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GENERAL FLYNN & The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

By —— Bio and Archives--December 4, 2017

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GENERAL FLYNN & The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Team Mueller, special prosecutors extraordinaire established on the demands of the losing Party of Tolerance and Social Justice, charged General Michael Flynn, a temporary (transition) national security advisor to President Donald Trump, with a single count of lying to the FBI.

The Hope for Change is that Flynn will topple the Trump Presidency and reverse the will of The People and the election results of 2016 with his testimony. The hope is the astonishing delusion purveyed by the mainstream media that it is illegal or improper for a free US citizen, businessman, candidate, or transition team member, to speak with Russians about any subject they so choose - and also choose not to disclose that fact.

These failures to disclose include matters of national importance such as the ingredients of Russian dressing one may pour on one’s salad, or the best brand of Russian caviar and vodka, and even the latest shade of lipstick to be worn by Russian transgenders of the Democrat faith about to convert to Islam. And imagine this: even foreign policy and sanctions. The Logan Law, just to inform delusional Democrats, no longer exists and is not enforced. Moreover for liberals watching CNN, collusion is not a crime.


The people calling for impeachment might ask, was it illegal for Barack Obama in 2008 to send envoys to Iran to instruct them not to negotiate with George Bush; or to the Syrian dictator who murdered a half million innocent human beings and offer him American F16s with which he can attack Israel? That same Israel that destroyed Assad’s nuclear facilities with which he promised to destroy Israel? This, in the light that George Bush confiscated Ghaddafi’s and Saddam’s nuclear materials? Meanwhile, BO failed to do anything about Iran’s and North Korea’s.

Which part of the Logan Act did Barack Obama and Hillary as his SecState violate and how many years should they spend in prison for it?

Report 2008: Obama Sends Advisor Malley to Cozy Up to Egypt and Syria

President Obama’s Hypocrisy on Syria - The New York Times

Mueller’s Play could not have been more conveniently timed to distract the nation from the GOP’s monumental victory as it had, in spite of all, passed change on the nation that gives it hope for the second time in eight years. November 8th of 2016 was the first. The second is the Tax Reform Bill of 2017 that not just handed the biggest legislative victory to this president in half the time that the prior got his Obamacare passed, but also repealed Obamacare and its mandates, effectively having defunded it. Just in time as the O’Care House of Cards is collapsing around the Hope & Changers - as it also demolished Obama’s Legacy.

Which brings us to the nature of lies, or have I repeated myself?


What we have here is a former general who lied to Mike Pence and Donald Trump, admitted his lies and got fired for it within three weeks of his association with the team.

What we have here is a former general who lied to the FBI, admitted the lying, got investigated and then indicted for it. He is the liar who is now concerned with saving his skin if not his reputation, and is being coerced to invent “truthful” testimony against the president - or else!

What we have here is Team Mueller hoping to coerce believable testimony from an admitted chronic liar not even his mother would believe, and make that testimony stick, to become a new lie The People will believe.

Well, Democrats will believe anything. Don’t believe me?

Democrats will believe anything

They believed REUTERS and YAHOO and The New York Times that told the nation the days before the election that Hillary had a 95%, 85% and 85% chance, respectively, of becoming president.

Former Dept. State spokeswoman and Hillary aide Mary Harf: The Obama administration thought the incoming Trump Administration was operating inappropriately. She alluded to Russian interference in the American election process being behind the reasons for the inappropriateness that justified the unmasking. What she parroted however was the post facto talking points of the former SecState and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Obama Administration.

This story asserts, without any evidence, that Russia favored Donald Trump. It asserts that it is specifically because of Russia, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin that Hillary Clinton is sipping whichever alcoholic beverage is within reach in a Chappaqua kitchen.

It asserts that Donald Trump won the presidency by an almost forty percent margin because of communications of his staff, even himself, having used Cyrillic characters.

In other words, Vlad Putin managed during the era of Hope & Change to convince 63 million Americans to pull the levers for Donald, and also throw 1042 Democrat legislators across the nation out of office.

From another angle, if Trump officials may have met with Russian citizens or officials as a matter of routine or business, or traveling the world, or because they were in a line at a party shaking hands, so have thousands of you readers who will be indicted any day now. Just remember, if the FBI asks you anything, either tell them your mom’s true name or plead the Fifth.

