Trilateral Commission and other NGOs have worked so diligently to destroy the USA's power and prestige

Globalist Agendas, Black Presidents, and Unanswered Questions

By —— Bio and Archives--February 15, 2011

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image“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years.  ...It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.  But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.  The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”—David Rockefeller (from a speech given to the Trilateral Commission in 1991)


To paraphrase the above quote, Rockefeller is thanking various print-media propaganda outlets for keeping certain facts “under their hat.”  Facts such as how the Trilateral Commission and other NGOs have worked so diligently to destroy the USA’s power and prestige, and replace it with a global government run by a banking cabal and an “intellectual elite.”  (Link)

It’s a fact that the Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, et al., and NGOs like the Club of Rome, along with individuals such as George Soros, and Maurice Strong are involved in a globalist NWO takeover.  And puh-leeze no talk about “conspiracy theories.”  It is not a conspiracy, it is an agenda, and it is certainly no theory.  It is out in the open for all the world to see, if anyone cares to look.      (Link)     

“We the people” greatly outnumber the traitors in America (and make no mistake, an American globalist, under any banner, is a traitor to the United States).  Although the globalists may be vastly outnumbered, they hold much of the “high ground” in our government, media, courts, academia, and even the higher echelons of our military—all by design.  (Link)         
The fact that our government is riddled with these traitors is of the gravest concern, and much depends on the patriotism of those in the 112th Congress—especially the Republicans, and most especially the “freshman class” from the elections of November, 2010.  They have a mandate to get real; to get serious; to get real serious—real fast.  Which brings me to another point of this article. 

Not to belabor the obvious, but Obama’s mother was white, and he is therefore half Caucasian.  Which is, of course, all fine and good, but the question remains—is America ready to elect a 100% black man as President of the United States?  I believe that it is, and I also believe that Rep. Allen West (R-FL) would make a great POTUS.    (Link)

I realize that it’s a bit early to be throwing names into the hat for the 2012 Presidential race, but seeing as how West lacks the name recognition that most of the other possible candidates have, I figure he could use a little early, free publicity.      (Link)

Seldom has America so badly needed the type of strong, intelligent, patriotic leadership that West would bring to the office.  That he would also make a first rate Commander in Chief is a given—and after four years of Obama, you can bet the US will need one. (Link)

Another reason why I bring this up now, is because of a clip I saw on “The Factor” last night.  It showed the supercilious Bill Maher and his guests ranting on about how Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama on Super Bowl Sunday was—racist.  Racist!  I can think of a number of words to describe O’Reilly’s interview, but “racist” isn’t one of them.  To label his interview in any way racist, is such a stretch that it confounds logic and reason.  We are talking about the Far Left here, so I suppose it’s to be expected—still….  (Link)

The reason why I bring this up is because I believe that not only would Allen West make a great President, but his candidacy would also shine a glaring spot-light on the shallowness and duplicity of the left-wing’s vaunted love of blacks.  Let a black person stray off of the left-wing’s “plantation,” and they will turn on them in a heartbeat.  (Link)

If by some miracle a large number of blacks ever woke up to how badly the left-wing has used, abused, and manipulated them, and if they deserted the Democratic Party in droves, then the left-wing would show its true colors, and savage them—as they will savage West should he choose to run.  They don’t love blacks; they love blacks who “vote the right way”—“their” blacks, “plantation” blacks.  (Link)

In closing I might mention that another thing happened that caught my interest on “The Factor” last night—O’Reilly took another swipe at the “birthers” (“There you go again”).  For whatever reason(s), O’Reilly has decided to go down with the ship on this one—a “ship” that’s springing more leaks every day, I might add.  (Link)

To me the question has never been so much about where Obama was born, as “who in the heck is this guy”—why all the mystery and obfuscation surrounding his school records, passport(s), social security number(s), and yes, long-form birth certificate.  Why did he and his wife turn in their licenses to practice law?  There are a host of unanswered questions.  (Link)

It’s mind boggling that “we the people” know so little about the person running our country (running it into the ground from all appearances).  Aside from two self-serving “autobiographies” of dubious veracity, we have squat to go on.  Oh, I forgot, we do know he was a “community organizer” following in the footsteps of the Far Left Chicago thug, Saul Alinsky.  I think it is our duty as an informed electorate to know who our public servants are, and if that makes me a “pinhead,” so be it.  (Link)

Laus Deo.


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