Move on, Barry I’m sure the pro-Jihadi UN could use another person like you

Hey Barry: If Anything Happens To Trump, Part 2

By —— Bio and Archives--December 13, 2016

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I feel a need to cover this, again.

From Breitbart.com:

“In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him. Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism.”


Obama tells US soldiers that they don’t have to obey or even listen to President Trump?

Is he going to say the same thing to American police, FBI, special agents, first responders, EMTs, and the gangs of Chicago, New York, LA, Philadelphia, and New Mexico?

Is he going to call upon BLM, MS-13, Michael Moore, Code Pink, the Old Singing retread (you know who I mean), Precious Snowflakes, Muslim Jihadists, Shariah ISIS, and the Mexican drug cartels to “keep America safe from Trump?”

Will Barry Soetoro (who calls himself by three Arab names)—start arming BLM, and anti-Second Amendment freaks,  and the gangs of Chicago?

Oh, wait…Chicago gangs are already armed to the gills. Are they waiting for a signal to attack police and the white suburbs which Barry seems to loathe? Is that why he’s never said one word to them about stopping their intramural self-slaughter? Is it for practice and to develop tactics?

Is that why he protects them? Or is it that they “contribute” or “donate” to the Democrat coffers?


Hey, Barry!

Hey, hey! Yo! Yo! Here’s something you might need to know!


If ANYthing happens to Donald J. Trump between now and his inauguration, YOU have the responsibility, because YOU are still President of the United States.

YOU have the DUTY to protect this man; this elected man; this savior of America.

And maybe the world.

Your antithesis.

If ANYthing happens to Trump—Barry Soetoro, AKA “Barack Hussein Obama”—some sixty million people would be inconsolable.

And they don’t “protest;” they don’t “march;” and they don’t “riot;” and they don’t sit down with Wolf, Jake, Brian, or Rachel, to weep and get their noses blown

There are those who say, that to “tell” these same heroic people they cannot have a President they ELECTED, or that they cannot do ANYthing to have the life they want—under Truth, Justice and the American Way—well…that would be…“folly.”

I suppose.

So, listen to that woman constantly complaining, and constantly scowling negative words into your large ears, and just get the hell out.

Move on.

I’m sure the pro-Jihadi UN could use another person like you.

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