He bet a quarter billion to bully, damage, and hopefully to destroy this president, and paid $18 billion for it. Who is laughing now?

He Was The World's Richest Man

By —— Bio and Archives--April 4, 2018

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He Was The World's Richest Man
Jeff Bezos, the chief of AMAZON, purchased the Washington Post for $250 Million.  This figure translates for the mathematically inclined to a quarter billion dollars.

REUTERS reported:


Bezos agreed to buy the Post and a handful of other newspaper assets from the Washington Post Co for $250 million. Going by the valuations of other newspaper deals and publicly traded media companies, though, the Washington Post would have been worth closer to $60 million.

The average sale of a metro U.S. newspaper has commanded a valuation of 3.5 to 4.5 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), according to Reed Phillips, managing partner of the media investment bank DeSilva and Phillips.

Morningstar analyst Liang Feng estimated that the Washington Post’s newspaper division posted EBITDA of $15 million last year, not including pension liabilities. Washington Post CEO Donald Graham said the newspaper division was profitable last year but declined to give a figure.


Bezos, a virulent Trump hater, used the Washington Post, a paper of repute at one time, to perform regular, predictable and malevolent daily blitzkriegs on the candidacy, and after he was elected, on the presidency of the man We, the People, elected to the nation’s highest office, his family, his associates, his policies, and his ideas. In other words, Bezos and the Washington Post colluded, cooperated and conspired with the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and their friends, and are complicit in, an ongoing coup. They are complicit in the violation and obstruction of American democracy and the election process. And treason.

In fact, Bezos has single-handedly wronged the president and his family more, and has gone further to harm them, than almost anyone other than CNN with which the paper had allied itself. It hired dozens of reporters to dig dirt up on Trump - and zero reporters to dig dirt up on Hillary. The Washington Post’s front pages even today are replete with fake news and Trump bashing, one article after another. The paper was at the forefront of publishing leaks, almost daily, and then spinning the contents of and editorializing about them to make all matters Trump appear unfavorable, disorganized and in chaos, and corrupt. It was among the first proponents of the now-discredited Russian PP Dossier and in defense of the intel agents who broke many federal laws to get forged warrants to surveil, wiretap, obstruct and interfere with the democratic process and the nation’s election laws. It defended the violations of many other laws of corrupt operatives trespassing on the privacy and constitutional rights of American citizens. Among others who were allegedly involved in the conspiracy of a cyber break-in at the headquarters of the opposition candidate and his party during the very height of a presidential campaign was the former president and the former Secretaries of State, Justice, FBI and two other chiefs of the intelligence services of the United States who are now the regular talking heads at CNN.

As of the moment of the writing of this piece April 4, Amazon stock has plumetted from $1617 to $1391, representing a 14% drop in the value of Amazon Holdings valued at $670 billion. The company employs 566,000 people and has a revenue of $178 billion.

Bezos owns 79 million shares. At the recent highs of $1617 his worth was $128 billion. Bezos became the world’s richest man when the stock price passed $1100, so until recently he was the world’s richest man by one and a half. The drop in price following the president’s assault on Amazon represents a 14% drop in the value of Amazon shares. This translates to a loss of $18 billion (all numbers have been rounded off); a personal loss to Jeff Bezos.

He bet a quarter billion to bully, damage, and hopefully to destroy this president, and paid $18 billion for it.

Who is laughing now?


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