I will not buy Kellogg products. In fact, I won’t buy ANYthing from those who are not “aligned with our values.”

Hiding Behind the Ingredients: Kellogg’s

By —— Bio and Archives--December 1, 2016

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BREITBART.com “DumpKelloggs: Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers.”


Hi kids. I’ve been eating Kellogg’s “cereal” for 70 years or more. Little did I know it appears to contain more apparent crap than a 1945 childrens’ chemistry set. Plus, they hate me.


“If you ‘deskfast’ with sugary, fat-filled cereal bars instead of eating a good breakfast you could be doing untold damage to your body and mind… it was Kellogg that launched the cereal bar as a food category in 1991 with the Nutri-Grain bar. Today Nutri-Grain is the market leader, with a 38 per cent share of the total cereal bar market….

“The box claims ‘wholesome ingredients in every bar’. Yet this fruit filled cereal bar is only around eight percent fruit and 34 per cent cereal. The rest is fillers – mostly sugar, fat and bulking agents – making this product closer to a confectionary than a breakfast item….

“Recently the campaigning group the Food Commission tested 18 cereal bar products and found that all of them were high in fats, sugars, or both. For reference purposes the UK Food Standards Agency defines a high sugar product as containing 10g/100g of product and a high fat product as containing 20g/100g. The Nutri-Grain cereal bar contains  31g/100g of sugar, and 13.5g/100g of fat.

“A quick scan of the ingredients reveals not only a mind boggling array of different health depleting sugars, but also the ubiquitous ingredient ‘vegetable oil’. This term can be used to indicate any refined oil (other than olive oil), but is usually polyunsaturated corn or sunflower oil, which adds omega 6 fatty acids to a modern diet already overburdened with them. An overbalance of omega 6 (also known as linolenic acid) in relation to other essential fats has been linked to the development of cancer, immune system damage, hormone imbalance, heart disease and stroke. In short, with every bite of fatty junk food like this we are being polyunsaturated to death.

“It gets worse. Greenpeace’s Shoppers Guide to GM survey, confirms that Kellog does not use GM ingredients in its breakfast cereals; but it’s Pop-Tarts, Rice Krispies Squares and Nutri-Grain bars may contain GM soya or maize derivatives. The Nutri-Grain bar also contains a handful of added vitamins and minerals – but it’s worth asking whether such concessions to ‘good health’ are added simply so that the cereal bar can actually be marketed as food rather than Polyfilla.


Cereals ([34 per cent] wheat flour, whole oats, wheat bran), glucose-fructose syrup, apple (eight per cent), sugar, vegetable oil, humectant (glycerol), maltodextrin, honey, dextrose, stabilisers (sodium alginate, cellulose, xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum), calcium carbonate, modified starch, dried skimmed milk, salt, flavourings, cinnamon, raising agent (potassium hydrogen carbonate), malic acid, calcium phosphate, citric acid, colour (caramel E150c), emulsifiers (E472e, E471, soy lecithin), wheat gluten, starch, niacin, iron, vitamin B6, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), folic acid, vitamin B12

Vegetable oil: Fats act as binders and improve the ‘mouth feel’ of foods. The description is too vague to be helpful. Most vegetable oils in processed foods are based on corn or sunflower oil high in omega 6 fatty acids. Out of balance omega 6 consumption is linked to cancer, immune system damage, hormone imbalance, heart disease and stroke.

Glucose-fructose syrup: Sweetener, texturiser, emulsifier. Glucose syrup is generally known as corn syrup outside the US and Canada. Glucose syrup containing more than five per cent fructose can be labelled ‘glucose-fructose syrup’ or ‘fructose glucose syrup’ depending on the proportions of glucose and fructose in the product. Theoretically this syrup could contain up to 50 per cent fructose, making it high fructose corn syrup – an appetite stimulant and major cause of obesity. Fructose also raises blood fat levels and leeches essential minerals such as copper, chromium and zinc from the body leading to deficiency diseases, immune system impairment and even insulin resistance….”

Continued below...

Kids, it goes on from there. It just seems to get worse. Why anybody would want to put this crap inside their body is beyond me.

Kids, this stuff is not the healthiest thing in the world to eat.

Who knew those three, “wild, and craaazy guys,” Snap, Crackle, and Pop, were chemical mongers, selling what the Boys in the Back Room decreed we should consume? It suddenly seems to reek of Globalism.

I mean, who decides this crap? Why can’t cereal just be—well, you know, all, like—just cereal? Could it be, by maybe hyper-loading “ingredients,” you can be charged more? You can be MADE to consume things not necessarily good for you to consume?

Why? So they can make more money off your “conditioning” from childhood onward, to eat their “wholesome, natural” chemical laden products?

When shopping, I always read the labels. What they are selling speaks for itself in their so-called, “ingredients.” I will never buy another Kellogg’s product, because of that. And because they blacklisted Breitbart.com, and, therefore, they blacklisted me too.

As far as I care, they can just croak over there at Kellogg. For the various reasons I mentioned, I don’t need or want them.

Who the hell do they they THINK they are? They stated that Breitbart and, apparently, it’s 45,000,000 monthly readers are not “aligned with our values as a company.” 

Oh, really?

Just what the hell are their “values?”

That they are liberals (goood), and I’m a conservative (baaad)?

Who gets to pick those words? Who writes their script? When did The Ministry of Truth start doing jingles and commercials for god-forsaken, stinking “CEREAL?”

As I said, their stuff just seems saturated in chemicals—artificial this and artificial that— and, in my opinion, is not suitable for me to consume. Further, they can take their malignant, stinking, arrogant hatred and ram it.

I will not buy Kellogg products.

In fact, I won’t buy ANYthing from those who are not “aligned with our values.”

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