Mr. Cain, keep your head up; keep moving forward

Herman Cain MUST stay in the fight!

By —— Bio and Archives--November 30, 2011

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No doubt you’ve noticed the endless stream of accusers to come against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. The process of choosing a nominee for the Republican Party for next year’s presidential elections has reached an all-time low, and should be allowed to take its proper course instead of the inflammatory sexual harassment allegations on a candidate.


Cain has had to battle back so many fronts…the accusations and the media that desperately wants him to quit. Cain has said he will not drop out…in comes another accuser, Ginger White, claiming she and Cain had a 13-year affair. Whether that is true or not, DOES IT MATTER?!

Herman Cain’s latest statement has been that he will be “reassessing” his run.

Yes, I want someone honorable leading this nation. And Herman Cain has handled these slanderous attacks with honor.

As another writer Bob Lunsford discussed, on the issue of sexual harassment, “If everyone knew the parameters of Sexual Harassment, they may come to realize that what ‘those women’ said was sexual harassment was not that at all. They were only claims of ‘something’ but to be truly sexual harassment, it requires a distinct process and subsequent progression to be a legal offense, at least in the eyes of the government.”

“Herman Cain, again, not the harasser OR what IS sexual harassment –Bob Lunsford”

Lunsford has spent time working with the Department of Defense and has a firm view of what and what does not constitute sexual harassment. Anyone can come forward and claim they had an affair or that someone “harassed” them, but there must be evidence.

During a time when he could be bringing forth his ideas to the public, as he has done so well, Cain instead is dealing with slander. That is grounds for legal action.  What is occurring is a hardcore effort to make sure that Cain is not even an afterthought.  The voters should know better than to believe anything said in the media against a candidate that is unfounded, baseless, with no evidence. 

Proper consideration to each candidate has not been given as the media has already spotlighted who their favorites are…Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Will the media dig into their pasts, too, or allow some random person to appear and slam their character? No. We don’t hear that, the attacks have fallen specifically on Herman Cain. 

The public deserves better.  Mr. Cain, keep your head up; keep moving forward. We who see that these attacks are nothing more than political hit-jobs will continue to support you! The “Cain Train” is on the right track!

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