Feinstein's campaign accounts were "wiped out" in the accounting scandal that linked her to longtime treasurer Kinde Durkee

Great News: Michael Reagan May Run Against Diane Feinstein in 2012!

By —— Bio and Archives--September 18, 2011

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Those of us who miss Ronald Reagan and his staunch conservatism may find relief in 2012.


As reported, the Gipper’s son Michael may stick his toe in the water by running against California Democrat Diane Feinstein, who is well past retirement age, both in years and ideology:

“Michael Reagan, son of the former president, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s looking at challenging California Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2012.

A poll out this week showed Feinstein with the highest negatives in her nearly 20 years in the Senate. Results that would presumably give Reagan or any other Republican interested in making a challenge an increased reason to do so.

So far no Republicans have announced for the race. Reagan declined to answer further questions about his intentions.

This week it was learned that Feinstein’s campaign accounts were “wiped out” in the accounting scandal that linked her to longtime treasurer Kinde Durkee. The latest FEC filings show Feinstein with more than five million dollars in the bank, but it’s not clear how much of that money actually exists or when the campaign might be able to access its remaining funds.

Clearly, a woman who cannot keep track of her own campaign money has no business being in a position of power in these times of economic chaos and despair.

A Reagan victory in 2012 would help restore fiscal and social sanity after 20 years of leftist malfeasance at the hands of Diane Feinstein.

Reagan would also offset some of the Marxist insanity represented by Feinstein’s diminutive partner in crime, the unlovable Barbara, “Don’t call me madam” Boxer.

Run Michael, Run!




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