Culture and passion of Islamic radicals, fundamentalists and Jihad experts

Don’t talk about Muhammad or you’re dead

By —— Bio and Archives--April 21, 2010

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We already know the culture and passion of Islamic radicals, fundamentalists and Jihad experts.  They want an international caliphate going back to the 1920s. That means they want to control the world and have it run by Sharia law,  all other Religions and people submitting to Islam.


It has always amazed me just how shrill Islamic fundamentalists and leaders are.  Criticism,  challenges,  humor against or for is just not allowed.  By all means don’t you dare tell the truth about Muhammad or analyze his own words and life.  You might just die for that.  We all remember Theo van Gogh,  the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after putting out a documentary on violence against Muslim women. 

Even though it was an exceptional and honest film highlighting the regular beatings Muslim women endure, it was not allowed to shed any light on the huge elephants running through the bloody and bruised room.  Naturally,  van Gogh had to be punished so he was murdered.

Now,  ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s lives are being threatened because they dared to include a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit.  They were displaying typical,  South Park, off the wall humor as they usually do, but this time they dared to touch the untouchable….Muhammad and Islam.

Christianity and Jesus Christ is shredded, made fun of,  slandered, mocked and lied about practically on a daily basis

The unbelievable thing in all this is that Christianity and Jesus Christ is shredded,  made fun of,  slandered, mocked and lied about practically on a daily basis.  When people drop something on their foot and swear it is never ‘Oh Muhammad.’  It is always ‘Jesus Christ’  or ‘GD.’ 

It is now fashionable and a huge industry to mock Christians and Christ.  Just a few books out that come to mind on the New York Times as best sellers include:  “God is Not Great: Why Religion Poisons Everything,  Christopher Hitchens; “The End of Faith”  by atheist Sam Harris;  “The God Delusion”  by Richard Dawkins. 

Evangelical, Charismatic and traditional Christians are the classic poster child for domestic terrorist,  racist, bad Americans and hypocrites.  Too many movies, comedians and politicians to count have practically made a living condemning The Bible and Jesus, yet you don’t see an ocean of bloodied bodies lying around do you?

As a Christian, I grew up with constant mocking and criticism, especially as I grew up and tried to live a real, Christian life, although incredibly imperfect and deserving of criticism,  I didn’t sleep around and do the drug and alcohol scene.  I wanted to please the Lord and follow His teachings the best I could.  That meant loving those who despitefully used you and hated you. 

How is it that millions of Christians in this country and around the world are to put up with constant and vicious mocking, yet fundamentalist Islamics call for violence and death.  Theo van Gogh,  the Dutch filmmaker only dared to put the light of day on a real and very serious problem within Islam,  violence against Muslim women.  All of Islam should be horrified about this and should have celebrated Theo’s work.  Instead,  they murdered this truth teller.  Now,  the goofy ‘South Park’ guys are being threatened by Islamic radicals due to daring to use humor and showcase Mohamed as a Bear.  Is Islam so frail that no one can laugh, challenge,  or question anything about Islam or Muhammad?  Many women are beaten in Islam.  We aren’t to notice?  Many scriptures in the Koran and Hadith do read like racist, warring statements against Christians and the Jews.  We aren’t to notice?  Obviously,  people aren’t to tell the truth about Islam,  challenge Islam or laugh about and even rudely question Islam or it is a death sentence.

How sad and pathetic.  Try living the life of a Christian for a few days, some of you ever-so-sensitive and offended Islamics.


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