Refusing to "do her duty" is racist?

Hillary says the Senate has a duty to confirm Obama's Scotus nom. She won't like this video...

By —— Bio and Archives--February 17, 2016

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On Tuesday, CNN chief national correspondent John King argued that Obama is preparing to tour the country making an issue of whoever his SCOTUS nominee turns out to be. Even though we don’t know who he’ll pick, he’s allegedly prepared to claim that Republicans are racist for blocking any of his sure-to-be-radical SCOTUS selections.

“He understands the legacy value in this pick, so he will fight for it. If he doesn’t get it, then he will go around the country trying to turn out votes, trying to turn out the Obama coalition in November to help the Democrats win the White House to make sure at least a Democrat gets that pick next.


And if he does that, he will make the case - and you can bet on it - that Republicans blocked him because he’s the first African-American president and they didn’t give it to him because of his race,”

Unfortunately for Obama, Hillary beat him to the punch.  As Hillary says:

“Many Republicans talk in coded racial language about takers and losers. They demonize President Obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe. This kind of hatred and bigotry has no place in our politics or our country.

  The president has the right to nominate under the Constitution,”

Obviously the implication here is that, if the GOP refuses to confirm whatever leftist crazy Obama selects, they’re a bunch of bigoted monsters who’ve shirked their constitutional imperative. Yes, we understand that she’s employing some Clintonian parsing to give her a little wiggle room between the words “nominate” and “confirm,” but nominating is Obama’s problem. He’s free to nominate whoever he wants. The fact that he hasn’t done so yet has nothing to do with the Republicans.

We all know what she’s really threatening here: Give the President what he wants, or we’ll go full ‘race card” on you.

The problem is Hillary doesn’t really believe that the President’s wishes should be honored. As in all things “Clinton,” her indignation is an abject fraud. She’s doesn’t give a damn about “qualifications.” She’s proven to be perfectly comfortable blocking a SCOTUS nominee based on agenda and ideology.

In fact, she was a major player in the effort to block the Bush appointment of Justice Alito for PRECISELY those reasons. ...And she argued eloquently in favor of that position:


The fun thing is that, at least for the time being, Hillary appears to have squandered her good will when it comes to playing such a pathetic race card.  Literally no one is buying it.  MSNBC beat her up for it in a clip embedded HERE, and CBS called her out here:


The bottom line? Blocking Obama nominees IS the republicans’ responsibility. It, among other things, is why they were put in office by the voters who elected them. Hillary knows this and, as usual, her embarrassing hypocrisy is on full display.

At a time when her campaign is imploding and she desperately needs some good press, she isn’t doing herself any favors.



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