Internet, The ‘green movement’ was to be the linchpin for global enslavement

Gagging on Green Garbage

By —— Bio and Archives--June 18, 2010

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As every hunter knows, it is the wounded beast that is the most dangerous.  Humanity is now witnessing the final death throes of a hidden, monopolistic power structure that has manipulated science, government and the media for their benefit for far too long.  The end of the second Dark Ages is now upon us.


We stand, like Dorothy, in our ruby slippers and tremble before the great, the powerful, the bellowing Oz.  Today’s tale has the same cast of characters as that childhood fairy tale and, as the Good Witch of the North, I will identify all of these characters and their nefarious roles in today’s final hours of this nightmare.

Dominating our journey for truth are the two forces of evil, the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) and the pretended dichotomy of the Wicked Witch of the East (WWE).  The WWW is the monopolistic hegemony of our government-media complex, which orders their science servants to direct human energy in the direction of monopolists benefit.

The WWE is the communist slave state of China, who entered this power sharing pact to avoid certain destruction at the human urge for democracy during the Tiananmen Square uprising.  Together the monopolists have transferred the industrial base to empower their eastern allies and destroy the western democracies.  The only remaining power in the west is the power to manipulate the population with a tightly controlled media monopoly.

The ‘green movement’ was to be the linchpin for global enslavement

Our ruby slippers are the truth and the yearning for freedom.  The internet is the clicking of those blessed slippers.  The ‘green movement’ was to be the linchpin for global enslavement.  The ‘greenies’ are entirely funded by the monopolists to subvert the truth and defeat freedom.  Humanity has endured decades of this mindless assault.

This author’s childhood was wasted in an abusive blue collar environment where a cheap set of encyclopedias was as much science as one should ever dream to have.  I resolved that as an adult I would indulge myself in the wide range on science literature, in particular my childhood favorites, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

As an adult subscriber to both of these pseudo-science periodicals, I must now admonish them both for their unbelievably partisan endorsement of the Green Garbage Orthodoxy.  Popular Mechanics is the yellow science stepchild of the great Hearst Publishing history of yellow journalism and disgusting advocacy.  William Randolph Hearst was in every way the disgusting a robber baron that Orson Wells portrayed him to be in his epic movie, Citizen Kane.  The Editorial Board of Advisors for PM includes the discredited greenie mouthpiece Gavin A Schmidt of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. 

Popular Science was a Time Magazine property until January 2007 when it was purchased by the privately held Bonnier Group of Sweden.  Mark Jannot, the lame editor of this magazine admits in his July editorial that he is “a blinkered tech acolyte” and has a proven lack of objectivity with regards to the climate change issue.

The “East Anglia Event Horizon” occurred on Nov 19, 2009 and that day will live in infamy in the honest history of science.  Yet in the nine months since the ‘Climate-Gate’ disclosure there has NOT BEEN ONE MENTION of this event or any conflicting viewpoints to the AGW orthodoxy presented in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics.  Not a single letter to the editor in opposition, not a single mention of ANY other possible climate forcing factors.

This is not science, this is despicable political advocacy.  The July issues of both magazines are full cover spreads on the pending “Ecotopia” and the “Truth about Energy” and inside each are twenty pages of slick green garbage ready for public spoon feeding.  It doesn’t matter if the spoon is an infant sized, rubber coated safety-spoon, this is still a spoon FULL OF CRAP.

An even greater evil is the Rothschild owned ‘Reuters News Service’ and their late 2009 acquisition, the ‘Associated Press Newswire’.  Now the monopolistic nature of news is undeniable.  Now equally transparent is the faux democracy of the current political system.  Every presidential candidate for the last few decades has been a pre-selected and pre-approved puppet of the New World Order cabal.  When you own both horses in a horse race it is hard to lose, unless you pick a stallion with an uncontrollable libido.

World is Saved by Little Willy

William Jefferson Clinton was selected to aid the president and given a simple agenda, first pass government health care and then the Kyoto Climate Treaty.  Ever the silver-tongued slacker, Slick Willy delegated the health care issue to his acerbic spouse who hammered together in private a ‘Hilary Knows Best Healthcare Proposal’ that was soundly rejected.  The ‘Clinton Climate Collapse’ that followed was a completely unexpected blow for the monopolists.

The carefully crafted carbon caused climate hoax was to capitalize on the undisputed 30 year warming-cooling Earth cycle.  The 1996 approved Kyoto accord was to hit the US Congress in 1998, in time for the predictable heating maximum.  Then the government-media complex could alter temperature data and create hysteria for preventing climate change.  The draconian taxes would kick in at the same time as the natural 30 year cooling cycle, so our pain would be comforted because we were indeed, appearing to be saving the planet.

Sometimes it is the ‘little things’ that change history.  In this case it was Slick Willy’s little Willy. Slick Willy surrendered to Little Willy whenever an oval office intern appeared.  Cast as either a chubby pizza delivery girl or the devil in the blue dress, one intern did change history.  All of the finger wagging denials in the world could not change the deposit that IS by definition, sex.  This NWO puppet then expended all of his political capital to remain in office while Kyoto languished on the sidelines.

This silver-tongued devil was then followed by the next NWO puppet, the silver-spoon pretend Texan.  This mental midget was soon mired in the mismanagement of two wars and was too distracted to push the climate tax on a wary public.  The next NWO puppets had the task of pushing the previous Clinton failures of health care and cap-and-tax.  This time we are firmly 10 years into the 30-year cooling cycle and the science community has been awakened by the Climate-Gate disclosures and the transparent failure of the warmist hypothesis. 

Say it Ain’t so Joe

Now back to the wizard tale and humanity’s character, played by Dorothy.  Our Dorothy has one curious companion, the claimed independent, Joe Lieberman.  This NWO bagman now has two pieces of legislation pending.  The Kerry-Lieberman ‘American Power Act’ is a deceitfully titled carbon tax to fulfill the Clinton failure.  The ‘Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act’ is a Lieberman bill to give complete control of the internet to the White House and DHS.

We must now choose the proper role for this turncoat.  Senator Lieberman, who renounced the corrupt Democratic party to represent dear Dorothy, must now decide.  Is Lieberman the character with straw for brains, the one with a hollow echo where his heart should be, or is he the coward hiding in the NWO shadow ? ? ?

As a true Texan, I distain the blogosphere bludgeoning of an unseen opponent.  As one Joe to another, Senator Joe Lieberman please subpoena me to Congress.  I would be glad to tell you face to face what a thoughtless, heartless, coward you really are.  You are a traitor to the truth, to the American people and to all humanity.  Maybe you are not Dorothy’s companion after all.  Maybe you are just one of the hundreds of winged apes that pose as Congressional Representatives while they cater to the NWO and their K Street whores.  I’ll contact your office to give the correct address for my Congressional subpoena.



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