In fact, Russia favored Hillary Clinton, specifically because Hillary and Obama gave the Russians everything they wanted, and the later sanctions and the throwing out of Russian diplomats at the end of the failed Obama presidency was a sham and a sideshow of little consequence.

Harf implied that the unmasking of Flynn along with over 240 other Americans whom Susan Rice ordered unmasked during the presidential campaign (and it does not include other unmasking orders from Samantha Powers, intel chiefs Comey, Brenner and Clapper) was “incidental.”

As language no longer matters in Democrat circles except when it is to their advantage, “incidental” may mean anything, or that the information arrived through illegal means was meant to interfere with the election of the winner and his winning party suddenly becomes legal because it was “unintentional.” And besides, it is not a problem.

Continued below...

That a thought crossed Obama’s mind during the height of a national election “that the incoming Trump Administration was operating inappropriately,” was not a problem.

What was a problem was that a thought crossed the new president’s mind that former FBI chief James Comey was planning to harass him and interfere with his presidency. They call that thought Obstruction of Justice.

In other words, any thought President Trump or his staff consider is a criminal offense; but any illegal activities the former president and his former SecState Hillary committed is “no problem.”

What also was not a problem—ever - was the Obama White House’s illegal violating of the constitutional rights of hundreds, possibly thousands of Americans through “incidental” unmasking, the illegal wiretapping of the Trump Campaign, and the evidence garnered incidentally through the wiretapping of General Flynn.

Aka, The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, which should be inadmissible in court.

That wiretapping of the political opposition was incidental just like Obama’s and Hillary’s statements the day after the US Embassy in Benghazi was razed and its staff was mutilated and murdered.

It was incidental and unintentional just like the testimony of the IRS and other Obama administration officials taking the Fifth after they had violated the constitutional rights of conservative organizations raising funds for the 2012 and 2016 election season, after they were targeted and then prevented from raising funds.

It was unintentional and incidental as thousands of Mexicans and some Americans were murdered by Obama’s Justice Department having armed Mexican drug cartels with weapons taken and/or redirected from law-abiding Americans.

Put another way, the losing party of the failed president on a justification of a fabricated narrative and fake Fusion GPS dossiers ordered the wiretapping of the officials of the winning party at their official headquarters.

The unmasking, incidentally, and conveniently, and unintentionally, continued AFTER the winning party of the winning president won the election, and handed the largest loss nationwide to the Democrats and their in-the-pockets media.

What was surprising was the General’s lack of expert legal advice during any interview with the FBI. He failed to use the left’s legal tactic against them: The Fifth Amendment, the use of which freed every Obama administration criminal after having testified in front of congress.


The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree:

“A doctrine that extends the exclusionary rule to make evidence inadmissible in court if it was derived from evidence that was illegally obtained. As the metaphor suggests, if the evidential “tree” is tainted, so is its “fruit.” The doctrine was established in 1920 by the decision in Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. United States, and the phrase “fruit of the poisonous tree” was coined by Justice Frankfurter in his 1939 opinion in Nardone v. United States.

Like the exclusionary rule itself, this doctrine is subject to three important exceptions. The evidence will not be excluded:

  1. if it was discovered from a source independent of the illegal activity;
  2. its discovery was inevitable;
  3. or if there is attenuation between the illegal activity and the discovery of the evidence.

Further, if the primary evidence was illegally obtained, but admissible under the good faith exception, its derivatives (or “fruit”) may also be admissible.”

Let’s make it clear.

  1. There was no illegal activity and therefore the discovery or the source of making the discovery—the unmasking and wiretapping orders—were illegal.
  2. The discovery was made through illegal activity and was not inevitable.
  3. There is no attenuation because the perpetrators of the non-existing illegal activity, the Witch Hunt, were unmasked on false premises. There was no detrimental collusion and cooperation suggesting politically-motivated activities of Family Trump with the Russians. Collusion or a conspiracy never existed, therefore making the unmasking itself illegal.
  • The unmasking was politically-motivated.
  • Team Mueller’s activities are politically-motivated.
  • The establishment of Team Mueller was politically-motivated.
  • All the fruits, as well as the tree, were poisoned.
  • And the American People are being poisoned.

It is this poison that the derelicts and anti-American criminals of the Deep State, the anti-American operatives at State, Justice and the intel community who had colluded with the Russians themselves throughout the entire period of the Obama Administration - we know them as THE SWAMP - are feeding the American public right now.

And, just a reminder for the Hope & Changers:


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