$100 billion in quarantine

Government Screw-Up Of The Day

By —— Bio and Archives--December 6, 2010

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imageActually, this qualifies and a monumental screw-up… maybe.

  A significant production problem with new high-tech $100 bills has caused government printers to shut down production of the new notes and to quarantine more than one billion of the bills in huge vaults in Fort Worth, Texas and Washington, CNBC has learned.

  The total face value of the unusable bills, $100 billion, represents more than ten percent of the entire supply of U.S. currency on the planet.


So, if the government couldn’t waste enough of our tax dollars, they had to make their own to waste and those dollars are worthless. Can things get any worse, or is there something nefarious afoot?


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Bob Parks is a is a member/writer of the National Advisory Council of Project 21. Bob’s websites are Black & Right and youtube.com/BlackAndRight

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