.  We are treated to a near daily blather fest from the always incoherent White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.  Obama managed to re traumatize the families of 9/11 and USS Cole victims when he essentially punk’d them with his decision to release al Qaeda leader Rahim al Nashiri.  But the real fait accompli for the new president was the remarkable passage of that National Tragedy euphemistically referred to as the “Stimulus Bill”.  The largest spending bill in the history of the country was passed without a moment wasted to neither consider its contents nor be troubled by the high volume of phone calls, faxes and emails to elected “representatives” by outraged citizens demanding that this project be torpedoed at once.  Evidently the Obama administration has figured out that congress can really get things done if you factor out dissent.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Mars) refused to let Republicans participate in any discussion about this monstrosity.  To ensure maximum efficiency the administration took great care to make certain nobody in the legislature could possibly have read the entire bill prior to voting on it. 

Let’s look at the facts we know about Obama’s supersonic rise to power.  Even looking at them in the way most favorable to Obama, meaning we can factor out his long associations with a number of very bad actors.  Instead let’s focus on his accomplishments.  What exactly qualifies this guy to be Leader of the Free World?  He was a community organizer.  When I was a kid in Chicago my parents called them “paid agitators”.  Pretty good description.  His academic life is a complete mystery.  We have a disjointed quasi autobiography that raises more questions than it answers.  For example, why does a man in his forties who hasn’t really done anything need two books about himself?  His career as a lawyer was, to put it mildly, uninspiring.  Not known as a great litigator his only accomplishment there was his representation of ACORN challenging Illinois’ motor voter law.

He worked the Chicago machine to eliminate his rivals and get himself elected to state senate where, again he accomplished virtually nothing unless you are an infanticide supporter.  His mentor drafted a number of left wing bills and let Obama put his name on it to create the illusion that Obama was legislating.  His US Senate tenure was far less stellar.  Despite putting in 140 days of hard work, again nothing outstanding ever got accomplished.

We are told by the media that America really really really wanted to elect a black President.  If that were true and Americans wanted to use the United States Presidency as an Affirmative Action project there were a plethora of far more capable and qualified black Americans who could have been elected.

But he’s one heck of a speech giver!  So was Hitler.  So are cult leaders, tyrants, dictators whatever you wish to call them.  Women fainted at Hitler’s speeches too.  No we aren’t comparing the President to Hitler.  To do so would trivialize the Holocaust.  He is not going to slaughter millions of innocents.  But putting a cult leader in charge has consequences.  We need only look at Obama’s policies to understand the potential for serious damage.

Experts argue over the true definition of a “cult”.  We will deal with those questions in my upcoming book:  Obamanutz:  A Cult Leader Takes the White House.  Here’s one of my personal favorites:  “The purpose of a cult is to serve the emotional, financial, sexual and power needs of the leader.  The single most important word here is power”.  (Landau and Lalich, Captive Hearts, Captive Minds:  Freedom and Recovery From Cults and Abusive Relationships, 1994).  A definition is only as good as it is useful.  We can call it a cult or the older term, mass movement.  The net result is the most unqualified person in the history of the United States getting the keys to the White House.

While the Porkzilla bill is pretty astonishing, all of the attention allowed Obama to ignore a few other issues quietly running in the background:  while he was out trying to wreck the economy with his endless caterwauling about “catastrophe” he managed to completely overlook two (red) states suffering with real tragedies, Kentucky and Oklahoma.  Mexico is mere centimeters from collapsing into a Narco state while severed heads are turning up on lawns in San Diego, Lil Kim is saber rattling again and Iran managed to fire off a missile.

And in case you didn’t hear, the Obama Administration made an almost unfathomable power grab when it announced the plan to take the US Census away from Commerce and give it to the Little Ballerina, Rahm Emanuel.  Rahm’s close ties to Mayor Daley are going to be useful.  Nobody has more experience finding democrats who aren’t there.  This should be on every headline in the country:  putting an important, completely non partisan process under the control of Al Capone is not part of furthering democracy.

