I assume Piers will next want us to give up ribeye because it is not made of carrot?

Good Morning America host Piers Morgan: Why don't you give up some of your guns?

By —— Bio and Archives--November 1, 2018

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Good Morning America host Piers Morgan: Why don't you give up some of your guns?

Piers Morgan, one of England’s greatest proponent of civil rights, democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech, tweeted in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue attack where eleven citizens of the Jewish faith celebrating the birth of a child were butchered:


In other words, Piers, a proponent of human decency and law is using his First Amendment rights not guaranteed under the UK’s constitution to infringe on our Second Amendment rights guaranteed under America’s.

Also being as regularly honest as CNN has been during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, it is understandable that Piers was unaware of reality, one study conducted by the Rockefeller Institute of Government covering decades that shows mass shooters choose handguns over “assault weapons” by a 3 to 1 margin. Piers was also unaware that women too, may need or choose guns over the choice of being gang raped. They may especially choose ARs, even more than men might. Believe it or not, men can handle greater recoil than women, and accordingly comfortably shoot high power rifles and handguns, not just small bore weapons like the AR.


Piers wants America’s women to give up their home defense, varmint and target rifles. Fundamentally the AR’s .223 cartridge is a .22 - the smallest caliber in popular use. It is why they’re easy to use by women who need to defend themselves from violent felons just out of jail on their way to the Democrat voting booth. Piers thinks he’s doing America a favor by not knowing what he’s talking about, because the synagogue killer used handguns, and not ARs, to murder people: mostly elderly Jews in their eighties and nineties attending the synagogue whom, in the killer’s estimation, were taking over the world and the outer planets by next Thursday the latest.

The killer was a Trump-hater, and a Jew hater like much of the political left and the Democrat Party filled with antisemites. Even though the media portrayed him as a right winger. In fact, most political violence in the 90 plus percentile range are committed by the political left. More often than not, after deeper examination, law enforcement regularly finds that killers accused of being right wingers (they are few) in fact turn out in reality to be left wingers.

I assume Piers will next want us to give up ribeye because it is not made of carrot?


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