When Nancy Pelosi says that it is immoral to build a wall, she proves she knows nothing of morality or, for that matter, God, The Book of Nehemiah shows that God protects His people. Whose people are we?

God Told Nehemiah To Build a Wall

By —— Bio and Archives--January 26, 2019

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God Told Nehemiah To Build a WallAfter the Babylonian Captivity, a remnant of Jews returned to Jerusalem. They had rebuilt their temple and now needed a wall for protection. God told Nehemiah, who was neither a priest nor politician, but a builder, to rebuild the broken walls around Jerusalem. The destruction and deterioration of Jerusalem’s wall exposed its people to harm and was a source of disgrace. A new wall would be a warning to Israel’s enemies. It would provide protection and dignity to a people that suffered the judgment of God but had later been restored. A broken wall left its people defenseless. It would allow enemies to enter and cause “great trouble” to its people. Rebuilding the wall showed God’s blessing in that he wanted them protected.


God knows well the dangers of this world. To think otherwise is irrational. Nancy Pelosi obviously either doesn’t care or is oblivious. When she refused to meet with those that lost loved ones to illegal aliens (enemies), I contend the former.

Anyone who reads scripture understands that we live in a fallen world. And as such we need to protect ourselves from those that would hurt us. An immigration policy that is organized that vets potential citizens or guests makes so much sense that disputing it or attempting to negotiate it downward makes absolutely no sense.

What we are up against is either astounding ignorance or blatant stupidity. In the January 22, 2019 edition of the Los Angeles Times, they said, “Terrorism isn’t a big threat anymore. So, why build a wall?” How about this? Our southern neighbor is a thoroughly corrupt, unstable country with a murder rate 5X that of the United States! Having not had a major terrorist attack lately isn’t because the enemy has changed their minds, it is because we haven’t changed ours. Thank you, President Trump. Being in Los Angeles, I would ask those at the LA Times to keep their doors unlocked at night.

No one anticipated 9/11. No one expected an attack on Pearl Harbor. No one expected Kate Steinle to die in her father’s arms from a gunshot wound in San Francisco from an illegal alien deported five times. No one expected a police officer to be shot and killed by an illegal alien during Christmas week leaving a wife and young son. No one expected an illegal alien from El Salvador to be charged with murdering four people in Nevada. No one expected to arrest an illegal alien for killing two elderly people in a home invasion/robbery in Reno just two weeks ago.

Europe didn’t expect the thousands of murders, assaults, rapes, robberies or the multitude of other crimes caused by un-vetted immigrants. I am thankful the Los Angeles Times is not charged with protecting me and my family.

The struggle that is being played out on everyone’s TV screen and thousands of federal employees’ lives is about maintaining a political party’s power with the casting of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, almost 100,000 in Texas alone, the satisfying of donors who demand cheap labor, the total unwillingness to accept the outcome of a presidential election and the prevention of Donald Trump from achieving his campaign promises…period! Public safety is not and never has been a consideration.

When Nancy Pelosi says that it is immoral to build a wall, she proves she knows nothing of morality or, for that matter, God, but has spent too much of her time and energy on politics and the acquisition of power. The Book of Nehemiah shows that God protects His people. Whose people are we?


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Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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