Will somebody please get a diaper for Schmuck Schumer's and Stainy Hoyer's mouth? Their venom is leaking out

Dems erupt in USA chant on House Floor after Hoyer gives fiery anti-Putin Speech

By —— Bio and Archives--July 19, 2018

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Dems erupt in USA chant on House Floor after Hoyer gives fiery anti-Putin Speech
Fox News reported: “Dems erupt in USA chant on House Floor after Hoyer gives fiery anti-Putin Speech”*

There was a time when I thought Democrats were just misguided socialists, but that quickly changed after I realized they were really snakes waiting to inject their poisonous venom into the very country that gave them comfort, wealth and power. What kind of animal bites the hand that feeds and cares for it? Only a viper would do that, and the Democrat party is a party of vipers -spewing their venom on everything we hold dear.


Moreover, the Democrats are known for lies and deceptions. “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Nothing the Democrats do or say can be taken at face value or as anything resembling truth. They are also a party of actors - pretending to be what they are not. They pretend to be patriotic Americans, but their actions prove they are really patriotic communists determined to destroy this country.

Democrats are certainly not patriotic Americans. They have done everything within their power to bring this country down. Democrats have been fighting for years to take all of our “God given” rights away and turn them into state granted privileges. They are currently working to take away our right to own firearms, and it won’t be long before they move to outlaw Christianity.

On top of that, they have fought to stamp out Christianity, and any morality that goes with it, for the past 60 years. The Democrats even voted to remove God or any mention of God from their party platform. They defend abortion mills, the mass murdering of infants, yet they claim to be caring humanitarians. And, the Democrat created and controlled Department of Education has taken away our children’s right to bring a Holy Bible into a public school. God is their enemy, and that makes anyone who believes in God an enemy of the Democrat party.

Since the Democrat’s past actions have all been contrary to the best interest of the people of the USA, and they put illegal immigrants over the American people, shouldn’t the Democrats have erupted with Viva la Mexico or Viva la revolucion? After all, they took Mexico’s side against our President on immigration. What does the USA have to do with the actions of people whose only claim to fame is they are pro-Mexican, pro-illegal immigration, pro-abortion and anti-Christian? Judging by the Democrat’s past actions, they fit the description of godless Marxist revolutionaries, not Americans.

In addition, Sen. Schumer demanded the notes from President Trump’s meeting with Putin to be turned over to Democrats, and he has called for the interpreters, who accompanied the President, to testify before Congress. He’s not anti-Putin. He’s anti-Trump and anti-America. Furthermore, Stainy Hoyer’s speech wasn’t aimed at Putin. On the contrary, it was aimed at President Trump and his supporters. Contrary to what they say, they do not have the best interest of the USA at heart, regardless of the phony shows they put on..

In conclusion, the Democrats always disguise the intent of their actions by putting on a phony show. The USA chant wasn’t in response to an anti-Putin speech, and it certainly wasn’t pro-USA. It was actually a planned anti-Trump rally that was disguised as an anti-Putin, pro-USA rally. It was just more manure from the experts of manure spreading. Schmuck Schumer and Stainy Hoyer just have a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth that affects most Marxist radicals. Will somebody please get a diaper for Schmuck Schumer’s and Stainy Hoyer’s mouth? Their venom is leaking out. 


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