These questions haunt millions wondering if they will ever know WHAT HAPPENED at the Mandalay Hotel on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Scandal Forcing Las Vegas Tragedy off the Front Page?

By —— Bio and Archives--October 17, 2017

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For 12 days straight, Hollywood Harvey’s story has been hogging the news, leaving no oxygen for other stories unassociated with the burgeoning scandal.

Since Harvey Weinstein, ‘The Sexual Predator’ became the News of the Day, readers find only snippets about what went down in Las Vegas.

The mass shooting in Vegas, the deadliest in American history, took place on Oct. 1.  The Weinstein story revelation on Oct. 5.


Does anybody believe in coincidence any more?

There is no doubt that the timeline of the Las Vegas mass shooting has been jiggered:

“The company that runs the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has disputed the timeline offered by Las Vegas police for the October 1 mass shooting at the hotel. (LA Times Oct. 12, 2017)

“It suggested that very little time had elapsed between when gunman Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard and when he started firing on a concert crowd outside.

“The police timeline indicates that six minutes elapsed after security guard Jesus Campos was shot outside Paddock’s hotel room door before Paddock fired his first shots at the crowd, but MGM Resorts International managers said on Wednesday they are “now confident” that the timeline is “not accurate”.

“We know that shots were being fired at the festival lot at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after, the time Jesus Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio,” the company said in a statement.

“One crucial element missing from the hotel’s statement: what time Campos was shot, as opposed to what time he reported being shot.

“The statement confirms that Campos, who was wounded in a leg after Paddock fired an estimated 200 bullets through his hotel room door, may have reported a gunman in the hotel sometime before the massacre began at 10.05pm. It continues to raise questions about why it took police at least 12 minutes to reach the gunman’s floor when armed security and Las Vegas police were already in the building.”

Add to the Las Vegas snippets making it into a Weinstein scandal dominated news run,  are the not one, but two, Campos disappearing acts.  The first when he left the waiting room before scheduled network television interviews.  The second when he “disappeared” from a clinic he voluntarily entered to deal with the trauma of the mass shooting at Mandalay hotel. here

In getting to the truth, timing is everything.

Timing had a big hand to play in the revelation of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, both past and present.

Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations uncovered by the New York Times stretch over nearly three decades.

The Times finally came out with their scandal blockbuster on Oct. 4. Ronan Farrow’s story followed one day later in the New Yorker.

Why Now?

When was the last time the NYT moved to save victims from their heinous predators?

Says investigative journalist Jodi Kantor who wrote the story: “The Times has made a real commitment to sexual harassment reporting this year. My colleagues Emily Steel and Michael Schmidt did the Bill O’Reilly story and Katie Benner had done some really startling reporting on women in Silicon Valley. So basically we said as investigative journalists we can look at the whole pattern here, and not just focus on one individual woman’s experience. Let’s see if there is a pattern of allegations over time. (New York Times, Oct. 15, 2017)

“So the editors came to us and said basically: What do you think are the biggest untold stories? And I did some research and I did some reporting and, you know, the Weinstein story was intimidating. It was clear that a lot of people had tried it over the years. It was so shrouded in rumor. It was very odd because on the one hand it was kind of an open secret, but on the other hand, almost nothing had been documented.”


It has been reported that NBC spiked the Weinstein story, but why did the entire mainstream media wait 20-30 years to drag it out of mothballs?

What does that really say about an investigative mainstream media?

The Harvey Weinstein saga is one big story shot through with many puzzling questions.

For instance,  why did most women harassed by Weinstein remain silent rather than coming forward to once and for all out him?

Why did Weinstein’s brother, Bob keep mum over the years?

Some of the women making sexual harassment and assault charges against Harvey Weinstein demonstrated as raging activists at the Jan. 21, 2017 Big Women’s March, including actress Ashley Judd?

Yet when Judd had the microphone, she went after newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump, accusing him of lusting after his own daughter, instead.

Did nothing during the Women’s’ Day March, called to put the abuse of women on public display, trigger memories of her sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein?

Why is it that many accounts of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment stories suddenly veer off in the telling, to Donald Trump?

Were rumors of Weinstein going bankrupt swirling before the NYT published their blockbuster?

Did an impecunious Weinstein make it easier for women sexually harassed by him, to no longer see the need to remain silent in order to keep their careers intact?

Will a post-rehabilitation Weinstein one day hit the speaker’s circuit to lecture about politicians in the Republican Party getting away with being sexual harassers?

When Weinstein voluntarily turned himself in to an Arizona Rehabilitation Center, shouldn’t the Las Vegas massacre story have been returned to its rightful place as leading Story of the Day?

Why does the MSM allow Hollywood to hog so much of the news?

Most importantly, why did the Harvey Weinstein scandal surface in the NYT just four days after the Las Vegas tragedy?

These questions haunt millions wondering if they will ever know WHAT HAPPENED at the Mandalay Hotel on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017.


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