This, coincidentally is never the intent of a cult leader.  They’re all a bunch of lefties.  Eric Hoffer in his classic work on mass movements points out that contented populations are not vulnerable to being taken over by a mass movement.  A cult leader needs to find a population, large or small that is frustrated.  A cult leader needs an identified enemy along with the message of impending disaster.  In other words:  “The technique of a mass movement is to infect the society with an ailment and then offer the movement as a cure” (Eric Hoffer.  The True Believer.  NY:  Harper and Row.  1951, pg 54).  It makes sense that dangerous cult leaders and self appointed Messiahs have a way of coming from the left.  A true conservative values individual liberty.  Personal responsibility and freedom are the bedrock of conservatism.  When a true conservative leader faces tough questions, we have that divinely inspired miracle known as the United States Constitution.  The answers are always there.  By contrast, Obama has gone as far as to argue that the Constitution itself is a “rejection of absolute truth”.

The left identified the enemy as George W Bush, which was an easy one.  Now how to create catastrophe?  Liberals are genuinely good at that so when the economy began to wobble after five years of unprecedented growth it was like manna from heaven.

Or was it?  We can track the housing mess back to ACORN and the democrat’s Community Reinvestment Act and democrats refusal to provide any oversight to Fannie and Freddie.  That’s the easy part.  But suddenly we went from a housing crisis to an End of the World as We Know It™ crisis.  The MSM picked up the ball and ran with it,  heaving over all manner of Doomsday Scenarios if we did not elect The One.  And if we didn’t get Turbo Timmy in as Treasure Secretary.  There was even a movement to try to get President Bush to step down early so the Messiah could enter stage left and save us all.

Next it was the URGENT need to pass Porkzilla.  Sorry folks, no time for reading or debate, this is a CRISIS!

And when the peasants started to get a little annoying,  asking questions about the Messiah’s pork project Obama hit the road an did what he does best.  Actually it’s the only thing he knows how to do:  he went back into campaign mode.  And he did a spectacular job of identifying for us exactly the kind of people who are most vulnerable to a cult leader.  Young Julio of Ft. Myers doing his “I’m not worthy!” shtick provides us a glimpse into the psyche of a True Believer.

So in the true spirit of absolute tyranny we are now stuck with a monstrous transfer of wealth from the private sector to the government that will ultimately have to create economic disaster.  Workers can expect to see an additional $13 in their paychecks for awhile.  And this is the best of what’s in that thing.  As it eventually unravels, one shudders to think the kind of horrors we will find.  Make no mistake about it, this abomination was literally FORCED on us.  If that isn’t a dictatorship, what would you call it? 

So how does a man with such limitations take the White House?  Other cult leaders Hitler, David Koresh, Jim Jones rose to power not on the strength of their achievements but on their personal charisma.  This we know Obama has.  Another must have for an effective cult leader is oratory skills.  The MSM defines this as the ability to cause leg tingling. 

Of course it helps to have friends.  How interesting is it that Obama benefactor George Soros has such expertise in wrecking economies.  He made quite the name for himself when he tanked the British pound in 1992.

Then last fall along comes a run on money market accounts.  Coincidence, no doubt.  As were the peculiar patterns of short selling, another Soros specialty. 

And if one really wants to learn how to take over a population and create a mass movement who better to ask than one who has lived through it.  Soros grew up during Hitler’s reign and for little teenage Georgie, taking your kid to work day meant going door to door confiscating valuables from innocent Jews.  Soros eventually told Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes that he was not at all bothered by the experience.  It is also no secret that Obama was a star pupil of radical Saul Alinsky.

Interestingly enough Obama spokesperson David Axelrod told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Obama has decided to hit the campaign trail once a week and get out among the “people”.  Now that even some mainstream Obamanutz are dropping a few gentle hints that he may be ever so slightly out of his depth, Obama is going to keep those revival meetings going.  Any competent cult leader would understand that.

The question that is going to be asked in the coming months is not whether Obama is truly a cult leader.  The question will be now that this cult is fully operational, how do we stop it?  It is no small task.  Challenging True Believers makes them dig their heels in deeper.  It helps a lot to have a giant propaganda machine running 24/7 which Obama does by way of the mainstream media.  Rush Limbaugh (who as of this writing, is still allowed on the radio) said in an interview with Sean Hannity that Obama is “too big to fail”.  This is a non clinical explanation for the psychological need True Believers have to hang on to their fantasies about their cult leader.  But difficult is not impossible.  In the book we will look at a number of potential outcomes.  The one truth about cults or mass movements, if you prefer, is that the outcome depends on the character of the leader.

Joy Tiz ©2009


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