God still stands with arms outstretched, asking all who will to come to Him and be renewed; to repent. May America heed the call. Amen

God truly has shed His grace on thee America

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2011

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God is always imparting His grace. Even in the midst of tragedy and suffering.  But what if a nation turns its back on that grace and hurts the heart of God? Does He stand idly by and allow for sin to mount and we not give an account at all for our deeds?


In an article I wrote four years ago this month, I lamented the state of America and wished I would see a turn-around. I wished I would see those within our government whose hearts were not set on ambition, but governed fairly with honor—those who would do the will of God and the people of this nation.

With sin comes trouble.  As we say to the Lord Jesus by our actions, “I can do it by myself, I don’t need you, I want to live my way,” He steps back as a gentleman, and at the same time observes and even protects us, to a point. That’s where the grace comes in.

After a time, however, the Lord says, “enough is enough.”  When I mention sin, I don’t have to spell it out…we all know the hot political topics, the gross sin that has been tossed about in political discussions over the years that the Lord Jesus Christ abhors—homosexuality, abortion, lack of respect for life, etc.  It all grieves God.  What makes us think God will not judge sin?

We cry out to God only when we need Him and spurn Him in the good times.  God is not mocked! He wants your attention and devotion ALL THE TIME.  His life He gave for you.  His heart beats for you. 

The recent events, the East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene are indicators that the Lord Jesus is warning America—that it is naked without God’s divine help and providence. We are poor and wretched without Him. How many times must we ignore God and go about our own lives as if He wasn’t the one who was holding us up?

God has stayed His hand for a long while and watched as America slides more and more into immorality without shame.  Our country has slid into immorality as the Romans and other ancient empires have done. We all know what happened to such empires.

The Lord Jesus Christ has shed His grace on you America.  But now, where does America stand with God? What message will we give to Him as He is warning us and trying to get our attention?

God still stands with arms outstretched, asking all who will to come to Him and be renewed; to repent.  May America heed the call.  Amen.


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