Deunification of America: Divide and rule is being played out all over America

Divide and rule, the goal of Liberals

By —— Bio and Archives--June 25, 2018

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Divide and rule, the goal of Liberals
The recent attacks on Republicans in public places and the threats to President Trump’s children and grand children are examples of how spoiled brats react when they don’t get their way. They don’t care about the children of illegal immigrants anymore than they care about the President’s children. That’s just the current excuse they use to justify their vile, vicious actions. It’s not about children or immigration; it’s about undermining the President and destroying this nation. It’s about creating discord, dissent and rivalries. It’s about regaining power over the masses.


Moreover, many people believe that Democrats want illegal immigration to bring in new Democrat voters. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to the illegal immigration strategy than just bringing in more Democrat voters. The same strategy was outlined in the Protocols of Zion, and even the Marxist Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, knew they couldn’t take over and control a nation that is bound together by a common culture, language and religion.

In order to gain control, marxists must first divide the people into factions and create animosity between them to keep them fighting with one another. The end goal of the strategy is to break up the existing power structure, and prevent smaller groups of people from joining together to oppose them by creating rivalries and fomenting discord between the various groups. Racial, cultural and political discord makes it easier for the narcissist to manipulate certain groups and eventually dominate all of them. It’s a strategy that dates back to ancient times, and it’s called divide and rule. 

Divide and rule, from the Latin divide et impera, is a social and political strategy for gaining and maintaining power. The strategy uses any means available, including political association, national origin, race, gender, religion, language, social status, and culture to divide people into smaller opposing groups that are more easily manipulated and controlled. Illegal immigration is nothing more than a way to bring in diverse populations in order to create division. That’s why they want more diversity. Once the population has been divided into small diverse factions, they lose their power, and narcissists like Schumer, Waters and Pelosi gain the upper hand.

In addition, the left’s Marxist doctrine also calls for draining the wealth of a nation to weaken it and foment dissatisfaction and discord among the people. Providing an endless sea of poor illegal immigrants and giving them free healthcare, food, housing and money is a way to drain the wealth of this nation. Liberals use social programs for immigrants to drain the nation’s wealth. They don’t really care about illegal immigrants or anyone else. The proof of this is that older Americans struggle to survive on less than subsistent Social Security. Money that could be used to help older Americans is diverted to illegal immigrants. That keeps older Americans, who actually paid into the system, struggling along with the illegal immigrants.

If liberals really cared about anyone, older Americans would not be living like paupers. That proves that liberals do not care about people, and it also proves that socialism is nothing more than a means to an end. They want to keep the population struggling, and that’s why they want to keep people unemployed. We can see the result of their policies in socialist Europe. European countries that took masses of immigrants in are either financially bankrupt or very near it. On top of that, crime has increased dramatically all across socialist Europe.

Furthermore, the invasion of illegal immigrants serves to not only divide the culture but the language as well. It wasn’t that many years ago that every form of media in America was in English only. There were no Spanish language networks or newspapers, nor any form of media that catered to a specific race or ethnicity. In and of itself, pandering to an audience isn’t bad unless it’s used to create animosity and divide people by language, culture or race. In America, these organizations are used for that purpose - to divide or separate. On top of that, there’s no incentive for illegal immigrants to learn the language or adapt the American culture. They just bring the language and culture they fled from with them.

It doesn’t stop there though. Diversity to Liberals means bringing in religions that oppose the prevalent religion of this nation. I don’t propose shutting people out based on their religion, but I do propose shutting them out when they come here illegally, or if they come here to undermine our culture and identity. If they don’t want to become Americans, adopt the culture and learn the language, then they don’t belong here. They are not Americans.

By the way, when we see Mexican flags flying over buildings and people celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we know that they didn’t come here to become Americans. It’s obvious that they brought their national identity, culture and language with them. That’s like Americans moving to Mexico, flying Old Glory, celebrating the 4th of July and demanding to be provided with English language media sources and entertainment. If we did it, we would be called disrespectful and arrogant outsiders.

Finally, divide and rule is being played out all over America.  The divide and rule strategy started with Open Immigration Law Of 1965 when Jacob Javits, a Democrat, gleefully exclaimed, “open the flood gates.” That was the beginning of the deunification of America, and its goal was to divide the nation and bring it down. Unfortunately, they will succeed if we allow them to continue to keep us divided.


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