This battle has not even started yet. They are only trying to prepare the battleground.


By —— Bio and Archives--December 17, 2016

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I have no proof, and there’s no evidence, and I won’t brief you on how I know, but I’m pretty sure Vladimir Putin has taken control of Hillary Clinton’s autonomic nervous system—by some ultra-secret, unknown, mysterious Russian hack.

I wonder if John Podesta knows about this? He’s the one some call, “Hillary’s Brain.” He seems to be always right there, in the middle of manure-storms.

But you don’t see a brain—“under the skull,” as it were—unless there’s an operation.

An “operation” can involve surgery. Or spying, lying, crying (over spilled milk), or even invading a country and committing a coup d’état. A blow against the State. An illicit takeover.

“Definition of coup d’état
actual definitions
a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially :  the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group”

But, as I was saying, this whole thing, this misunderstanding that Trump won, it’s all because of Putin. And now he’s hacked Hillary’s autonomic nervous system via some sneaky Russian thingie, and now I fear she has this clinical condition.

I believe Hillary has a clinical compulsion to…clutch at things. Like failed political aspirations. Or, like pens. (Kind a maybe a “comfort” thing?)

And, like, OMG! She shouldn’t run with a pen clutched in her hand. For office.

But, this is just my personal belief. And, as I said, there’s no proof.

However, by Democrat rules, the simple lack of proof that this might be a lie, is all the more reason why it must be pursued as if it were the actual real truth.

You know, the way Hillary, Obama, and the Democrat Horde are pursuing the Fake News Democrat Lie about Donald not actually having been elected. 

Wait. Which lie was that, again?

Well, the lie that Donald and Putin hacked this and hacked that—that Putin hacked here, hacked there, hacked everywhere.

I mean, Putin’s ex-KGB, right?

Continued below...

And so he caused Hillary to develop this nervous condition I believe in.

Where she compulsively grips pens. And reportedly wants to run.  In 2020?

In fact, Breitbart ran a photo of her looking very odd to me. I have no words. It’s where she has one of these pens in her hand (OMG! Like I said), and where she looks really odd in the face and eyes. Like she will run with it.


And in that Breitbart photo, there is another hand nearby to her own hand, as if to try and restrain her hand with the pen in it!

But I fear that in the end—“they” had to take that pen away. Maybe Bill?

Hahaha!  Okay, Kids: that’s right, I’m kidding around.

But, see:  the Democrat Inconsolables need to be “kidded.”

They need to be ridiculed.

They need to be sillified, laughed at, disparaged, and challenged every time they open their expensive, dentally glittering and enhanced mouths.

Because if they are talking, printing, or screening something: they are lying.

So, never quit; never give up; and never, ever expect them to go away.

Because they won’t.

This battle has not even started yet. They are only trying to prepare the battleground.

Oh. And just take one look at their Greatest Living Hero in that photo—their heroine. The Magnificent Wonder, whom they want to rule Earth….

…and be very afraid.


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